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If you are not leading a healthy life and become too busy to plan healthy meals you will suffer the consequences and may end up carrying extra kilos.
When you make the time to cook healthy food, the consequences are you will have less chance of gaining weight and you will feel healthy and energised. If you are fed up and really want to improve your health, then you will have to be honest and look at what you have been doing to cause your poor health or weight gain. Enter now for your chance to WIN $1,000 worth of groceries from Woolworths, thanks to Sanitarium!
Then, and only then, will you be able to move forward and make the changes needed to lose weight and become a healthy person.
I have to admit you eat more of the wrong foods or more junk if you are down so maybe emotional eating .
I actually eat to live – have never been overweight and am still very close to my weight when I was a young teenager.
No picture uploaded yet Please wait to see your image preview here before hitting the submit button. It always amazes me at how many people eat whatever they want without thinking about the nutritional value they are getting from the food?
We need to think about & investigate what the food we eat is made of, and where it comes from. An equivalent metaphor would be, to be in a romantic or professional partnership where you are receiving no Value from the relationship.
Butter, when made from grass-fed cows, is rich in a substance called conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), known to help fight cancer and diabetes. Get PRACTICAL tips on How to feel better with Healthy Foods, Holistic Lifestyle & Soul Inspired Living!
Having more energy, maintaining a healthy weight, preventing diseases and boosting your immune system are all part of living a healthy lifestyle. You’ve heard it since your grade school days, but it still rings true: always start the day off with a healthy breakfast. Studies show that as little as 10 minutes a day can increase your fitness and overall health.
Being emotionally stable, having a sense of faith and spirituality are just a few other ways to live a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle.
How do you get your veggies in during the winter?  I'm trying to play around with different veggies to see if we can find some new one's we enjoy. With every decision we make or action we take, there is either a positive or a negative reaction.
Let’s look at a few questions that may help you understand your choices and the triggers and emotions that may be hindering your health. Write as many things as you can think of that will help you achieve this goal of becoming a healthy person.
We used to eat very simply when we were small as Dad struggled to put food on the table , but we always had the basic rice at least ( being Asian culture ) .
By the time I finish organising kids breakfast, snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and all while trying to make sure it’s healthy I sometimes forget to eat myself.

However my husband has quite a sweet tooth and sneaks here and there bad food into his diet. However, we need to change this paradigm, and start thinking about what we are putting into our bodies.
The protein, vitamin, and mineral content of sprouted seeds will typically provide you with 30 times the nutrient content of organic vegetables.
I created this blog on my own personal journey to transforming my life with healthy foods, holistic lifestyle & soul inspired living. The secrets don’t lie in a bottle and although advertisements will try to convince you otherwise, there are no short-cuts.
They think they have only two choices: live off vegetables and train for marathons or be out of shape and eat a regular diet of fast food.
By having some protein and carbs in the morning you jump start your metabolism and are less likely to overeat later in the day. If you eat a healthy diet most of the time it is ok, and even healthy according to some sources, to let yourself enjoy and indulge in your favorite foods.
That can easily be done by taking the stairs instead of the elevator or going for a walk before or after work. Even in the winter when you don’t get as hot and sweat less, you still need to replenish your body’s water supply.
Getting enough rest is the best way to look and feel your best and is a major part of living a healthy lifestyle. Moderation and balance are key and all of the pieces fit together to create a successful, harmonious way of living.
I'll take artichokes in any form any day; canned, frozen, pickled, in salads, pastas and all by themselves. I filled up our fridge with tons of produce when I went food shopping and I've managed to make a ton of healthy choices when hunger would strike.
Whole foods are non-adulterated foods that are as close to their natural state as possible. You can buy sprouted nut or seed butters right from your local health food store, or even online. My mission is to inspire you to live life naturally, healthfully, spiritually & authentically!
Let me teach YOU how to live the healthiest, stress-free, joy-loving, soul inspired life possible with natural health, beauty & lifestyle living tips.
Living a healthy lifestyle comes down to healthful, balance living and taking care of yourself. Of course, ideally you will want to spend at least 30 minutes a day doing some type of exercise. When you get enough sleep you are less likely to overeat, more likely to have energy to exercise and overall be much more productive in your day. Your healthy lifestyle is up to you and the sooner you start, the sooner you will see success in all aspects of your life. I guess I am unusual as when I am on my own, I have to force myself to eat as I am very rarely hungry.

I use liquid Stevia drops, it’s zero calories and comes from a plant, or you can use Raw Honey-just don’t heat it by putting it in hot tea or coffee because then it just turns to sugar and loses its nutritional value. Although it requires some work, there is no doubt that your health is well worth the investment. You can start at any time to create a better tomorrow and just because you ate a piece of cake last night doesn’t mean you’ve fallen off track.
A healthy trick that helps with keeping weight down, is to drink a glass of water before every meal. Do your best to get 8 hours of sleep a night to ensure you are ready and awake to face the day tomorrow! Fish, mash, peas – make my kids happy but don’t do much to stir the taste buds!
If you use honey this way and like the taste that’s fine, just know you turn Raw honey into Non-Raw honey when you heat it. My background is in psychology and alternative health & healing- taking a holistic approach to life and well-being. Do your best to eat three balanced meals a day (or multiple smaller ones if that fits better into your schedule), rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean sources of protein and calcium. Plus, having someone to keep you accountable and who won’t let you cancel on your workout dates, will surely keep you both on track. With our busy schedules, stopping for a sip of water is often the last thing on our mind and we forget to drink enough fluids. Basic water requirements differ according to body size, activity level and even the foods we eat, but everyone needs water. When possible, look at the menu ahead of time and plan what you’re going to get so you’re not tempted by hunger when you get to the restaurant. Your friends and coworkers might not be eating as healthy as you and may tease you for being healthy. You do not have to explain yourself, but if anyone insists on giving you a tough time, let them know you are making healthy choices today so you can have a better tomorrow. Be sure to pack healthy snacks so you are not tempted to eat high-sugar or fatty vending machine snacks. Eating snacks helps satisfy you between meals and give you a boost of energy when you need it.
Eat the leaves by first dipping in sauce (see Step 7) and then scraping off the artichoke meat on your bottom teeth. Now I make the same recipe but substitute Earth Balance.) Enjoy!If you make artichokes, how do you make them?

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