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In the UK, the provision of peer support has grown due to the development of recovery-focused mental health services. As part of the start-up phase in the Island, and in accordance with our commitment to promote service user involvement, we have conducted a full consultation with service users. We are also liaising closely with colleagues from the Mental Health Service and other partner organisations to ensure the project is founded upon a multi-agency approach.
A recent study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal revealed that there was not enough evidence to conclude that sex during pregnancy can give a negative impact.
Although rare, some types of disorders of pregnancy can only occur in some women who have high risk.
As quoted from LiveScience, here are some negative impact from sexual intercourse during pregnancy in women with high risk.
Women who are pregnant with twins or had a high risk for premature delivery is recommended not to have sex.
Sexual intercourse should be avoided in pregnant women who have placenta previa or umbilical cord that pass in the cervix.

Embolism or blockage of veins by air due to sex is rare, but can lead to at least 18 maternal and fetal deaths among the 20 million pregnancies. For more information whether it is safe or not to have sex during pregnancy you can contact your obstetricians for more health details. The University of South Florida, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, and Winthrop University are collaborating to support a new school psychology training program in the Virgin Islands. Generally it is acknowledged that peer support is one important way of promoting the principles of recovery. However, under certain conditions, pregnant women are encouraged to fast sex because it can trigger things that are not desirable.
In this group, it should be limited to sexual intercourse during pregnancy and a few days after birth because it can trigger serious impacts that harm the fetus.
Although not many studies that prove that sex during pregnancy could trigger premature birth, some doctors recommend that women who have given birth prematurely not to have  sex in order to anticipate the things that are not desirable. It is feared, that the finger, penis or objects of any kind including sex-toy could injure the placenta and harm the fetus that leads to the bleeding.

If you perform oral sex during pregnancy, ensure that your husband do not blow air into the vagina because of the risk of causing air enter the veins and block the blood flow to the fetus. Mind Jersey has developed a peer support service which aims to provide social, emotional or practical (or all of these); the importance lies in the mutual and reciprocal nature of the support that allows peers to benefit whether they are giving or receiving it.
The current ‘recovery-based’ focus in modern mental health services demands that people living with mental health problems are placed in a central position with regard to the planning and delivery of their treatment. Department of Education has provided the University of the Virgin Islands with a training grant to train local educators and mental health professionals to become school psychologists. Existing research has highlighted many benefits from the introduction of peer support services.

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