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Growing zucchini (Cucurbita pepo) in a garden is very popular because planting zucchini is easy and a zucchini plant can produce large amounts of delicious squash. When planting zucchini, you can plant them either as individual plants or grouped on hills.
Alfalfa is a cool-season perennial commonly grown for feeding livestock or as a cover crop and soil conditioner. Easily grown and propagated, alfalfa adapts well to nearly any garden, tolerating a wide range of growing conditions. Those living in cooler climates can plant alfalfa in spring while milder regions should opt for fall planting. Unless growing alfalfa as hay for livestock, allow it to grow until crops are ready to be planted or its purple blooms appear, at which time you can simply mow it down and till it into the soil or leave it.
If planting alfalfa for livestock, it will need to be harvested and cured prior to flowering (known as early-bloom stage). Rose rust fungus appears as small orange or rust colored spots on the leaves and will grow to bigger markings as the infection advances. Like powdery mildew and black spot fungi, humidity levels and temperatures create the conditions for rose rust disease to attack rose bushes.
If it does attack your rose bushes, spraying them with a fungicide at intervals as directed should take care of the problem. Now that you know how to treat rose rust, you can help your rose bush get rid of the rose rust disease that is affecting it. The Christmas holiday is a time for beauty and good cheer and nothing helps bring beauty and good cheer like beautiful flowers for Christmas. Christmas Cactus – The Christmas cactus is so named because it is thought to naturally bloom at Christmas time. Rosemary – While the rosemary plant is a lesser known holiday plant, it is making a comeback in stores as being sold as a holiday plant. Holly – Holly is not typically sold as a live plant at Christmas, but the bright red berries of female holly bushes against its dark green pointed leaves are a popular decoration at Christmas. Mistletoe – Another holiday plant used as decor more than a live plant, this common Christmas decoration also dates back to the druids. Christmas Tree – No list of Christmas plants would be complete without mentioning the centerpiece of any Christmas celebrating house.
Commonly named for the attractive, exfoliating bark of the species, growing ninebark shrubs is simple.
Though the Physocarpus ninebark family is small, ninebark shrub info indicates there is a cultivar for every landscape. Learning how to grow a ninebark bush includes the proper location and correct planting of the ninebark bush.
Established ninebark shrubs are drought tolerant and can thrive with only occasional watering and limited fertilization in spring with a balanced fertilizer as part of ninebark shrub care.
Pruning for shape and thinning inner branches will likely be all that is necessary to keep growing ninebark shrubs healthy and attractive. Mistletoe cactus (Rhipsalis baccifera) is a tropical succulent native to rainforests in warm regions. Rhipsalis mistletoe cactus is also called chain cactus and grows epiphytically in its tropical forest home.
These plants are found clinging to tree crotches, in branch nooks and nestled in rock crevasses.
The plant is used to living in the understory of the forest, where temperatures are at least 60 F. The plant rarely needs fertilizing and has few other needs except moderate light and even moisture. Yuccas make a lovely low maintenance screen or garden accent, especially the yucca plant flower.
Yucca plants are members of the Agave family and include over 40 different types of shrubby perennials that grow in North America, Mexico and the Caribbean. Yuccas are very easy to grow and can be put in containers or planted in the ground in well-drained soil.

