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Note: If you need help accessing information in different file formats, see Instructions for Downloading Viewers and Players. The Classification, Labelling and Packaging Regulation (CLP) has a mandate system for classifying and labelling chemicals that impact companies who produce, ship or use hazardous chemicals. Count on AveryA® Ultra Heavy Duty Labels for the toughest jobs, from the brand you know and trust. Excellent for applications where durability and water resistance is required, and for containers with a tight radius (eg Test Tubes) the conformability of the material combined with the strength of the adhesive makes this the ideal solution.
Adhesive: Specifically designed for labelling strongly curved, rough, dusty or oily surfaces, rubber and chemical containers.
We have also in the range some smaller size labels with the same features for different uses: eg.
GHS and workplace safety labels are easy to create on demand with free templates and designs on Avery Design & Print Online. Take advantage of our ready-to-use templates, or design your GHS labels step-by-step with the Avery GHS Wizard. Safeware Quasar pride themselves on providing superior chemical regulatory software and consultancy solutions, as well as support services, to ensure their customers remain compliant with relevant chemical legislation and regulations. Safeware Quasar was founded in 1988 and began trading as a chemical regulatory consultancy service provider.
Safeware Quasar happily established a partnership with one of the leading label stock suppliers, Avery, in June 2015. Safeware Quasar has developed a chemical labelling software solution to meet the demands of printing chemical labels; GHS Label , a complete solution including a regulatory database, advanced label designer and full printer support. Find answers to frequently asked questions about the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) and AveryA® Ultra Heavy Duty Labels. GHS stands for the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals. Hazard Classification: Definitions of hazard now include specific criteria for classifying health and physical hazards as well as classification of mixtures.
Labels: Chemical manufacturers, importers and distributors must use labels that include a harmonized signal word, pictograms, and hazard statement for each hazard class and category.
GHS affects chemical manufacturers, importers, distributors and any company that has hazardous chemicals in the workplace.
Chemical manufacturers must re-classify their hazardous chemicals based on a common system of chemical classification defined by GHS. Employers with hazardous chemicals in the workplace must ensure that they have safety data sheets and labels for their exposed workers and that they are trained to handle the chemicals properly. Companies with chemicals that will be exported via ocean freight must also comply with British Standard BS5609. BS5609 Section 2 requires that the blank label and adhesive can withstand a three-month salt water submersion test.
Even if you are not shipping overseas, going with a BS5609 certified material ensures a durable label that will resist falling off or fading if exposed to water or sunlight.
If you do not require BS5609 Section 3 certification, you can use a standard colour laser printer with AveryA® Ultra Heavy Duty Labels and have excellent durability. If you require BS5609 Section 3 certification, Avery Ultra Heavy Duty Labels are BS5609 Section 3 certified with the following printers: OKI printer models C610, C711, C9655, C931, ES6410, ES7411, ES9431 and ES9541. If the chemical is transferred to a "portable" secondary container for use by only the person who transferred it during the same work shift, then it is considered "immediate use" and a label is not required. A statement indicating that the full label information for the chemical is on the outside package that is holding the smaller containers. Yes, AveryA® Ultra Heavy Duty Labels are perfect for any application indoor or outdoor where high durability and adhesive performance is required. AveryA® Ultra Heavy Duty Labels work on multiple surfaces including: plastic, metal, painted surfaces, fibreboard, polycarbonate, glass, etc. Companies transporting dangerous goods in marine environments (overseas) are subject to safety regulations and may require British Maritime Standards (BS5609) certification for their labelling components.
Section 2 tests are conducted on the blank pressure sensitive, adhesive coated base material.
The difference between Section 2 and Section 3 is that the printed label is tested, whereas Section 2 is only testing blank label stock.
Yes, if you are not shipping chemicals in marine environments and do not require BS5609 Section 3 certification, then you can use a standard colour laser printer with Avery Ultra Heavy Duty Labels and have great durability. If you are not shipping chemicals in marine environments and do not require BS5609 Section 3 certification, then you can use a standard pigment-based desktop printer with Avery Ultra Heavy Duty Labels (Inkjet) and have excellent durability.
