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TommyNashvilleYes, it definitely does not take into account the heat island micro-climates of any large Tennessee city besides Memphis.
I have also been debating if I should try to plant it to the ground, but I'm also afraid that it won't make it in the cold. I wouldnt plant it in the ground until its too big to bring inside because the more mature they are the better chance for survival. Mary’s Garden Whimsies developed out of her desire to be creative and do something fun as a way of earning extra income. Mary’s been an avid gardener for 15 years and has always been a “flea market” junker when it comes to decorating her garden. It may take some looking, but Mary Mirabal tells us that you can find pieces like this and make your own Garden Whimsy. How cool, it’s been neat to go to our local Salvation Army, ours gives us 30 percent with a coupon and the prices are so low it makes it even better to get neat items. Flea Market Gardens may only be available once a year, but hopefully our group can fill the gap the rest of the year! Looks like most of Tennessee is now officially rated as 7a and there's a range from 6a (only some really small pockets) to 8a (right around Memphis). Knoxville is the same way; in the last couple of decades, downtown Knoxville has averaged to somewhere near 8a. The Memphis heat island seems to be larger because of the mighty Mississippi as there is a general surge in warmer temperatures and zones extending all the way up from the Delta. I am glad that we now have physical proof for what I have been trying to tell you all for multiple years.
Just make sure to protect it when temps get below 40 and it should be a long term survivor and even make some fruit. Also plant around late march or early april so it has the entire spring summer and fall to get established in time for the winter.

Mary says, “I was down-sized from my corporate job in 2008 and worked part-time as a consultant while looking for a new job. Then I line the plates up to slightly overlap each other and that’s what holds them in place. Each is fitted with an ‘L’ fitting on the back so they can be set on a copper pipe stake and placed where ever you want in the garden.
We love this look in a cottage juntique garden, so add colorful plates to your mental list when shopping Flea Markets and you may have one of these in your garden soon. I think the way they've used the data may represent a very conservative representation (showing ratings lower than what most of us would consider accurate), but it's still hopefully much more useful than the old map. I also had noticed that the map (even when I downloaded the high resolution version) didn't show that fairly large microclimate. I agree with Brandon's observation that urban heat islands are still mainly unrepresented for mid-size cities. Mulch it for the winter with a black mulch and make sure it has very good drainage like a sandy mixture.
The burlap with Christmas lights is a great idea and it would even make the tree look Christmasy in the Winter.
A true Flea Market gardener, Mary  Mirabal searches the shops for cast off dishes, teapots and other attractive ceramics and combines them with her own bit of magic.
After doing this for a couple years and setting my own hours I realized I didn’t want to work for someone else on a full time basis again. I have been re-purposing other peoples’ discarded treasures for use in my garden long before there was name for it. If you have a broken plate simply insert that end into the ground and no one is the wiser!! I thought I’d make mine with a combination of ceramics and glass since I prefer lots of colors and patterns in my garden art.

She arranges them to please herself and uses permanent exterior silicone caulking to glue them together. Well, I truly love creating my garden whimsies and hope others will see the love that goes into each design,” Mary tells us. I speculate that downtown Nashville (between the river and Music Row) could average out to as high as 8a in spots over the same amount of time. Apparently, recent updates have started to represent these heat islands for very large urban areas such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Detroit, etc.
Some christmas lights around the base when temps get below 40 will help alot and a sunny spot protected by your home will also add some warmth during freezing nights. Sometimes I've also thought of wrapping it with bubble wrap, but don't know if that will work better.
Tennessee has so many microclimates because of our topography and location in the Mid-South. I have seen some in soild 9b areas of florida and they do survive but the problem is that every few years or even decades a bad freeze comes along and kills them all.
If temps threaten to go below 30 for more than 40 minutes you will also have to wrap the trunk in burlap with maybe some christmas lights outside the burlap. Its a pretty similar way to how some people up north protect more cold tolerant palms and should work well for a coconut in your area during a bad freeze.

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