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These vegetable garden ideas are simple but effective, and they will help anyone put the bases of a good garden that will yield. Choose your veggies carefully – Of course you should begin by choosing veggies that you and your family enjoy eating, but you should also consider the climate. Decorative edibles – You can improve the aesthetics of your garden by growing plants that also look beautiful and can hide certain empty spots. These are just some basic vegetable garden ideas that you can use in any gardening endeavor; with them, and with a bit of patience and hard work, you can have a garden that is not only fruitful, but beautiful as well. Each container in a container garden can support more than one variety of plant successfully, under the right conditions. When planting more than one variety of plant in a container, choose the partners carefully to make sure their soil, sun and water needs are compatible. An example of perfect partners for container grown vegetables is a tomato plant, oregano, basil and a dwarf marigold.
Add a layer of mulch to the top of the soil in the containers to keep the soil cool and retain moisture.
Companion planting works just as well in container gardens as it does for in-ground gardens. Pour amenager un balcon potager, il faut deja reflechir a ce que l’on veut y faire pousser ! Cultiver ses propres legumes c’est tres bien, mais encore faut-il savoir combien cela va couter.
I love to dream – and one of the things that I love to dream about is my cottage garden.
In our village, the city trucks come around & pick up yard debris that is set out for pick up. Either from your own plants or from your friend’s, small clippings add up to lots of free mature plants!
Become friends with the person in charge of your local flower department in the big super centers! While walking around larger greenhouses, I’ve noticed all of the large garbage cans throughout the place filled with soil, clippings, and old plants. Remember, as in the case of an African Violet, it may only take one leaf to start a new plant! 12 Creative DIY Compost Bin IdeasIf you are a gardener, chances are you have thought about starting a compost bin. 9 Clever DIY Ways for a Shady Backyard OasisIt's pretty tough to enjoy summer activities in a backyard that bakes in the afternoon heat. Railroad tie steps have long been used by creative gardeners, but have had some controversy as of late.
These were all great but the first one with the rock’s shows nothing to stop the rocks from going under the riser to the next step below or did I miss it ?
Wooden steps are probably cheapest initially, but concrete with last over time so may be the better long term value… Hope that helps! In what follows we are going to give you a few easy and ingenious vegetable garden ideas; they will help you organize you space better and will improve your production. Take a pen and paper and start drawing the vegetable beds, deciding what you will grow in each of them. You can make stacked raised beds, with two or three levels, and plant similar vegetables and spices in them. Discuss with your local gardening retailer, or with friends and neighbors who have gardens and ask them what thrives in their gardens.
For example, you can grow climbing pumpkins; they can also grow horizontally, but if you plant them next to a fence, or built them some kind of structure, they can grow upwards as well. This is true for container grown flowers or vegetables, and when it comes to the latter form of plant life, companion planting will yield more vegetables in smaller spaces, plus the right companion plantings enhance vegetable flavor and act as natural pest controls. Bigger containers mean the plants can grow deeper roots and require less frequent watering. The more companion plants that are planted in the same container, the more often the container will have to be watered.

