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March 12, 2015 By Lynda Pianosi Leave a Comment We are excited to announce that through collaboration with Morgan from Mountain Med Online we have developed a checklist that families can use to ensure that they have all of the right things in their first aid kit. We have put together all of this information in a handy PDF checklist that you can download and print off.
A pet first aid kit specialized for your pet could help save his life, but how should you build one?
Gauze: This can be used for wrapping an injury, applied to a bleeding wound and can even provide a makeshift muzzle. Bactine: To help sooth irritated skin and protect from infection, antiseptic like Bactine can be applied. Hot and cold packs: These packs will help cool down skin after a burn or keep your furry friend warm in the case of hypothermia.
Cotton balls or swabs: Can be used to clean wounds and apply ointments and other medicines.
Disposable gloves: When dealing with an open wound, you want to keep it clean to prevent infection. You may already have many of these items, like an extra leash, pet nail clippers, or towels.
Any first aid administered should be followed by immediate veterinary care and is not a substitute for a trip to a veterinary clinic. Medicines like Benadryl and activated charcoal should only be administered under orders from a veterinarian. It is a good idea to know or have easy access to the telephone numbers for your regular vet, a 24-hour emergency animal hospital and an animal poison control center. Always keep one handy at home and in your car, as you never know when or where a pet emergency might occur.

Being as that I’m neither artistic or crafty, I drooled over the gorgeous efforts of others. The Living Rich with Coupons site gave me an idea for putting my colored map pencils in them next year at school for my writing center. Pinterest had a couple cute sites linked — one about making Halloween decorations and one for covering to make it a gift box. I teach and found they are the perfect size for popsicle sticks, which I use for all kinds of reasons in the class. I am using them in my (vertical) car console to keep all the phone, tablet & GPS chargers separated. Use this tool to discover new associated keyword & suggestions for the search term Sky 911. These are some of the images that we found for within the public domain for your "Sky 911" keyword. It will not harm them and should also taste bad enough to your pet to prevent them from licking it off. Always use a cloth between the pack and the skin, and check frequently for redness or irritation. No need to buy an extra set–just make your Pet First Aid Kit their regular storage place. Despite being a born and raised Austinite, her love runs deep for her alma mater, Texas Tech University. There is an enormous amount of great ways to reuse candy tins, whether for practical uses, to save money, in crafts, and even science projects. Mini first aid kit that can be tossed into purse for emergencies, with some bandaids, antibiotic cream, and antiseptic wipes.

If you’re looking for ideas to reuse Crystal Light Containers, then here are some fantastic ideas!
I used pringles cans, but you could do the same with crystal light containers, just make smaller cookies – Vanessa C. On the gift containers – they are perfect for that, not to mention practicing decoupage if you are so inclined! The super small one is actually what she calls your Quick Access Pouch, things that you use on a regular basis and should have handy. This kit has been designed for day hikes, and can even be used for shorter duration overnight trips. Once I started collecting ideas, I couldn’t believe what people were suggesting (you can make a pocket flashlight out of an altoid tin!), and it made me realize how useful items in our homes we habitually toss are really very useful.
I wish you wrote this post years ago, I could have reused all those Altoid tins I recycled!
Brilliant!  Make sure to join the crafting community on the Craftaholics Anonymous Facebook page for lots of crafty tips and ideas!
Welcome to Craftaholics Anonymous® where you can find all sorts of craft tutorials and creative ideas for your home, kids, and holidays. I like the small first aid kits, you can keep them in your car, suitcase or in other areas in your house for quick 1st aide!

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