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Vermicomposting is a method of composting whereby worms are utilized as the main decomposers of manure. In 2008, in part of the Organic Agriculture Program, the Bureau of Soils and Water Management awarded a vermicomposting facility to the Municipality of Sta. The construction of a bigger-scale vermicomposting facility was initiated in June 2012 as guided by Republic Act 10068 (Organic Agriculture Act of 2010). The concept of this project involves substrate collection from the by-products of vegetable, fish and meat section in the Public Market. The moment the vermicomposting facility becomes operational, wastes from the wet market will be lessened and will become income-generators.

Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Cruz SANTA CRUZ, the second southernmost town of Ilocos Sur has a colorful and bloody past. Cruz encourages the use of organic fertilizers because of its benefits to the soil and the farmers. The said facility was installed at Poblacion Este and operates with a limited production of 350-750 kilograms of vermicast (finished product, organic fertilizers) a month depending on the availability of substrates and number of vermi worm cultured.
Before the coming of the Spaniards which was in 1601, there was already a little settlement built by the Ilocanos beside the Patupec River located at the northern part of the present town.

Organic fertilizers rehabilitate the soil which has been damaged by excessive and habitual use of inorganic fertilizers. The hardy Ilocanos built it after the victorious battle with the Igorots who were then called “Mindayas”. They are also a cheaper, yet more efficient alternative to the synthetic fertilizers thereby easing the farmers of the burdens of expenses and bad crop production.

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