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A good part of our community and the people who visit my site in pursuit of honest first-hand information on air mattresses are the free-spirited backpackers and travellers. I did a little backpacking in my younger days and I can say that I often find myself daydreaming about it and envying the people doing it right now. So, for this part of our community, I decided to share what I honestly believe are the best and most useful websites and blogs led by the coolest backpackers and most prominent experts on the topic.
I laughed my wannabe a… off when I saw the warning on this website when I first found it saying that this site might be terribly addictive.
Systematically built and packed with helpful articles and guides, this website will offer just the kind of help you will need when planning your trips if you need a simple and budget oriented solution.
The author of this blog is Jeff Patch and since I learned about his website, he has become a true authority when it comes to reviewing backpacking gear and offering tips.
Ryan Jordan is a serious professional in the field and a person who’s written and spoken word I really appreciate. I started writing this guide with a humble quest, to shorten the torture I have been through while filtering through the heaps of half-useful or even useless information on backpacking that will leave you with many words read and little structure in your head on what is the next specific step. A good backpacking first aid kit is a great item to throw in to the bottom of your backpack when you venture in to the outdoors. The Essentials - Your backpacking first aid kit should, at a minimum, have a few essentials that you will tend to need on a semi regular basis. Waterproof - Though not essential, it helps if your backpacking first aid kit is waterproof. Adventure Medical Weekender First Aid Kit - The Weekender is a bigger first aid kit, made for more people and more time in the outdoors. Enter your email address below, and when we see a great piece of gear on sale for a great price we'll send you an email. Traveling is something that is good for everyone because it will help widen one’s horizons.
However, travel can be expensive with the amount of money you will need for transport, food, accommodation, and other miscellaneous stuff. If you are looking to try for your first backpacking trip, below are some tips that will help you. Jim Corbett National Park is one of the oldest and most-popular wildlife sanctuaries in India.
Visiting bistros in Paris is like visiting an institution that teaches you how the simplest kind of food tastes great. These are the people who enjoy nothing more than the simplicity of life they find in throwing a few things in their packs and exploring everything this beautifully world of ours has to offer. So, I still keep in touch with that part of me and follow a few people that live the life I dream about.
He saved some money, quit his job in 2009 with the simple yet epic idea of travelling the world. And from what I have seen and read, Matt made visiting New Zealand where he lives a must for me in the next year or so. And yes, it really does seem Brock knows what he is talking about when he says he is a backpacking coach.
Websites that will not beat around the bushes leaving you as the visitor with beautiful images and scenery to look at and no specific plan on how to get there and see these yourself, making things even harder and more confusing. With articles about his choice of ultralight gear for backpacking and precise 5 day meal plans (again, ultralight) this guy gets right to it and cuts through the clutter. Gear reviews, inspirational stories, planning tools, all very simply and concisely written. You hope that you wont have to use it, but if you do need it, it's there, and can mean the difference between a little discomfort and a serious problem. Things like bandages, mole skin and alcohol wipes are all the kinds of things that will most commonly be needed from a first aid kit.

