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Did you know that according to studies conducted by the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery, worms are very efficient eating machines and can eat over half their body weight in organic matter per day.
The organic matter produced by vermicompost can hold up to nine times its own weight in water. With utilizing worm you can help to speed up the composting process because the worms will eat and process the organic waste much faster than allowing micro-organisms to do all the work alone. I am so excited as I will be starting my first vermicomposting container this week!  I will share the process with you next Friday so be sure to check back! This infographic provides a diagram to show the process of composting, from trash to plants.
We gardeners are designers, nurturers, and defenders of little island ecosystems — gardens — that are totally different than our surrounding native biomes. Plants need pretty much the same things that we need for vibrant health: a wide range of available nutrients, the right combination of oxygen and carbon dioxide, sunlight, a diversity of microbes, and a comfy place to put down roots. Worm castings, aka worm compost or worm poop, are to the plant what probiotics are to our gut.
Here’s a cartoon of the whole vermicomposting process using a small, indoor bin – but you can also do it outside in a pile. I’ve spent close to 10 hours in the past two days with a film crew who is making a short film about Biosphere 2.
One of my dreams is a re-purposing of all of those weinermobiles out there to become wormmobiles to SPREAD THE WORM!
On the other hand, worms have the ability to eat through a massive amount of waste in much less time.

This would make a huge difference in the need to water your plants.  The water is held at an organic level so tends to evaporate slower while still being available to nourish the plants. Although a lot depends on the conditions, what type of worms you use, initial bedding used and what you are feeding the worms, it takes approximately three months to transform organic wastes into vermicompost.  Other than setting up your vermicompost container, you will simple need to feed your worms and let them do the work. Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser. We humans get our nutrients from our food and supplements; plants get theirs from the soil and soil amendments. The microbial richness of castings are critical to the cycling of nutrients in the soil for use by the plants, much as our gut bacteria help us use the vitamins and minerals in our food.
I have a couple ‘wormshops’ coming up in April in the Tucson area – just check my website for details.
I was interviewed about the experiences that I had building the closed ecological system, and about living inside for two years in the early ’90s.
Here’s to our collective vibrancy, the health of the planet and the positive impact that we can all have with directed effort! Elaine Ingham, discussing the soil, the soil food web, and plant growth, plus a bit about the collapse of civilization through poor agricultural practices. It’s spring again, time to get the soil ready to be the anchor and the nourishment to the seedlings I’ve grown that are ready to set out. Add a little mineral-rich rock dust and you’re on the road to a great organic garden that will yield vitamin- and mineral-rich produce. My experiences with the living systems in Biosphere 2 caused a paradigm shift in my thinking about gardening.

This compost can then be added to your garden to greatly enrich your soil and add great nutritional benefits.
Here in Oracle, AZ, I’m pretty confident that freezing nights have passed and that by the end of April, soils will be warm enough for great hot-season plant growth.
Also, many communities have their very own vermiculturists (worm growers) who can provide worms, instruction on composting with worms, and castings. I had become a gardener of the atmosphere as much as a gardener for food, finally viewing myself and my actions as a part of the whole earth system. Tomatoes, chilis, beans, eggplants, squash, melons, Malabar, and Egyptian spinach plus a palette of herbs, and some new experiments are on the menu this summer.
We amend our garden soil with compost so that the many of the microbialy driven nutrient cycles supply our plants with minerals needed for growth.
If you don’t want worms, ask the grower if they might want your food scraps for their worms. If there is no local source, you can often find bags of worm castings at nurseries, and they can be ordered online as well.

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