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To help growers with the expanding organic movement, Bradford Research Center will be hosting its second annual Organic Field Day in Columbia on Aug. Researchers from the center operated by the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (CAFNR) at the University of Missouri will provide information on organic fruit production, pest and weed control, cover crops, beekeeping, permaculture, challenges of no-till, soil management and the benefits of going organic.
Bradford Superintendent Tim Reinbott speaks at last year's Organic Field Day about Biochar products.
Compost is the key ingredient to organic farming and can come from a variety of sources such as manure, livestock bedding, food waste or other backyard scraps. Burrowers, on the other hand make channels that loosen up the soil for plant roots and allow air and water to filter through the ground.
Johnson recommends using red wiggler worms as top-feeders and regular earthworms or Canadian nightcrawlers as a burrower.
As a far as economics, vermicomposting can be very affordable to establish and can be an additional revenue stream for a landowner. To find out if your soil needs compost, active carbon soil testing will be available and attendees are urged to bring in dry soil samples.
Homemade snacks made with locally produced, organic ingredients will be provided as well as lunch for purchase. Bradford is one of CAFNR’s Agricultural Research Centers located throughout Missouri that host educational workshops. Educational talks and tours will feature a wide variety of topics from organic fruit production, permaculture, cover crops, beekeeping and the challenges of no-till. Story tags: Agriculture, Bradford Research Center, CAFNR, Lawn and Garden, News You Can Use, organic, sustainable, sustainable agriculture.

Immature european nightcrawlers are commonly sold as red wigglers, but it is not the red wiggler worm.
When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. Many thanks to Urban Worm Blog reader Ed for directing me to this episode of PBS’ Growing a Greener World.
Jack now sells his castings to growers near and far and uses the castings on his own vineyard. As for Growing a Greener World, they’ve done several write-ups on vermicomposting, to include a very positive review on the Worm Factory 360™.   Joe Lamp’l actually has several bins in his basement, so here’s hoping worm composting keeps getting top billing on PBS! What makes this style of farming popular is the lack of chemical use for fertilization or pest control.
With this process the grower relies on worms to decompose food or other natural waste to leave behind valuable soil amendments to stimulate plant growth and rid of unwanted organic matter.
Besides being great decomposers, its what comes out of the worm that is the most beneficial. Host Joe Lamp’l visited Jack Chambers of Sonoma Valley Worm Farm to give the viewers some great insight into vermicomposting.
He’s an airline pilot by trade who fell into vermicomposting after visiting a worm farm and befriending the owner, who ended up selling Jack his farm and surrounding land in 1992. Several different species of worms such as Canadian nightcrawlers, red wigglers or earthworms are excellent at decomposing organic waste products to turn into beneficial soil amendments. Instead of using a manufactured product, growers are turning to what Mother Nature has to offer to increase production.

Free educational talks and tours featuring a wide variety of topics geared toward the natural farmer will run from 11 a.m. Top-feeders spend their time at the surface of the soil and are great for breaking down leftover vegetables, coffee grounds, paper or other food waste. They prefer mild temperatures around 60 to 80 degrees F, but can easily propagate to give the grower a bountiful population.
Bring dry samples for feedback from CAFNR researchers on what needs to be done with management practices.
Researchers are seeing these prices go up as gardeners, vegetable growers, farmers and organic producers all are clamoring for these natural amendments. Construction work at highways 63 and WW has closed some bridges and will create delays and detours; alternate routes are suggested. Jack modernized the process using custom-made flow-through reactors and a nifty forced air composting system for pre-composting his “food,” cattle manure from a nearby dairy farm.
Hands-on demonstrations of vermicomposting will be featured at Bradford's Organic Field Day on Aug.

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