Some things in a first aid kit, such as bandages, will be susceptible to water damage, and you the last thing you want to reach in to your first aid kit and find that half of the contents have been ruined by water. The .5 has all the essentials, like bandages, mole skin and wound cleaning supplies, as well as a few things, like ibuprofen and aspirin, that backpackers might commonly need. If you are in charge of first aid for a group of people, you want something more like this. A razor blade, for instance, is useful in a number of situations, from cutting bandages to cutting flesh. There is so many places to see around the world and it would be regrettable not to try and see as much of it as you can. Nevertheless, this does not mean that it is impossible to travel with limited financial resources.
The point of going on a backpacking trip is to visit a lot of different places on a tight budget. No matter where you are and no matter how safe you may think a particular area is, always be vigilant and on your toes. There are a great many things that you could put in to a backpacking first aid kit, but there are also a few essentials that just about every kit should not be without. The larger sizes mainly just have more of the same things that the .5 has, though there are a few additions in the larger sizes, like Diamode, that backpackers might find useful.
It has all the essentials, as well as a few other additions, like disposable thermometers, tweezers for ticks and slivers, and instruction booklets if you're not quite up on your first aid knowledge.
It also comes in a resealable plastic bag, as opposed to the more durable bag of the .5 model and above.
An emergency blanket is another smart addition, as is super glue, which can be used instead of stitches to close up any large wounds until you can get the wound properly treated. Whether you are going with someone or not, make sure that you let even just a few close family or friends know where you are going.
No matter, whether your interests are similar or not, his website is a great source of both inspiration and specific advice. Yes, odds are high that some of the guys on this list are living your dreams right now in some exotic capital or in the wild.
It's intended for 1 to 6 people over a period of 1 to 7 days, and it weighs 1.6 pounds, or 737 grams.
You will need to be careful even of seemingly minor things like pickpockets and small-time scam artists. Instead of eating out every meal, stay in places where you will be allowed to do some simple cooking. Truly amazing photos from around the world will keep your spirits high as the information and the amazing guides help you plan your next adventure.
You may take different types of clothing with you especially if you will be visiting places with different weather conditions, but do not bring several pieces of different types of clothing – 1 to 2 pieces will suffice. It would also be good to take small energy snacks like granola bars to help you get through the day. The Benedryl is good to control an allergic reaction or to help me fall asleep at night if I’m too wound up. Keep in mind that the point of your backpacking trip is for you to see the world, not have a fashion show in every place you will visit.
All of these pills are packed in Apex Pill Baggies which are very handy mini-ziploc bags for packing very small stuff including pills. I carry extras because I forget to resupply between trips, so I’ll always have enough. Butterfly band-aids which are good to close cuts, bigger sterile gauze pads which can be used to cover scrapes or larger wounds, and leukotape, which is a very sticky tape that’s good for preventing hot spots from becoming blisters. If you need to examine someone who is hurt, they’re the most effective way that you can prevent their body fluids such as blood, saliva, or shit from coming into contact with your skin.

It keeps the dirt out, stops the wound snagging, and apparently helps the healing process too. I've also sliced my finger to the bone accidentally but a bandage, antibiotic cream and tape have worked for me.
The key is just to keep the wound closed and sterile and it will eventually heal without stitches.The latex gloves are new this year since I got my Wilderness First Aid cert.
I figure I can also use them as a vapor barrier liner if my fingers start to get frost nip. Without getting too technical, if you're bleeding to death, (femoral bleed) you apply this product to the wound, it will save your life. I just happened to be reading NOLs Wilderness First Aid last night and noticed that they recommend against a bringing SAM splint because there are plenty of raw materials (sticks) that can be used instead.
Personally, I think a SAM splint is a great item and if I were leading a group, it's the first item I would add to my kit. Reply Bryan February 4, 2009 at 6:35 am # I almost think that using a SAM splint is better for a solo traveler. Vet wrap is super handy in this exercise.Finally, compare using a SAM splint to do the same.
I have since gotten a tick puller and do nightly inspections when traveling in tick territory. Reply Earlylite February 5, 2009 at 7:47 pm # Why I switched to long pants, even in the summer. I have since added short gaiters and permethrin to put on pant legs, gaiters, hammock, straps and boots. You are never so serious about these things as when you get a rash two feet long on your thigh after a midnight trip to the ER with half a tick in your leg. I got one bug bite all last season and it was at a trail head parking lot when I was putting on gear. I was so glad to have this when I opened up a spot on my left pointer finger to the bone while cleaning a Trout. And truthfully, I have managed on more trips than I can count to have used every item in that group. Reply eddie s February 14, 2011 at 5:26 am # Zac, you are of course referring to the Kaolin based trauma packs are you not? Yes I take kids, I also do a lot of trail maintenance and sawyer work to make passage easy.
Yeah this is the one area I don’t want to skimp in as I have used all the above as well as those in your kit pretty much annually. I’ve even doctored people in other parties when someone in the group has forgotten their group kit. Reply John McShane February 2, 2015 at 10:28 am # If you are business owner, you can seek the advice of a health and safety consultant to provide you with a first aid provision assessment. That way you will know exactly what first aid provision you need to ensure that you will comply with regulations in your country.
Reply Bansi March 13, 2015 at 2:41 am # I represent a travel and adventure company and in my latest First Aid for Wilderness workshop, I learned the importance of a proper first aid when you are out there in wilderness. Earlier we just used to had only a small first aid kit with minimal items but now we are carrying a full fledged kit containing all the essential items for different minor and major medical emergencies. Duct tape – duct tape doesn’t seem like a common thing to find in first aid kits but they can be useful when binding splints and other injuries.
Safety pins – when tapes just don’t cut it, safety pins can be used to hold things together.

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