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The big day is slowly approaching – the day when you and your soul mate say “I do” and start your new life together as husband and wife. One Maid of Honor duty that ends up being a task favorite for most girlfriends is building the wedding day survival kit.
The smaller of the Survival Kits would be the one that is taken to the Wedding Ceremony (your Matron of Honour will need to put it somewhere convenient so she isn’t walking down the aisle with it!) and the second, larger one, should be conveniently available for the rest of the day. Tic Tacs, breath freshener or gum (make sure you only chew the gum very quickly – not a good look for the bride to be seen chewing gum!)  You may even wish to take a toothbrush and toothpaste! Your Matron of Honour may also have to look after your mobile phone (hopefully you won’t be spending too much time on it!), your sunglasses and, perhaps, your camera.  It’s also a good idea for your Matron of Honour to carry a handkerchief for you – just in case you need it at the altar. Have you considered an Emcee for your wedding day who just happens to be a really great wedding planner too? Choose a song that you both love and whenever you hear it in the future, it’ll take you back to the moment you first shared on the dance floor of your wedding day. Some girls look forward to this day from the early childhood, and, as they grow, they keep dreaming and daydreaming about it until finally the big day arrives. Pins- Hair pins in black, and light and dark brown are a must – even the most voluminous and glowing hair needs some support.
Tissues and handkerchiefs- Nobody can deny that weddings are emotional, and even if you have your favorite waterproof mascara on, you will still face the dread of having to wipe away tears with your fingers. A robe- Walking around in your wedding dress will make you look like a princess, but it will also allow you to ruin the prefect dress with makeup or nail polish. Snacks- For the bride who has most certainly forgot to eat, and also for flower girls and ring bearers who should eat more often, having some dried fruit and nuts around can save the day.
Tampons- Perhaps you and your friends will not be due for a few days or weeks, but all the stress and excitement can make you come too early. If you keep these in a large bag by your side, you can be sure that you will come out as a winner no matter what goes awry.

Bene is the lady behind this awesome nude wedding shoes post and this perennially pinned post on the perfect boudoir outfit. If you want to find out more about our new wedding style expert, who hails all the way from Texas, head on over to our Contributors page.
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Bene will be stopping by every few weeks to share her stylish musings and pretty posts with us. It's easy to put together a wedding day survival kit that will keep you looking and feeling your best. On the big day, be sure to pass your survival kit over to your maid of honor for safekeeping and emergency touch ups. Also, a special hint for bridesmaids: Wedding day survival kits make great gifts for brides-to-be. Wedding Veil, Lace Mantilla Bridal Veil, Chapel, Silk tulle lace mantilla bridal- Voile de Mariee no. It’s easy to put together a wedding day survival kit that will keep you looking and feeling your best.
Bridesmaids (or one amazing Maid of Honor) stockpile items for weeks, and by the time the big day has arrived, the bride and her crew are ready for any emergency. Prepare two Emergency Wedding Day Survival Kits and put your Matron of Honour in charge of them. These are the girls that are going to think about everything in advance and make detailed plans and checklists in order to have everything under control. Dress trouble and even damaged corsages can be taken care of within minutes with safety pins. No matter if it’s you or one of the bridesmaids who is the emotional one, have tissues at hand.

Wear your bridal robe while getting your hair and makeup done and wrap it around your wedding dress before you go out; it will save your hairstyle and won’t smear your makeup all over. Don’t choose chocolate or you risk getting it on your dress, and avoid really crumbly things (you don’t want those on your dress either). By being well-prepared, you will avoid stress and panic attack, and you can be assured that everything on your wedding day will go well. She is passionate about writing and learning new things that can help you to lead a quality life. From tissues (to wipe away those happy tears) to blotting papers (to keep makeup looking fresh), I've rounded up all the bridal must-haves.
I’m the friend that always has an extra hair tie, Band-Aid, or breath mint on hand. Your wedding day is definitely the one day when it never hurts to be equipped with a few essentials. From tissues (to wipe away those happy tears) to blotting papers (to keep makeup looking fresh), I’ve rounded up all the bridal must-haves. So, as the bride or the helpful bridesmaid, be prepared even for those accidents, with the help of these Top 10 wedding emergency kits. On the other hand, there are those who can easily have a panic attack unless their friend is always by their side. Even when you spend countless hours organizing everything, it can happen that something goes wrong, but in that case – you should be prepared.

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