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23.10.2014 admin
THE #1 SELLING PDG STUDY APP NOW HAS THE NEW OCT 2015 AIR FORCE PROMOTION STUDY GUIDES AND AIR FORCE HANDBOOK 1! Great app The material is great although it could do without the "helpful hint" it's annoying and makes me irritated with cornyness.
I love this company They upgrade the app if pdg gets updated, and you do not have to buy it again. This app doesn't work with GALAXY I had a iPhone and I could listen to the questions, It would tell me on the spot when I got a answer wrong. Great tool I used this app as my primary study tool and scored better than 98% of my career field. I would recommend tracking test scores (progress) and having the option to be notified of a wrong answer on the spot instead of wating to be done with the test. Read your pdg alongside this because not everything is right , if this were up to date it would be perfect.
I suggest looking through a few slides before your refund period is over to ensure you don't have the same problem I do.
Does it provide complete coverage of the Air Force promotion study guides sourced from AFH 1 (AFPAM 36-2241 is now obsolete)?4.

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Rubric: Survival First Aid Kit


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