Placing a saucer or plate under a container to catch excess water drainage is not beneficial to the plants in the container and just provides a place for mosquitoes to breed.
Mulch will also prevent the occasional hardy weed that attempts to grow in the container garden as well. Use the biggest containers possible, choose the planting partners carefully and water often and the container garden will be a success. Cultiver ses propres legumes tout au long de l’annee sur un balcon ou une terrasse est desormais accessible a tous.
Des legumes, des herbes aromatiques, des fleurs comestibles, tout est possible ; a condition que cela puisse se cultiver dans un contenant (pot, bac, etc…). Certaines varietes prennent plus de place que d’autres, certaines sont plus rustiques et supportent mieux des conditions un peu plus rudes… Il faut donc etablir la liste de ce que l’on souhaite cultiver pour ensuite effectuer selectionner les bonnes varietes.
Si l’on vit seul ou bien si l’on est une famille de 4 personnes, les besoins en tomates fraiches ne seront pas les memes.
Il n’est pas evident de recycler l’eau sur un balcon, donc il faut prevoir une certaine quantite d’eau du robinet.
Si on choisi d’utiliser des etageres pour cultiver des legumes, il faudra veiller a ce que les legumes qui font de grandes feuilles aient assez de place entre les etages. Vous devez pouvoir atteindre chaque plante separement de facon a lui apporter des soins si besoins. Un grand volume de terre est generalement benefique pour pouvoir planter un peu de tout, je privilegie dans la mesure du possible un grand bac plutot que plusieurs petits pots.
I pull out back issues of my favorite magazines, gardening books, and seed catalogues to add to the plethora of ideas already stored in my minda€™s eye. You see, Ia€™m not really good at waiting several years to add a plant here & a plant there to my garden. Sometimes, despite all of our work & effort, we just dona€™t have the extra amount of money that it would take to have the garden of our dreams. I know one gal who offers to tidy up the gardens in her neighborhood in exchange for the clippings and extra plants that she cleans up. Ask for their clippings for your compost pile, then use what you can to make new plants by rooting them, and throw the rest into the compost heap! No need for permission to pin or to feature 1 or 2 pictures with full watermarks intact that link back to the original project. This tutorial on making landscape timber stairsA helps guide you through this project, and be sure to read through the comment section for some additional tips.
This is similar project to above, but the directions and materials are a little simpler, and probably better for the average size yard. A raised garden will also be more pleasing to the eye, as it will offer more visibility to your vegetables.
In order to make sure you will have something to show at the end of the season, choose to grow not only seasonal vegetables, but vegetables who grow naturally in your area.
Nasturtiums are another great addition to your garden, because they have lovely round leaves and beautiful orange flowers; everything in these plants can be consumed, and nasturtiums make great seasonings for your salads.
The oregano and basil will enhance the tomato flavor while the fruit is growing and the dwarf marigold looks pretty while it acts as a natural pest deterrent for the tomato plant. Regular watering are essential for optimum container garden growth of flowers or vegetables.
L’amenagement d’un balcon potager se fait aussi bien a l’horizontale qu’a la verticale, pour optimiser la place et la lumiere. Il ne sera pas possible de cultiver la meme quantite de legumes par personnes sur la meme surface. Les graines sont moins cheres bien evidemment, mais les semis sont plus difficiles a realiser si l’on debute. Apres avoir pris des mesures du balcon, evaluer l’orientation et la duree d’ensoleillement par jour, il faut tout simplement mettre des pots et des bacs avec les plants de legumes et autre comestibles.
Les tomates seront donc au bord du balcon au plus pres du soleil tandis que les salades seront derrieres, beneficiant de la chaleur du soleil en ayant l’ombre des tomates. Si les plantes se collent de trop, les feuilles risquent de pourrir avec l’humidite, ou bien parce que l’evaporation ne pourra se faire correctement.

Et bien sur, de sorte egalement a proceder a la recolte sans abimer les cultures environnantes. Ia€™m the kind of person who sees something beautiful, then tries to find a way to make it happen in my own garden.
I know that feeling personally, and thata€™s why I wanted to take this time to share with you some of the ideas that I have discovered for finding free plants over the years. Most plants will grow from cuttings, and a small section a few inches long is all you need! Mint, tomatoes, roses, hydrangeas, holly, and butterfly bush are all examples of plants that will grow from cuttings.
Most folks have no idea that these plants can be planted outside for spring flowers next year! Let them know that you are willing to take the unsightly plants off of their hands after they are finished blooming.
Newspapers are always looking for news to print, and since a garden exchange is an event, you can even get your advertising free of charge!
Home decorating, cottage gardening, frugal living, country living, how-to articles, easy recipes, and more – this is way more than the average website! However the very first bench, the lead picture, does not have any instructions a€“ that is the one with the stepped blocks and the wooden seat. I don’t really like working with concrete, so the BHG steps you shared here look like a great option.
As long as you enjoy gardening, it can be one of the most rewarding passions and occupations. You can also use the shape of your space to draw inspiration, or you can use mathematical reasoning to make the best of every corner and optimize your future yields.
If the container is not large enough to support the growth of all four plants, plant the tomato and just one of the other plant choices. Daily watering in the morning (plants uptake water in the morning) will be needed throughout the growing season.
Le prix des graines et des plants de legumes sont en fonction de la provenance, du fait s’ils sont bio ou non et de la rarete de la variete. Les systemes de micro-irrigation s’ameliorent d’annee en annee, et ne necessitent plus forcement de systeme electrique et de branchement sur le reseau d’eau. When you start shopping at the garden centers & from all of the plant catalogues, you start to see a growing trend – all of these beautiful plants add up to lots of money! Sometimes the ideas work out wonderfully, and sometimes I learn a lesson from the whole process.
Soon, with a little bit of creative thinking, youa€™ll have to start giving plants away due to lack of any more space in your garden!
I will plant it outside as soon as the danger of frost is past, then bring it in for a new round of Christmas blooms. You can add DIY steps and stairs to your garden with these tutorials and inspirational ideas.
That being said, a vegetable bed doesn’t necessarily have to be linear, it can have any shape.
In any case, Ia€™ve found many nice plants just by collecting them before the debris truck does! Walk around your garden and evaluate… what space could be made better by even just 3-5 steps or stairs, and what slope could be transformed into usable garden space? You can even use a design for flower gardens, so you also have some symmetry and aesthetics. I know everyone throws out their poinsettia plants after Christmas, but when I went to Africa some years back, one of the most amazing memories I have were the huge poinsettia TREES!!!

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