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Recently I began searching for a way to incorporate a study of American Sign Language(ASL) into our homeschooling. Signing Savvy – resources including video demonstrations of various signs, including baby signs. Discover Technology – wide variety of downloadable ASL coloring sheets, e-books, etc. There are so many reasons to learn ASL, even if you can hear perfectly and may not even know someone who is deaf. Another example would be that of a young lady I met recently who lost most of her hearing due to a brain tumor. Diane Sawyer recently featured as Person of the Week a young lady by the name of Ally Townsend, who is not deaf and has no deaf family members, but has a passion for ASL and shares her passion through interpreting music.
Our library carries the Signing Time series on DVD — these videos are so wonderful, we always have at least one checked out at any given time! Signs can open up a whole new world for many children who have varying abilities in language for whatever reason.
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The use of technology, often tablets such as iPads, is showing great promise in helping children who are challenged with conditions such as Autism learn to communicate more effectively.
Teachers and parents have struggled to find a way to determine whether or not nonverbal kids understand what is being spoken or communicated to them.
There are many different apps and programs available that allow for nonverbal kids to communicate back, indicating that they understand their environment and the communication of others. Children with nonverbal Autism often find it very hard to express how they are feeling or what they need or want. Forming relationships and experiencing peer social interactions can be very challenging for nonverbal kids.

Children who struggle with communication often feel anxious in social situations, prefer structure and predictable patterns, and are often visual learners.
Sometimes the biggest challenge of parenting or teaching nonverbal kids is knowing that the child is struggling to participate in the environment, but can’t find a way to communicate those needs. For educator’s who are looking to teach specific topics or solve specific behavioral issues, the index of behaviors (Behaviors at a Glance) helps you quickly and easily find activities to address those issues! It is estimated that more than half the meaning of our communication is transmitted through body language.
Our body language sends a message to the person we’re talking to, saying things like: “I’m bored and uninterested,” or “I’m interested and excited to be here” for example. Just as we can’t form a verbal sentence with just one word (except for “go”), the meaning of a conversation can’t be derived simply from one bit of body language.
Rubbing the chin or placing the hand under the chin with one or two fingers on the cheek is a sign of contemplation or evaluation. Posted by Margaret in Business Etiquette and tagged body language, business etiquette tips, personal appearance.
What a blessing it has been to find a gold mine of free resources right here on the world wide web! The most obvious reason is that you never know when you may encounter a deaf person, so it might be nice to be able to communicate with them. Many of the technology success stories come from parents and teachers of kids with autism who are either nonverbal or limited in verbal skills, although children who struggle with other disorders and disabilities are also finding the benefits of technology.
There are three separate benefits emerging when it comes to technology and kids who struggle with communication: receptive language skills, expressive language skills, and social interactions. Without a way to acknowledge or respond, it can be very hard to tell if a child is receiving communications and making some type of sense of them. Research shows that the receptive language skills are higher than previously believed in many nonverbal kids, all because they were able to assess these skills through the use of technology. Technology can allow them to communicate with teachers and parents, increasing the amount of overall engagement in these relationships.
However, once you bring technology like an iPad into the mix it tends to break down certain walls and barriers and actually makes interacting easier – for both the nonverbal child and his or her peers. If they can rely on their device to help them communicate it can reduce that anxiousness and improve confidence (as well as help them get their messages heard).
School psychologist Bill Thompson says that technology such as the iPad can help remove social stigmas and normalize kids with communication issues.
While there are many ways to encourage communication skills in nonverbal children, technology is proving to be an effective choice for many families.

Before we created words to communicate with each other, we used movements and gestures to communicate what we wanted. We must look at the entire non-verbal communication to complete the sentence and read the message correctly. Good eye contact shows that you are interested, connected and comfortable.  When talking to a group, scan the room (slowly) so that you’re making eye contact with everyone. One way to find out is to evaluate yourself in the mirror – or videotape yourself having a conversation with someone.
I highly recommend signing for those who adopt children who don’t speak your native language. There is an inspiring video here of young nonverbal kids who are able to use technology to express themselves, and you can see the look of relief that comes from being able to communicate.
Children are drawn to the latest gadgets so things such as tablets can help bridge the social gap. Kimochis® uses COMMUNICATION as the vehicle for social and emotional learning and character education. Ask yourself “How would I view someone who looks, talks, and acts as I do?” Then, adjust accordingly! It enhances language acquisition as you sign the word and say it, and it cuts way down on frustration on the part of the child. Just think of some of those times when you see kids pulling out their smartphones or tablets and the other kids just flock to them, naturally drawn to see what they are doing or playing.
If you are slouching, with your arms folded across your chest, you are giving the impression that you are tired, defensive and uninterested. I was able to teach a class at the church for about 30 students and graduated a few to become volunteer interpreters as well. The screen time can translate into social time and create an opportunity for a nonverbal child to communicate like never before. Thankfully, with the advancement of education becoming available to the deaf, we are seeing great strides in blending the two cultures together, but us hearing people have a way to go in understanding them. It’s well worth the effort to become diverse in this social culture to learn their ways and how to adapt to help the two societies merge.

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