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In addition to the many existing promotions, we are now able to reduced many of our prices further. With a wide range of sizes and designs, the Atlantis range of Fibreglass (GRP) preformed ponds offer a "crease free" professional finish to a garden pond installation. We currently have more than 100 products which have been reduced by at least 10% from our 2012 brochure prices.
All Atlantis Fibreglass ponds are hand crafted in the UK to ensure a top quality finish and are supplied with a lifetime guarantee.

However, this is not necessarily the best option for the fish or your pocket.
Unlike the standard models, the Deluxe Feature Reservoir, hold a generous 100 ltrs of covered water, which keep the "topping Up" requirement to an absolute minimum.
Once in place the feature can be fitted on to the base and cobbles can be placed over the of the "catching area" plate.
The five minute feed can be given four or five times a day, at regular times during the day.

With only a small amount of digging (about the same size as a large bucket and a larger diameter shallow area) the reservoir section can be fitted in the ground. Once in place the feature can be fitted and cobbles can be placed over the rest of the 130mm deep "shallow area".

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