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Swedish folk rock duo First Aid Kit have proven that their music is fit for both talk shows and backwoods alike, so it’s no surprise that their breezy take on American roots music translates effortlessly to The Graham Norton Show.
Any break in the skin will not only allow blood and other fluids to be lost, but will also allow germs and bacteria to enter the body. Minor cuts can often be treated yourself at home, or by a first aider, and do not require any expert medical attention.  Before attempting to clean a wound you should always wash and dry your hands, and ideally put on some disposable gloves.
For more severe wounds, pressure should be placed upon the wound using a sterile dressing.  Expert advice should be sought.
In June, Swedish sisters First Aid Kit once again asserted their country’s musical dominance by releasing Stay Gold, a pitch-perfect album-length interpretation of rootsy Americana. The last episode of The Graham Norton Show in the month of May, was hands done the funniest.
Wouldn’t it be great if you could wish yourself a presidential escort, on your way to work?

Disney announced today that its 2012 hit movie Wreck-It-Ralph, is finally going to get a sequel.
Watch First Aid Kit Dancing Barefoot Patti Smith Cover Full length online free streaming here. Courtney Barnett Rocks Jimmy Fallon   Courtney Barnett (born 3 November 1988)[1] is an Australian singer-songwriter and guitarist from Melbourne. With new album ‘Stay Gold’ getting all sorts of rave reviews, Sweden folk siblings First Aid Kit took to the David Letterman show last night to perform their cracking lead single ‘My Silver Lining’.
From their upcoming third studio album Stay Gold, due out June 10th, the pair are seen riding around in a driverless convertable, in the spooky Elliott Sellers directed visual. Johanna and Klara take turns singing the verses, but it’s their finely layered harmonies that lend the song its triumphant melancholy. Johanna Soderberg and Klara Soderberg stated about the video, “We wanted to create an intriguing and mysterious world where everything is slightly off and the mansion slowly comes to life.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt the folk-rock bombast that their band is complete with two drum sets, steel guitar, mandolin, saxophone, flute, and the sisters on keyboard and guitar. Afterwards, they have a brief but endearing chat with Norton, humbly tracing back their love for Americana and laughing off fellow guest Rob Delaney’s giddy admiration. In the stressful situation of an emergency, this kit helps refines the process, which is the crucial first step in saving lives.

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