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The “Book Time with Ronald” show brings home five important lessons: Have some Book Time Every Day, Books Are Our Friends, Explore the Library, Take Care of Books, and Read with Excitement. Contact us today to see if Ronald McDonald can participate in your next school or community event in the Raleigh, North Carolina area! When I’m not working on a DIY project or I somehow get a few hours of free time, I like to build stuff. The Soma Cube has over 270 different combinations that form the 3x3x3 cube and solve the puzzle. To build the cube, I took a 2×2 piece of maple and cut it into 27 identical cubes, sanded them and then glued them up into the shapes found in the book. We are pleased to offer free educational Ronald McDonald Shows to your school or community non-profit.

The book mostly discusses the woodworking part of the project and that’s great but I wanted to know more. It took several days to glue all the pieces together because I didn’t have enough clamps.
Ronald McDonald inspires students to lead active, balanced lifestyles and exhibit good character. Other ideas for appearances include School Fun Run or Spring Carnival, Kick-off to Reading Programs, Community Races, College Campus events and more! In the book Soma is a hallucinogenic drug that’s was used to give people a mini holiday.
Since it took me about 30 minutes to solve the Soma Cube, i’m not in a rush to build that other puzzle yet.

So if you’re into puzzles, I guess you could say that trying to solve the Soma Cube is sort of like a mini holiday.
This is another great puzzle that I read about in the book, Crafting Wood Logic Puzzles: 18 Three-dimensional Games for the Hands and Mind by Charlie Self and Tom Lensch.

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