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These are the basic components of a residential irrigation system, aside from design standards and techniques, I hope this will help you understand the individual components of the system and the function they perform. Even though they are becoming a little more restricted, some homes have their own well and pump or they may pump water from an adjacent lake. Your sprinklers will either operate from a controller located on the interior or exterior wall of the garage, or they may operate from a central control system.
In the event that you have an individual controller for the property, familiarize yourself with how to switch the power off to the controller. Nodding flowers in rich hues of cream, white, pink, maroon, rose and green appear in early winter to early spring, depending on the variety. A colorful addition to the shade garden, this deciduous fern has glowing pewter-and-green fronds and red or purple stems. A fast-growing groundcover, ajuga has low-growing foliage and flower spikes in pink, white, blue or lavender.
With evergreen foliage and long-blooming, late-spring flowers, this low-maintenance groundcover is ideal for a spot in part to deep shade where there's room to expand. This low-maintenance perennial is a must for any shade garden that can supply moist, rich, well-drained soil. Known for its often colorful, heart-shaped leaves, brunnera is a carefree plant that thrives in partial shade. I really love these ducks, when I was looking for breeds to have in my flock in the Spring, I saw these and decided to get some to breed since they were rare. I built these simple frames based on an idea I got from gardening writer Vern Nelson, and I love them.
Mostly, they're just nibbling off the tips that poke through, but depending on how vigorously they tear at it and how firmly rooted any given blade of grass is, they will occasionally uproot a blade. I didn't mention this in my blog post, but before settling on the idea of these frames, I tried simply laying some hardware cloth directly over the seeded ground.
If this is the case, instead of one, there will be two, back-flow prevention devices near the water meter itself. In either case there will be related pumping equipment to supply water for your sprinklers.

Sometimes this will eliminate an emergency situation in the event that the sprinklers will not shut off.
They are usually located near the controller, sometimes on the eave of the roof or mounted on conduit pipe in the landscape bed.
Hundreds of cultivars offer foliage variations in shades of green, from chartreuse to smoky green-blue, plus white and cream. The ferny foliage is beautiful but short-lived; place bleeding heart where its yellowing foliage in midsummer won't be a design buster. In midspring, the graceful, feathery plumes in pink, red or white complement light green fern-like foliage. They are very funny and have such personality and make me laugh, they are also great eggs layers.
When the hens step onto the frames, the mesh bows down a bit in the middle, so once the grass is about 3 inches tall, they can start nibbling on the tips. I had originally planned on just rotating litter boxes of wheat grass for them to eat on, but I think (at least during the good weather months) just building one of these and planing wheat grass under it! If you are not sure how to stop the water flow from the pump, be sure and speak with your irrigation professional. Irrigation controllers require high voltage to operate them, you should not have to remove any screws or take anything apart. A fixed rate bubbler is ideal because you actually know how much water your going to apply to the plant it's designed for. Rain sensors have been mandatory components of an irrigation system's in many states for several years now and should be checked for proper operation regularly. The lid on most control valves will be about 6" in diameter and green or purple in color.
Moist, well-drained, rich soil in shade is a must; placing it in a wind-free area is good too.
I'm working on creating a run right now and thought that I'd lay down grass seed in there before my chicks are old enough to get in it so they had something to pick at.
One of these two devices would be for the sprinklers and the other one would service the home.

If a malfunction of the controller is suspected, it should only be serviced by your irrigation professional. Bubblers may be used where large trees are located on the top of a berm where run off, or good saturation is a concern. The purple lid indicates that the water comes from a non-potable source; most often this means it is reclaimed water. Best site: plant them on a shady slope where their flowers can best be appreciated from below.
This perennial spreads quickly in a moist, well-drained soil that's high in organic matter.
Give brunnera a well-drained soil that's consistently moist; this perennial won't tolerate occasional drought.
Finally, some areas or developments have a large pumping station that delivers water to the entire subdivision. The most common place you would find one on a residential home would be in a very small planting area.
If there is a considerably larger box that is rectangular in shape it may house multiple control valves or the filter for the drip irrigation if applicable. As with the reclaimed water scenario, make sure you know where to shut the water off for your individual property. These areas are generally under the coach light on the same side of the garage, as the front door of the home.
Aside From filter maintenance, the control valves should only be repaired by qualified persons.

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