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VIVAM AGROTECH is in the field of solid waste processing such as Composting, Vermicomposting, Mechanical Compost and Biogas since last Ten years and in city Solid Waste Management for last Five years. VIVAM AGROTECH has developed machine for composting which requires very small place and most suitable for metropolitan cities for waste processing up to 100 kg per day.
VIVAM AGROTECH has also worked with all India INSTITUTE OF LOCAL SELF GOVERNMENT for preparation of project report of city waste management system. VIVAM AGROTECH has tied up with an internationally reputed agencies for assisting the unit to get the project approved as a Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects.
All these technologies developed by VIVAM AGROTECH are most suitable for city waste management and sustainable development of the city.

We have plants to treat Solid wastes like Municipal Solid Waste, kitchen, canteen, poultry, cow dung, food processing and agricultural wastes. Our company individually has prepared DETAIL PROJECT REPORTS for more than 120 MUNICIPAL COUNCILS and for 3 Municipal Corporations in Maharashtra as per MSW RULES 2000. VIVAM has developed scientific method of vermicomposting and it is approved by Agriculture Department of Government of India and Maharashtra.
Government of Maharashtra has approved subsidy to our vermicomposting technology for farmers.
In this method, Aerobic Composting is used, which is said to be the cheapest method of processing waste.

VIVAM is authorized technology holder of BHABHA ATOMIC RESEARCH CENTER, MUMBAI for Biogas Generation Plants. We have installed our projects of vermicomposting plants for Municipal councils, Schools, Colleges, Govt. Segregation of all non-decomposable waste is done and finally, fine compost is produced in the final stage of the precess.

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