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When you’re making your initial approach into the fashion industry there are a few tips you should know when it comes to getting some eyes on your resume. If your resume lacks actual fashion-related experience, list whatever you have until you get some- then systematically delete the least relevant items as you gain more experience.
When going after entry-level fashion jobs, try to display a unique skill you posses that sets you apart from the competition. Be a social media Jedi, and make sure your resume reflects this powerfully attractive skill set. Good luck out there, and don’t forget to share your success stories in the comments section below. This is the first post of a series about shopping online in China on Taobao, China’s eBay.
When you click on the orange button, Taobao will send you a code to your cellphone to verify it is correct. Once you verify your cellphone number, your account is created and you are shown a page similar to the one below. We are looking to shoot some Tod’s bags ourselves, which will give you all a better look! Megs, will you be featuring Tod’s Upper Tote, recent pics have spotted Julia Roberts and Jessica Alba with this beauty.
I love the Tods D bag, I have 7 in asstd colors, but I don’t have the new style yet, I plan on going to the boutique and checking it out!!!

If you’re on your hustle, it shouldn’t be too long before your resume is full of fashion gigs. Don’t think that just because you’re applying at a fashion company that your social media skills are un-related. Much like the highly coveted skill of social media prowess, having some computer expertise makes you a seriously hot commodity in any fashion office.
Make sure you do your research on the company you’re applying for and personalize your cover letter based on your research. This season of items from Tod’s can be summed up by tradition, fine craftsmanship and functionality. The contrast stitching shows off the sturdy leather and the seams break up the design of the bag.
Does anybody who is a lover of D-bags know whether they absolutely always have feet screws visible inside? Don’t worry that the fashion industry experience you do have is not directly related to the position that you’re currently applying for. Some companies will hire you just because of these skills, regardless of your education or past experience. Nothing says “please don’t hire me” like a totally generic cover letter which opens with a generic cut and paste opener like “Dear Company, blah blah blah”. Fans in the UK and Ireland have been asked to wait for a while, signaling that the launch of the title in these countries will happen very soon.For those not in the know, Pokemon Go uses augmented reality and the camera of a smartphone, where gamers go out into the real world to look for Pokemon to capture.

This is not the first we have seen of the D-Bag but there are new sizes, colors, and skins. Every collection continues to bring forth a sophisticated touch that has become ubiquitous with the brand.
Celeb fans include Diane Kruger, Jennifer Garner, Julianne Moore, Leighton Meester, and Nicole Kidman. While the leather version is what we all expect, Tod’s also has an alligator version that has my heart (price is $21,000).
Even if you don’t get the specific position you are applying for, you might just weasel into a different position within that company if you can prove yourself to be indispensable. You might be surprised at what seemingly unrelated skills your future employer finds attractive.
Bringing some cutting edge strategy to the table is much more impressive than just being aware of how to casually use the various platforms.
Keep in mind that the entire fashion industry relies heavily on visual arts, so any related computer skills displayed on your resume will definitely make you a serious contender.

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