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Brodard restaurant is arguably the most popular Vietnamese restaurant in Orange County, home to the largest Vietnamese population in the world. Brodard opened it doors more than two decades ago as a French bakery that offered Parisian-style breakfasts of fresh baked croissant and baguettes.
Since the restauranta€™s inception, Brodard has become a favorite hotspot among residents of Little Saigon and thousands of tourists who have traveled across the globe to try our delectable home-cooked style dishes. Visit Vietnamese Garden for lunch or dinner, pick up something on a night you don’t want to cook, or have our delicious food delivered so you don’t have to leave your house or office. In all honesty, we were on our way to The Barnsbury in our quest to search out the best baby friendly restaurants in Islington when we were waylaid by Viet Garden, which is just beside the pub along Liverpool Road. The hard board fan shaped menu is perhaps the only thing that is out of sync with the homely feel. Hi,I've walked past this place so many times on my way to the Regent, and never been tempted to eat there.
Good food cheers me up, especially one that is reasonably priced and comes with excellent service. Popular among locals, expats and tourists, this Vietnamese-style barbecue restaurant serves a wide-range of meat and seafood that can be grilled right at the table, all in a lush, natural outdoor setting. I know I could have made this look better, but I didn’t have a knife to cut this in half. Pate Bahn Mi ($4) has assorted cold cut meat, pate, pickled vegetable, jalapeno, cilantro and some fish sauce. Enter your email address to subscribe to Foodology and receive delicious new posts by email.

She mainly focuses on reviewing restaurant in Vancouver, but sometimes she likes to travel too. Brodard satisfies the most discerning of diners with a menu that boasts over 100 flavorful traditional dishes. We also provide catering for any type of event from small corporate lunches to wedding receptions.
Nothing on its unassuming facade indicated that it was still open for business (some places do close for Sat lunch) other than the fact that the front door was opened. Even its simple bar counter with half filled liquor bottles haphazardly placed on a couple of shelves seemed to somewhat fit into the theme.
It was heavily marinated with turmeric with a tinge of lemon grass, which overwhelmed the salt and pepper. However, in the quiet residential area where it is located where you can’t find another Vietnamese restaurant in the vicinity, it does have its niche.
Barbecue Garden also has a catering service bring the barbecue right to your home or event. My husband likes to go there for the meat and me, for the vegetarian menu – every one is satisfied !
I was introduced to Golden Garden by my coworkers a few years ago and this has become my go-to place for lunch. To the delight of our customers, the family matriarch, Diane Dang opened her familya€™s cherished recipes box and shared dishes such as Brodarda€™s famous nem nuong, fresh spring rolls, roasted duck salad, and banh xeo.
Stop in or call to place an order and try one of our many menu items, including soup, rice vermicelli, chow mein, low mein, fried rice, chicken, beef, seafood, pork, and more.

While I was a bit disappointed with Song Que despite all its hype, I am more than impressed with the variety of pho served.
There was even a box of Chinese tea bags perched on top of a beam for the occasional order. We thought that the onion slices and spring onions liberally sprinkled on the wings helped soothe the taste tremendously. To give it credit, the three of us ordered all different pho for the sake of variety and the soup stock all managed to taste different, which is great of course.
So, she thought of starting her own food blog to share with the world the different restaurants she eats at. Brodard is situated behind of the Mall of Fortune- a hidden jewel definitely worth finding when youa€™re in Orange County! Other than pho, our foray into Vietnamese cuisine is limited to luan rang that we fell in love with at Cay Tre at Old Street, just round the corner from Kingsland Road.
We were given the table closest to the door probably because that’s the only table with some space for the pram.

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