Regular fertilization and trimming will also help keep the plant healthy and encourage both growth and yucca flowers.
Blooms on yucca plants generally appear during the warmest part of the growing season but differ slightly with each species. Keep your yucca fertilized and cut the old flower head and stalk from the previous year to encourage new blooms to form. The yucca plant flower also has an interesting relationship with a moth that pollinates the yucca and survives on its nectar. Since butterfly bush seeds require plenty of light to germinate, the seeds only need to be lightly covered with soil.
If desired, dip the end in rooting hormone and then stick into moist, peaty sand or potting soil.
Start zucchini seeds indoors four to six weeks before the last from date and plant out in the garden after all chances of frost have passed. Now that you know how to plant zucchini and some tips on growing it well, you can grow zucchini squash in your garden with ease.
Since alfalfa roots quickly, it doesn’t require deep planting—only about a half inch deep.
Once seedlings have reached about six to 12 inches, thin them as needed to avoid overcrowding issues. The spots on the canes of the rose bush are orange or rust colored but become black in the fall and winter. Keeping good airflow through and around the rose bushes will help prevent this rose rust disease from developing. Also, be sure to dispose of any infected leaves, as they can spread the rose rust fungus to other rose bushes.
Treating rust on roses is relatively simply and you will be rewarded with rose bushes that are once again beautiful and lovely to look at. There are a few standard Christmas plants and flowers that you may like for your home this holiday. This means that the care of these Christmas plants is more like caring for a houseplant than a plant meant for the cold and snow.
Originally sold with bright red and green leaves (the “flowers” are actually leaves on the plant), poinsettias today are sold in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Tall and graceful, this holiday flower bulb can make a statement as a centerpiece on the table and its trumpet like huge flowers look like they are harking the Christmas holidays. If you own this holiday plant for many years, you will actually find it prefers to bloom closer to Thanksgiving.
A few centuries ago, rosemary was part of the Nativity story in that Baby Jesus’ clothes were dried on a rosemary bush.
Surprisingly, while holly is a traditional Christmas plant, its origins date back to Druids, who thought the plant represented everlasting life.
But, unlike holly, the Christian church did not adopt it as a tradition, but rather frowned on it.
Learning how to grow a ninebark bush successfully is primarily in the location and soil you choose. Gently fill in around the roots to make sure there are no air pockets and water well until established. With correct ninebark shrub care, the species reaches 6 to 10 feet in height and 6 to 8 feet in height. The plant is most often found indoors and may simply be mounted on a piece of bark like an orchid or potted in a good cactus mix.
Potted plants benefit from a saucer filled with rocks and water to increase the ambient humidity in the home interior. Adding phosphorus-rich fertilizer or bone meal to the soil can often help encourage a yucca plant flower to form.
Yuccas only bloom when they reach a certain age of maturity and they all bloom according to their own schedule. The same yucca may bloom at an entirely different time the following year, as yucca flowers tens to bloom sporadically.

You can grow butterfly bushes from seed but it’s usually quicker and easier to propagate butterfly bush cuttings.
Thin to one plant per spot once the seeds have sprouted and have grown their first set of true leaves. Thin the seedlings down to two or three per hill once the seedlings have their first set of true leaves. Use a soaker hose or other method to water the plants below their leaves as watering using a sprinkler can cause the zucchini plants to develop powdery mildew.
This ‘green manure‘ will then fertilize the soil as well as stimulate microbial activity, thus aerating it too. Harvesting in this early-bloom stage also ensures the most optimal nutrient percentages, which is often found in the plant’s leaves. Quality alfalfa hay should possess good green color and leafiness as well as a pleasant aroma and thin, pliable stems. Roses and rust are a frustrating combination for rose gardeners because this fungus can not only ruin the look of roses, but, if left untreated, rust spots on roses will eventually kill the plant. Also, disposing of old rose leaves will prevent rose rust fungus from overwintering and re-infecting your roses next year. They naturally grow in a range of colors from white to pink to red with solid or speckled leaves, but sellers now dye or paint them many other colors and may even add sparkles. Typically, the red varieties of amaryllis are sold for the holidays, but they come in colors ranging from red to white to pink to orange and petals that are solid, striped or speckled in all of these colors. Regardless, these lovely cacti have lush flowers that hang down like lovely Christmas ornaments from the ends of the leaves of the plant.
Despite being forbidden as a decoration at one point in time in the Christian church, this holiday plant is still commonly seen. The Physocarpus ninebark, a North American native, prefers a soil that is only slightly acidic.
Make sure the crown of the ninebark is even with the top of the soil surrounding the planting area. Allow room for the well-branching shrub to spread out when planting in the landscape, as ninebark shrub care does not necessarily include heavy pruning.
The thick skin of the stems does not produce thorns, but it does have almost imperceptible bumps on the surface of the plant.
If you are not prone to overwatering, you can plant the cactus in regular potting soil mixed with sand or other gritty material.
Best of all, butterflies love it so you’ll be welcoming these important pollinators to the garden. Once harvested, the ground will need to be turned before next season’s planting takes place.
Originally a symbol of fertility, now it is simply a sneaky way for boys to get kisses from girls. You should begin to notice root development on your butterfly bush cuttings within a few weeks.
The alfalfa plant has been cultivated for generations and growing alfalfa in your garden is easy. While most cacti are found in hot, sunny, arid zones, mistletoe cactus is unique in its requirements for moisture and dim light. You can transplant these into containers or place them in other suitable areas of the landscape. Take some tips on how to grow mistletoe cactus and enjoy this unique and entertaining looking plant.

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