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If you want your 2011 vegetable garden to produce more food for your table, planning is the key. Our Kitchen Garden Planner is a free interactive design tool that makes it easy to plan, plant and track your garden. Recent Commentsgscadmin on Don’t Just Water — Soak!Lmrb on How I Built a Raised Bed in My Laundry RoomLondon Gardener on What’s Next for Your Garden? Click on any thumbnail below to view the photo larger then click on 'next' at the top right hand corner to view photos in succession. You can get a great sense of achievement from planting your vegetable garden, but keep in mind that your labors are by no means over when the seeds are in the ground.
Weeds rob water and nutrients from your vegetable plants, so it's very important to keep them at bay. Organic and inorganic mulches can improve the texture of your soil and help keep weeds under control. If rainfall alone isn't giving your plants enough water, you'll need to consider watering options.

Different types of vegetable garden pests attack different plants and can range from minor nuisances to major problems.
No matter how much experience or growing space you have, taking time to map out your garden is the best way to maximize your efforts. You can choose one of our pre-planned garden designs or design your own unique vegetable garden that’s perfectly suited to your yard and is filled with the foods you want to eat. Vegetables that have to compete with weeds for water and nutrients become frail and sickly; weeds can also harbor diseases and insect pests.
Stakes, cages, and trellis systems can all help these plants grow tall and strong, supporting healthy plants and a good harvest. The best way to remove weeds is to chop off the top of the weed at ground level -- you may have to repeat this several times, but eventually the weed will die.
There are several irrigation methods that can give you an easy solution to keeping your plants watered and healthy.
Preparing your garden at the end of the season will make it easier to start up your new garden next spring.

Identify and eliminate these pests as early as possible to protect your garden from damage.
But there are additional steps you can take to help ensure a healthy garden and a bountiful crop.
You must be careful when applying mulches to make sure you don't damage your vegetable plants in the process. Split-rail fencing is also an affordable and attractive option for livestock containment and property enhancement.
Round-rail (dowel), split rail fencing is also available for a a rounded, more traditional look, and Western Cedar offers another beautiful and rustic alternative. Welded wire can also be installed with the split-rail fence for containment of livestock and pets, or for a pool enclosure or garden protection.

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