The first students only recently arrived at the new South Campus Residence Hall, but the signs of life are everywhere.
A puzzle sits half-finished on a table in the airy lounge of Jannotta House, one of eight houses that divide the new complex into intimate communities.

Down the hall, a group of worn-out Chautauqua House orientation aides sprawl out in their lounge, joking about how often they’ve already locked themselves out of their rooms. It’s the kind of easy interplay the light-filled residence hall was meant to encourage.
The connection to the community takes many forms, including wide-open views of the surrounding area. Following the completion of several projects along the Midway in the past year and the anticipated opening of the Reva and David Logan Center for Creative and Performing Arts in 2012, the new dorm is helping transform South Campus into a hub of activity, much as the Max Palevsky Residence Commons did for North Campus.
The concepts of transparency and openness guided the building’s architects, driven by the University community house system. Erin Ewald, a resident assistant at Crown House, says she marvels at the sense of community the building creates, with details like an airy internal staircase that connects the floors of her house and its two-story lounge. To increase student interactions, there are internal staircases within each house, lofty house lounges, two large building commons, two courtyards, a reading room, music practice rooms, and a street-level café and convenience store.
Katie Callow-Wright, Director of Undergraduate Student Housing, says student feedback was key to the design process.
Lawrence McEnerney, Director of University Writing Programs, and his wife Cathe serve as Resident Masters in the new building. Several South Campus construction projects have been completed in the last year, including the new 61st and Drexel police station, the renovation of the Law School, façade restoration of SSA, and the new Winter Garden on the Midway. Callow-Wright says the result is an exciting mixed-use community for academics, residents, and the arts.
The light-filled, eight-story South Campus Residence Hall features two courtyards aimed at increasing student interaction. Katie Callow-Wright, Director of the University Housing System, stands in the two-floor reading room overlooking the University campus.
The concepts of transparency and openness guided the design of the South Campus Residence Hall and resulted in a light-filled, eight-story community-oriented space. Safeware Quasar strive to be innovative and responsive in order to provide the best possible solutions as regulations and technology simultaneously develop and evolve, saving their customers time and money. Following the removal of European barriers in 1992, Safeware Quasar developed and launched its first software system. Providing label stock solutions for a host of industries, Averys knowledge and expertise make them the natural choice for collaboration to supply the Global market with a complete chemical regulatory compliance and labelling solution. It was developed by the United Nations and its goal is to standardize and harmonize the classification and labelling of chemicals to give universally understood warnings to users. They must update their safety data sheets and also use GHS-compliant labels to identify their hazardous chemicals.
This includes artificial weathering (salt spray & sunlight), tape removal and abrasion resistance. Even if the hazardous chemical is in a small bottle, a manufacturer, importer or distributor must attach a GHS label to a hazardous chemicala€™s immediate container if it is to be transported.
These labels are underwater submersible and resistant to chemicals, abrasion, weather, sunlight, tearing and temperature. With Section 3 compliance, labels are tested for abrasion resistance and permanence of print. First-years trickle in and out, worrying about their schedules and whispering with newly minted friends about the emerging social scene. The eight-story complex was designed from the inside out, to connect students to the surrounding community and to each other.
Looking out of the two-story glass walls in the residence hall’s fifth-floor reading room, one can see the red roofs and stately towers of the University campus, all the way to Lake Michigan and the shimmering downtown skyline. The result was eight houses that each span four floors: Chautauqua, Crown, DelGiorno, Halperin, Kenwood, Oakenwald, Jannotta, and Wendt.
They see their job as helping to build a community, along with Resident Masters John Lucy, Chair and the William Benton Professor in Comparative Human Development, Psychology, and the College, and Suzanne Gaskins.
Its growth is a fulfillment of planning from the early days of the University, which was truncated during the Great Depression that began in 1929. Though rarely life threatening, scorpion stings can be extremely painful, causing numbness and burning at the wound site. Our line of professional-grade labels and other supplies are built to stand up to challenging conditions and tough work environments. Because we understand that you need the same tough material in your environment but in a smaller size. Since then, the company has gone on to expand the products and services portfolio, offering customers a range of solutions to simplify managing processes around chemical regulatory compliance. The idea behind this is that the label size and the size of the pictograms should remain proportional to the size of the packaging. When a label is Section 2 certified, it means the blank label is BS5609 Section 2 compliant.

