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Occupational First Aid Level 3 is a program designed to cover all medical techniques considered to be within the responsibility of the Occupational First Aid Attendant providing emergency care in industry.
Occupational First Aid Level 3 is the most comprehensive of our introductory first aid courses. While no previous first aid training is required to take this course, you must be a minimum of 16 years old and have the physical capacity to perform the techniques taught during the course.
Having employees who are trained in occupational first aid is a huge benefit to your organization and your employees. If youa€™re looking for the most comprehensive OFA course available, then level three is the course that you want. OFA Level 3 will teach your employees to recognize, identify and respond to various medical emergencies which may happen in the workplace.
Priority Action ApproachDemonstrating the Priority Action Approach for patients who are conscious or have a decreased level of consciousness.
Manage Critical InterventionsIdentifying and managing critical interventions of the airway with C-spine control. Identifying Respiratory EmergenciesIdentifying respiratory emergencies and taking necessary steps to resolve them. Identifying Circulatory EmergenciesIdentifying circulatory emergencies in patients who are conscious as well as those with a decreased level of consciousness and intervene in those emergencies. Preparing Patients for TransportPreparing patients for rapid transport in both lateral and supine positions. Secondary SurveyLearning to conduct the secondary survey part of the Priority Action Approach for patients who are in the Rapid Transport Category as well as patients who are in the first aid room. Assess Soft Tissue InjuriesAssessing, managing, and identifying whether it is necessary to have a medical aid referral for injuries of the soft tissue. Manage InjuriesIdentifying and managing injuries of the head, brain, and spine for patients who are conscious as well as those with a decreased level of consciousness. Environmental EmergenciesIdentifying and managing environmental emergencies, as well as fractures of the lower limbs and dislocations. As OFA Level 3 is a very comprehensive course, it is important that you pick up your materials prior to the start of the course and complete the pre-course reading. Upon completion of OFA Level 3, you will be required to pass an examination conducted by a person authorized by Workera€™s Compensation Board.

First Aid, CPR and AED recertification courses are offered at Vancouver First Aid. Refresh your knowledge and learn new techniques to keep your training up to date.
Prerequisites for a Red Cross, Lifesaving Society and Heart and Stroke Foundation recertification’s require candidates to have award issued within 3 years. Recertification’s at Vancouver First Aid are offered frequently, at convenient locations and at competitive prices throughout the Lower Mainland.
We understand that most people require recertification’s in order to remain employed. Our instructors are excited to teach you and we look forward to teaching you in any one of our first aid, AED or CPR recertification courses. Click on one of the tabs in our menu for more information about our first aid and cpr recertification’s. These courses are the new 12hr Ofqual Accredited level 3 Paediatric First Aid and are held in North Tyneside. Brilliant course, I feel I am confident and have the right amount of knowledge to deal with any of the circumstances I may come across in my role as a Nanny. This accredited qualification provides theoretical and practical training in First Aid techniques that are specific to infants aged 0 to 1, and children aged from 1 year old to the onset of puberty. Andy was such a confident approachable diligent instructor and his classroom and training aids where faultless. We deliver a wide variety of different First Aid Courses and can tailor any of them to meet a client's particular requirements. We are a leading First Aid Training Provider for Norfolk & East AngliaWe deliver a wide variety of different First Aid Courses and can tailor any of them to meet a client's particular requirements. In this 70 hour (two week) course, you or your employees will learn all the basic emergency medical techniques that fall under the responsibility of an Occupational First Aid attendant. With employees who are trained and certified in first aid, you are helping to prevent medical emergencies from becoming more serious. During this 70 hour (two week) session, your employees will gain both theoretical (classroom) and practical (hands-on) training in a wide variety of medical emergency scenarios.
The exam will be scheduled within a week following the last day of course and consists of both written and practical segments. Renewal courses are available in Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby, Delta, Richmond and Coquitlam.

Our recertification courses are rarely cancelled and we rarely have a maximum number of candidates as we have large facilities with a lot of highly qualified instructors.
This includes a Paediatric First Aid manual to take home and a Ofqual Accredited QCF Level 3 certificate valid for 3 years.
Andy was like a big sponge full of knowledge and literally squeezed it all out between the class. Andy’s knowledge and practical advise for when medical supplies may not be available was invaluable.
The information was delivered in such a way as to make it interesting and easy to remember.
With his wealth of knowledge and experience,you will understand the subject so much more easier than have ever been taught. A grade of 70% or higher is required on each segment of the exam for successful certification.
Recertification courses are affiliated through the Red Cross, Lifesaving Society and Heart and Stroke Foundation. Some locations, such as Vancouver and Surrey, have several training locations to help serve you better. The tutor Paul Finnemore has delivered training in First Aid for North Tyneside Council Adult Learning Alliance, Riverside EYFS, Adult and Childrens Services Directorates as well as several major chains of Childcare providers since 2003.We also offer in- house training for Inset Days for both accredited and non-accredited training. The best course I have been on, Andy enthusiasm was was brilliant, I would defiantly recommend Andy to anyone who needs first aid training.
He training aids are top quality and practical demonstrations really show you how to do things.
As an employer, you are also showing that you care about and value your employees when you invest in this type of training.

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