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TEACHERS CPR Training - Our American Heart (Heart-Saver) CPR Training Program includes all City - State requirements covering ADULT - INFANT - CHILD and CHOKING, with First Aid if required. Medical personnel like doctors, nurses and laboratory technicians may be required to perform CPR in the course of their duties.
Medical personnel must maintain advanced CPR skills, which includes the use of basic equipment and how to do two-man CPR. Police, sheriffs, firefighters, emergency medical technicians (EMT) and first responders must maintain CPR certification. Like hospitals, all medical personnel in a doctor's office must know how to perform advanced CPR. Schools, most states require public school teachers and day care workers to maintain CPR certification.
The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1992 require employers to carry out a suitable and sufficient assessment of the risks to the health and safety of all employees at work and others who may be affected by their undertaking, such as pupils and visitors, to identify what measures they need to take to prevent or control these risks. Some small low-risk workplaces need to have only a first-aid box and a person appointed to take charge of first-aid arrangements such as calling the emergency services and stocking the first-aid box. If your workplace has more significant health and safety risks, for example you use machinery or hazardous materials then you are more likely to need a trained first-aider. Health and safety legislation places duties on employers for the health and safety of their employees and anyone else on the premises. In schools this includes responsibility for the head teacher and teachers, non-teaching staff, pupils and visitors (including contractors). The employer is responsible, under the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 (HSWA), for making sure that a school has a health and safety policy. The employer should also make sure that their insurance arrangements provide full cover for claims arising from actions of staff acting within the scope of their employment.
It is the employer’s responsibility to make sure that the statutory requirements for provision of ?rst aiders are met, that appropriate training is provided and that correct procedures are followed. Employers must provide adequate and appropriate equipment, facilities and quali?ed ?rst aid personnel. The Regulations do not oblige employers to provide ?rst aid for anyone other than their own staff, but employers do have health and safety responsibilities towards non-employees.
A ?rst aider must hold a valid certi?cate of competence, issued by an organisation whose training and quali?cations are approved by the HSE. More than 130 youngsters at three schools in Liverpool, including King David High School – where 12-year-old Oliver was a pupil – were shown how to treat people in case of a medical emergency. The training was arranged in memory of Oliver, who died in March 2011 while swimming in the pool at the school.

The sports-mad youngster was struck down by Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome (SADS), which tends to affect healthy young people.
Statistics show that if a parent or a relative has a collapse or takes ill having someone around who has first-aid training greatly improves their chance of survival.
For more information on our first aid for schools training courses offered by Liverpool Training Solutions and how we can help you find the right training courses for your business please email us.
Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidance for First Aid at Work requirements for schools, academies, free schools and independent schools. Liverpool Training Solutions is approved by Qualsafe Awards, an Awarding Organisation recognised by Ofqual to offer regulated qualifications.
Great first impression - professional, smart, well-designed and clear regarding the contents of the kit whether you are a professional or a complete beginner. Carers and teachers need to know what to do when a child is injured or becomes suddenly ill.
American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has approximately 64,000 members in the United States, Canada, and Latin America. If you already know your item #'s simply enter them below along with the quantity desired and add them to your cart for a speedy check-out.
Family First Aid provides CPR & First Aid training for families, babies, children, nannies, safety officers, teachers and more At Family First Aid we offer training at your home, work or wherever you need us to be.
Marin County CPR Classes has American Heart Association BLS, CPR, ACLS, and First-aid certification training classes in Novato, CA. Human resource personnel, secretaries, maintenance personnel and other non medical employees would seldom need the skills but may be required to have CPR skills.
Office personnel, while less likely to perform CPR, may be still be required to maintain a basic CPR certification. While dental offices may seldom have a need for CPR skills, some dental procedures could cause a patient to experience a cardiac arrest.
The flight attendant cannot guarantee there will be trained medical professionals on board to respond, so the flight attendants must maintain CPR and first aid skills. In the event of an emergency, medical staff may not be immediately available, and guards or other staff may need to respond until medical support arrives.
If a student or teacher is injured, a teacher can respond to the emergency until medical assistance arrives.
Drowning victims may require CPR, and a lifeguard with CPR skills can respond appropriately to the emergency.
The employer should be satis?ed that any training has given staff sufficient understanding, con?dence and expertise.

The Health and Safety Commission (HSC) guidance recommends that organisations, such as schools, which provide a service for others should include them in their risk assessments and provide for them. Information on local organisations offering training is available from HSE of?ces and from some of the organisations listed in Annex B.
However, standard ?rst aid at work training courses do not include resuscitation procedures for children. Employers should arrange refresher training and retesting of competence before certi?cates expire. However, the course can be completed with or without marked assignments – that is up to you.
Members include pediatricians, pediatric medical subspecialists, and pediatric surgical specialists.
Caregivers and teachers need to know what to do when a child is injured or becomes suddenly and severely ill. It's our passion to see that you feel confident and prepared for basic medical emergencies at home, work and school. Most offices will likely have an AED on premise, and employees must know how to use it.
AED's are common equipment in airports and on planes, and flight attendants are required to know how to use one.
In the light of their legal responsibilities for those in their care, schools should consider carefully the likely risks to pupils and visitors, and make allowance for them when drawing up policies and deciding on the numbers of ?rst-aid personnel.
If a certi?cate expires, the individual will have to undertake another full course of training to become a ?rst aider. If you do decide that you would like to have them assessed and gain our certificate then you simply complete the assignments and send them in for marking. Please note that completion of the Homeopathy First Aid Course does not permit you to practice.
However, employers can arrange for ?rst aiders to attend a refresher course up to three months before the expiry date of their certi?cate.
However having completed the course you do have the option to continue your study with us if you decide that you would like to learn more or become a practitioner.
It is helpful to let the training organisation know in advance of any particular areas that should be covered.

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