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A pretty good strategy is to get dark ranger and stand near the mana fountain to keep on getting mana because dark arrow eentually cleans u out of mana. Personally I feel that Footmen Frenzy USED to be a good, fun game around the time of the 3.8 version. Footies in my opinion got bad after version 4.2 halo up totally killed footmen frenzy, no jahood amulet or boots of speed if random?? I personally don't like tanks very much, but I think maxed out Crypt Lord or Demon Hunter are the best tanks.
Yeah, but no Dark ranger, with the Halp Mehs Lightning Buff (you know the one) would bake a very good team.
Scroll of Speed makes the Avalanche move faster, but it is useful for only escaping or catching a hero, when you know if the attack cooldown has ended. Once you have Gold and Lumber in your reserves, you can purchase units, construct buildings, or buy upgrades.
Once a Gold Mine has been haunted, the Undead can use Acolytes to worship the mine for Gold.
Gold is also required at Neutral Buildings to hire mercenaries, buy items, or activate special Neutral Building features.
There is a "Gold tax" in place, known as Upkeep which is activated as players create more units. Lumber is harvested from the abundant forests that inhabit all but a few regions in the realm. Players in Multiplayer games can share resources with other players in the game via the Allies menu. The Undead harvest resources with two units: Acolytes mine gold, and Ghouls harvest lumber.

Haunted Gold Mine and begin adding gold to your reserves, without having to carry it back to the Necropolis.
Blight can be dispelled by your enemies once the building that generated it has been destroyed or unsummoned. An Undead unit will regenerate its health faster when it is standing on, or hovering over Blight. It's best to first Haunt a Gold Mine followed by immediately summoning in a Necropolis next to your expansion. Graveyards produce corpses which can be loaded into Meat Wagons or can be used by Necromancers to create Skeletons. When the enemy comes into your town start upgrading a few Ziggurats to make the enemy want to attack them. Make sure you research Adept and Master Training as well as Skeletal Longevity and Skeletal Mastery. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Ever since then each release has been less and less fun and some of the changes in the 5.0 series honestly make it seem like the creators are trying their hardest to make the game die off.
I may be a bit biased since it's my map but I STRONGLY feel it is superior in every single way. If you are higher by 2-3 levels than the rest and you have level 2 Avatar, of course immolation item plus mana and healing potions == Good game. If you have Death Sheep and see a lot of unit, cast Sheep Fall instantly, it is more likely you get more money from killing the units, than enemy from killing your hero. But in AR (That I play), you have to adopt to a certain situation and cannot relay on your strategy all the time.

Footmen is still a very fun game, remember, its not the hero that counts, its how you play it. I managed to get 2 pairs of +100 claws plus orb of ice and the life steal item in one game.
Later that game, I had 2 pairs of +100 dmg claws, orb of ice and the scroll, which gives +100% damage. Creating and maintaining a thriving economy is vital to ensuring your success on the battlefield. However, certain units such as the Death Knight and Obsidian statue can allow Undead units to regenerate health. Typically enemy players will run after being hit by a Nerubian Tower a few times (especially Heroes). Same for Blade Master, if you see lots of units, cast bladestorm, break the invisibility and maybe if you are lucky, you might even escape from dieing. Its possible to win with any hero, get enough stuff with avalanche like two strikes kill a base, with archers its slow but still effective behind meleers with warden the knife attack to kill the units, shadow strike to kill units, vengence to revive all the corpses invulnerable, then her regular attack is good.
Many advanced Undead players will not upgrade their Ziggurats to Spirit Towers unless they know someone is about to attack their town.

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