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Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it. Yvonne – A prairie raised renaissance woman with a passion for expansion.
Using the Backhealer breathing and energy method has decreased stress and increased focus during my demanding work schedules. Let's focus on the superficial group of the muscles in the posterior compartment of the leg first.
Now, let's focus on the deep group of the muscles in the posterior compartment of the leg.
As you can see from the picture below, flexor hallucis longus is responsible to flex the great toe. From the picture below, you can see that the blood supply of the posterior compartment of the leg comes from the posterior tibial artery.

You can also see that from the picture, the posterior tibial artery originates from the popliteal artery. It seems someone else has seen my Pegasus with the golden wings and has inquired about me creating a logo for her stables from it. Planning to live to 92, so smack in the middle of things and taking action. In my response I want to include this link, from the site where my Pegasus with the golden wings was born.
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Then worked out all the mid-back soreness that Steve mentioned is commonly associated with contraction in these areas.
In savasana, I felt for the first time in DAYS like everything was connected properly… like parts had been off doing their own thing and come back. Chilly Lucy True Arab rear up Jumping Arabian Background Haflinger Dartmoor Pony my horse cassie Gypsy Vanners! And yet every time I do include yoga at the end of my ballwork practice – the whole process just feels more complete. I accomplished more than I thought possible with other aspects of this method – maybe I can do the same with the yoga.

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