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It’s a bit of a dream idea, but the absence of the actual thatched cottage doesn’t mean that the wish for a cottage garden need be abandoned – remove the chocolate box setting and it is basically an informal style of mixed planting that can be adapted to many gardens. The charming rustic containers, plant supports and fences that we associate with this style of garden were a matter of economy rather than aesthetics.
Cottage Garden InfographicThe Following infographic illustrates a number of plants commonly found in cottage gardens. Weeds may be really hard to eliminate and are mostly obnoxious but even then, you must how to identify different kinds of weed and tell the difference between weed and plants. This is another common type of weed which can be identified by its 20 inches height, light green leaves and yellow color flowers on the tips. To identify this weed variety, look out for arrowhead shaped leaves which climb up to 6 feet height and bear white or pale pink flowers.
This is also a common type of a weed which can be identified by its 4 feet height and its 18 inch width.
If you live where irrigation systems are a natural part of landscaping you are familiar with the commonly used white PVC pipes.
Made out of resilient vinyl, these irrigation materials come in a wide assortment of lengths and widths.
Here is a sampling of some of the garden structures you can build with PVC irrigation pipe. One application might be to a box form or a square tunnel made from PVC then creating walls with chicken wire, hardware cloth, or even shade cloth for outdoor pet enclosures or exercise structures. Another handy garden use for PVC might be to assemble plant stands or tables topped with a thin piece of flagstone, wood or another tabletop material. Try building any of these structures out of PVC for quick, easy and inexpensive help in the garden.

Jane Schwartz Gates is a professional landscaping contractor, author, artist, and public speaker. Gates and Croft Landscaping ServicesProfessional landscaping services offered in Southern California.
There are no rules in cottage gardens – if you like a plant and can find a spot for it, then in it goes!
Farm labourers lived in tied cottages where they grew much of their own food to supplement their meagre wages. Old troughs, baths and buckets had a second life as planters, bean poles and plastics could be gathered from the woods and hedgerows and picket fences were inexpensive boundaries. These need mulch to prevent them in gardens and they are usually about 12 inches tall and 6-16 inches in width. They grow roots anywhere their stem makes contact on the ground and their seed heads spread out like 4 fingers. These have nutlike tubers on the root system and grow in moist soil in the sun or in the shade. Not only is construction easy – rather like assembling simple Lego pieces — but it will be inexpensive and you can simply disassemble the pieces when you are done. A basic table format will remain open at the pipe ends so the water fills inside so the structure sits at the bottom of the pond. These can be connected with rope, netting, wire grids or other materials to create fencing.
A basic square skeleton shape fitted together in any size can make the perfect way to shade delicate or newly planted plants when the top is covered with shade cloth. Then use your imagination to create something out of this irrigation pipe that will make your garden more fun or efficient.

Alongside the family pig and a few chickens, vegetables and fruit were all important providing the family with most of its food. White clover weed and can be found easily in lawns, gardens and garden areas that are partially sunny. They can spread several feet in width and they cover large ground with their purple flowers. And it makes PVC pipes with all their various connectors into handy, inexpensive outdoor construction materials for any climate.
The hollow pipes are lightweight, slightly flexible and capable of conducting liquid and air.
This way you can set potted bog plants so they sit in water in the middle of the pond where they would not find a perch otherwise. A light cover like this can be used for hot or cold spells and can protect the plants beneath for a whole season if necessary. And with little in the way of medical help, the women grew herbs to treat family illnesses. In medieval times these gardens were utilitarian in the extreme, but flowers gradually crept in.

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