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Which I made myself and which has now survived quite nicely through one cold, snowy winter! Note the pvc inserts (with wire mesh holding drainage gravel) to protect the insulation from getting saturated. And, yes -- I still have one rubbermaid type tub in the kitchen just in case the outdoor bin is a summertime hundred degree- plus disaster- wish me luck, and I'll give you an update after the California summer heatwave test. Andrew: I didn't check the temps, I'm a pretty lazy vermimommie and I have yet to purchase a compost typer thermometer.
I mentioned this on another thread, but I think in climates with low humidity this type of bin may dry out easily on the edges. Not sure is they still have it, but Sam's club had a small tumbler for $99.  For preparing food for worms, I like the tumbler idea. For pricing or system estimates, please contact Dan at (503) 260-8232, 9 AM to Noon Pacific Time. I used (natural silicone rubber) caulk to make the seams, corners, and around the pvc inserts; all watertight around the insulation. I didn't take pictures as I constructed it, but between my pictures and the plans, you should be able to create one for yourself.
I can say that when there was ice and snow on the ground, the bin was still active, albeit not as active as it is now.
I am aware that aluminum is a great thermal conductor, however, this is the type of insulation that is put between wood roof sheeting and the roofing material where there will be no attic and usually where there are open rafters (I used left overs from our shop construction, but the same stuff is used in my house). That would probably work perfectly -- or at least much better than my espresso thermometer! The weather has been between 35-55 F so I think the worms are keeping to the warm center of the bin. This Presto Geobin for $30 shipped looks like it would work if you can't find this other material.

You add stuff as you have it and then feed a mix of precomposted stuff when you  have room to add it to your bins. There’s so much waste that comes from fertilizer production and the process uses up a large amount of petroleum.
I raised the whole bin on a pallet to increase airflow through the drainage holes and to keep the bottom frame of the bin from rotting out. The longer stem of a compost thermometer is great for a compost bin, but is a bit awkward for smaller worm bins.
So rather than beating down mother nature with with a wooden stick I’d much rather cultivate some love (dear lord more puns). Moisture condenses on the inside walls every night and the worms thrive in those conditions.
Rather than buying fertilizer I’m going to work on making more of my own and becoming much more self sufficient. Above the oak is a layer of foam core insulation, then a moisture barrier (tar paper) then a metal roof. The insulation value of 1" foam core insulation is typically 2x the R value of other types of insulation (of the same thickness) In this case R 5.5. Vermicomposting uses various types of worms but generally you will find red wigglers, white worms, and various other earthworms.
The shiny aluminum foil actually acts as a radiant heat barrier more than a conductor because conductivity is so low through the insulation. It’s been show that the vermicast has lower levels of contaminants then the waste products they consumed. What makes this worm poop (the 8 year old in my just smiled) so desirable to gardeners is the fact that the it contains organic water soluble nutrients, and is a nutrient rich organic fertilizer. Luckily for me my fiance works for a company that supplies science supplies to classrooms and I have red-worms coming in today.

In my neck of the woods there was story in the paper recently about a multi-million sale of a worm farm who is shipping their compost all across the country.
My goals are a little smaller, during the winter months I’m not always excited take all my kitchen scraps out to my compost bin so a vermicompost bin that I can keep indoors makes me super psyched. The worms can survive below 50 degrees but they just wont be as effective, and temperatures above 86 degrees may be harmful for them. Only our gardening friends in tropical zones will have to worry about it and simply using a different type of worm (like Perionyx excavatus) should resolve this issue.
If the idea of worms inside your home doesn’t sound so hot you can absolutely setup up your vermicompost bin outdoors. To use your vermicompost bin outdoors you will just want to make sure that it is out of direct sunlight and can be sheltered from winter frost.What To Supply Your Vermicompost Bin Withcomposting binJust like a regular compost bin there are some food waste that is safe for your vermicompost bin and some food wast that is not. I would avoid meat waste and dairy this stuff is likely to rot and become putrid before it can be composted. This aspect though can be a messy endeavor and should play a big reason in how you choose your composting system. The simplest method is to just hand sort your compost, and that means your dumping out your bin and just pulling out the works and whole food scraps and putting them back into the bin. I believe this is the appeal of the Worm Factory on Amazon as it separates the soil from the scraps and worms just how it is designed.
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