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Write a review to share your opinion with other gardeners!Thank you for sharing your thoughts about one of our products! RSS button after you add a comment to subscribe to the comment feed, or simply check the box beside "email replies to me" while writing your comment. This site layout illustrates the complete composting process of the organic waste material from the mixer, the BioReactor to the short term curing piles. In this particular scenario, the entire operation is inside (this is not always necessary for all facilities). In addition, the high temperatures (thermophilic) required to compost any waste successfully are easily maintained by the BioReactor using the Negative Ventilation Fan. Composting septic sludge in 5 days AND making compost that is pathogen free is possible with the BioReactor by XACT Systems Inc. Indian officials proudly unveil the solid waste management facility designed and built by SFC Environmental Technologies Pvt. The successful odor-free composting process of organic waste in the BioReactor is dependent upon a few factors. Advanced composting technology such as the BioReactor can produce compost that is virtually odor-free.
XACT Systems Exhibits the BioReactor: An Innovative ComposterAre You Attending the US Composting Conference in Jacksonville, FL next month? If so, stop in at the XACT Systems booth and find out more about the innovative composter:  The BioReactor!

BioReactor Composting System with In-feed and Discharge Conveyors, BioFilter & Future Expansion Capability. When you compost solid organic waste using the BioReactor, you will realize economic benefits (always a good thing),  and environmental benefits. The BioReactor Composter is a slowly rotating drum that converts any solid organic waste into compost.
If you are planning to go to the US Composting Conference in Jacksonville January 25-28, 2016, please visit us at booth 722. Cantaloupes are named for the papal gardens of Cantalupo, Italy, where some historians say the first cantaloupe was grown. The composting technology that SFC has specified for these 2 operations is XACT Systems Inc.
Ltd., which has been awarded contracts for 2 more large scale solid waste handling facilities in India. This composter makes an ideal environment for the oxygen-loving bacteria to thrive and decompose the material in a highly aerobic process. The compost no longer has harmful bacteria in it to cause disease so it can be spread on land close to water sources. Fruit has a smooth, firm pale coloured skin that turns from green to white to yellow as it matures. The BioReactor will compost large volumes of organic waste quickly, and will do so without the occurrence of hazardous leachates or foul doors.

Muskmelons are usually heavily netted and deeply ribbed with larger seed cavities than cantaloupes. As the honeydew ripens, its skin transforms from very hard and smooth to a velvety texture and often develops a slight stickiness. SFC has earned this contract on the heels of very recently and successfully completing 2 other large scale solid organic waste management projects in India that also featured XACT’s BioReator composting technology.
When everything else is perishing for lack of moisture, the portulaca will give its largest flowers and brightest colours!
Muskmelons are summer season vines suited to many soil, rain and temperature conditions; other melons namely, honeydew, casaba and crenshaw are "winter" melons because they ripen late in the season and can be kept a month longer after being picked if stored in a cool dry place.
Agricultural Research Service scientists have discovered that watermelon, known to contain large amounts of the antioxidant lycopene, is also an excellent source of the amino acid citrulline that is important for wound healing, cell division and removing toxins from the body. So, by using the BioReactor Technology to compost organic waste, you can do so quickly and in a virtually odor-free manner. Melons produce highest sugars when daytime temperatures exceed 27 °C and night temperatures are 16–23 °C.

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