The purpose is to ensure that if a chemical drum falls off a ship that the label remains adhered, intact and legible after an extended period in the ocean.
When a label is Section 2 compliant, it means only the blank label is BS5609 Section 2 compliant.
Tests include exposing the label to artificial weathering (salt spray & sunlight), tape removal and abrasion resistance. A short walk through the Midway Winter Garden to main campus and the new 24-hour study space at Harper Memorial Library, the hall includes new dining commons and a convenience store, both of which are open to the public. With over twenty five years of experience in the field, you can rely on Safeware Quasar to provide expert services and software systems to ensure you comply with your regulatory obligations.
BS5609 compliance means the label has met the most stringent tests for durability in the industry. Last year, the Food and Drug Administration approved the first treatment specifically for the sting of the Centruroides scorpion, the most common type in the United States.
If using an alternative system, it is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that the information is consistent with GHS and that workers understand specific physical and health hazards.
Most often, it’s small children who experience severe reactions, but adults can be affected, too, says Keith Boesen, managing director of the Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center (APDIC). I am proud of the expertise of the pharmacists and physicians working at the APDIC who helped make this research possible,” he says.
Anascorp was developed in Mexico and has been used there for many years, according to University of Arizona researchers who led the U.S.
It’s made from the plasma of horses immunized with scorpion venom and vaccinated against viruses that could infect humans. They like to hide under rocks, wood, loose tree bark or anything else lying on the ground during the day, and they become active at night. Landscapers and others who work outside are at risk of being stung, as are people participating in outdoor activities.
Because they’re small and adept at climbing, scorpions may hitch a ride into homes in a sack of groceries or piece of clothing. Once indoors, they may get trapped in the sink or bathtub, look for a place to hide in an attic or crawl space, or scale the walls or ceiling, according to the desert museum website. In June, a 6-month-old Arizona girl was airlifted from the small town of Oracle, Ariz., to University Medical Center in Tucson after a scorpion stung her as she slept, KSAZ-TV in Phoenix reported. The girl was crying, vomiting, and, eventually, convulsing on the way to the hospital 36 miles away, but she made a full recovery after spending five days in the hospital. The desert museum says you can check your home for scorpions by illuminating rooms with a black light flashlight or portable unit or a black light bulb in a lamp. Jude McNally, the medical science liaison at Rare Disease Therapeutics, says the Tennessee company will market the new drug to any health care facility that accepts emergency patients in areas were the bark scorpion is found. Victims should clean the site with soap and water apply a cool compress elevate the affected limb to the same level as your heart take aspirin or acetaminophen as needed for minor discomfort If a child is stung or the victim experiences severe symptoms, go to a medical facility immediately. If the child is under 5 years old or if an older patient is experiencing more than minor discomfort, call the poison center at 1-800-222-1222.
Made by Instituto Bioclon in Mexico City, Anascorp may cause early or delayed allergic reactions in people sensitive to horse proteins.
The manufacturing process includes steps to decrease the chance of allergic reactions and to reduce the risk of transmission of viruses that may be present in the horse plasma.
FDA determined Anascorp was effective based on the results of an initial placebo-controlled, double-blind study of 15 children with neurological signs of scorpion stings. In the Anascorp study, symptoms disappeared within four hours in the eight subjects who received the antidote, but only one of the seven who received a placebo recovered so quickly. In total, safety and efficacy data were collected from 1,534 patients in the studies led by the University of Arizona. The most common side effects of Anascorp were vomiting, fever, rash, nausea, itchiness, headache, runny nose, and muscle pain. Experts say desert dwellers should know the symptoms of a scorpion sting and get treatment if severe symptoms develop. Severe symptoms include shortness of breath, fluid in the lungs, breathing problems, excess saliva, blurred vision, slurred speech, trouble swallowing, abnormal eye movements, muscle twitching, thrashing of the arms and legs, trouble walking, and other, uncoordinated muscle movements. This article appears on FDA's Consumer Updates page, which features the latest on all FDA-regulated products.

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