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Everyone should have an urban survival kit- even if they don’t believe that the world as we know it is going to end soon.
You should include flashlights and a radio which can run on batteries in your urban survival kit.
Towelettes, personal hygiene items, paper towels, hand sanitizers and disinfectants should be in your urban survival kit. If you have a baby or a toddler, make sure you have the supplies needed by this young person. There are some miscellaneous items that are also good to have in a survival kit: duct tape, multi-tool scissors, a can opener, a good knife and a dust mask (a gas mask would be better but then that would make you a pepper). Probably the most important aspect of an urban survival kit is your mindset.  You need to have the mental strength necessary to live! When disaster strikes you do need some things to survive and these things are often not difficult to gather. You can get a dust mask from a regular hardware, just ask for a mask that will protect you while you are sanding and painting your walls. An urban survival kit is a good thing to collect and keep on hand because when disasters happen, having one could mean the difference between life and death.
There has been a lot of talk over the years about bugging out, bug out bags, and bug out bag lists. The subject of bugging out and bug out bags (some preppers refer to this kit as a bug out backpack) is a popular one and for good reason, disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes , flash floods or other natural disaster, could force survivors to “head for the hills” in search of safer ground.
We are constantly threatened by a series of potential disasters, both natural and man-made. We also face a series of potential  long-term disasters including, ecological collapse, economic collapse, agriculture disaster, war, plague, pandemic, an over oppressive government or any number of disasters that could force the need to seek safer footing or even hide-out in the hills long-term. It would be great if you already have a stockpile of food, medications and gear waiting for you at a mountain retreat, let’s just hope that you can  actually, get past the blocked roads, carjackers, checkpoints and other hazards that will be met along the way get there, unscathed. If at all possible, move to your retreat or relocate to a safer area now – before disaster strikes. Living completely free of civilization, scrounging for food and shelter in the forest, mountains or desert for any significant length of time can be done, under the right conditions, by some people. The prospect of the hidden cave or dug out stocked with survival supplies should be a considered. I have several cache tubes hidden around my area, and have been working on putting in more. If it’s a natural disaster, where help will be on the way, but you have to leave for you immediate safety (say a hurricane is heading your way) would a friend or family member in a distant town take you in? Bug out bag tools – Glock shovel, Mora Light my Fire, Gerber Multi Tool, and Ontario Spec Plus Marine Raider Bowie. Food items should be light weight, provide essential nutrients and be suitable for long-term storage of one year or more. The downside of the .22 Long rifle round is limited range, penetration and stopping power all of which limit the rounds effectiveness when used for self-defense.
My first choice for protection against such large game would be a center-fire rifle chambered for 308 or larger. With that being said, a semi-auto military style rifle should be considered especially if you are trying to get from an urban area to the country, where facing organized gangs or other threats attempting to block your exit could be a possibility. An AR-15 with collapsible buttstock or folding stocked AK-47 (for compactness and conceal ability) could help get you out of a dangerous situation if pressed into one, while taking up little space and not adding significant weight to your overall survival gear. Silly as it sounds, people under stress, even those skilled at land navigation, sometimes start to second guess their navigation skills for no good reason.
This usually takes the form of losing faith in their compass, an issue that can nearly always be overcome by comparing the readings of that compass to a second one. Stupid simple, but very effective at countering a growing sense of panic, which as we all know is a real killer.
Recently I have added several pairs of disposable gloves, I have opted for the heavier 9mil type. Military heat tabs are awesome — they will get a wood fire going, even with wet wood, with half a tab. Bic lighters (not necessarily generic lighters, and not the minis) are really sturdy and have a stupid amount of lights in them, so 3-4 lighters (in various places – including at least one in your pocket at all times) will last long enough for you to make a replacement fire set if you are literally reduced to living in the wild until you die of old age. Unless you are moving HARD every single day (too hard to carry a coal), you shouldn’t need to _light_ a new fire every day.
I have a bic lighter in my pocket right now, and carry one constantly, but I also have a high end butane one in my truck, I smoke cigars occasionally, and i always have a stash of matches. Find some small plastic jars or containers, like the old film canisters, and fill with dryer lint. How about we not grab a bug out bag, and instead grab that weapon go seek out the Militia and fight to save the country? But, as the Revolutionary War proved, less than 3% of the nation’s men were man enough to stand and fight for the nation, while the other 97% coward in their hiding places. The nation needs every man to defend it, not run to their hiding places to hide while the real men fight the criminal corrupt government of thugs.
It’s because the nation has meow men in it that are too cowardly to stand and fight, so they run and hide.
I think Kannin is right here–it may only be three percent fighting but if you are in that three percent I am sure you will appreciate others in the 97 percent who serve you a hot meal, give you the opportunity to take a shower, wash and tend your clothes, and have first aid supplies and antibiotics to treat wounds. Run and hide in the very short term in order to protect your freedom to call together or join the militia in a few days. Sorry George, but many of us stayed and fought for our homes and country until it became apparent that despite a hundred and fifty years residency, we were no longer welcome. Sure, I’d like to cap some of the Blue Helmets if it comes to that but realistically when THEY come for you they come from a position of POWER AND NUMBERS.
I”m not saying it is better to run away and live to fight another day but come on, if you know in advance the SHTF and it is time to beat feet, do so, gather with like-minded folk and take the pain to THEM.
I arrived at the superstore and was distraught to find that the antibacterial wipes were empty, you know the ones you wipe down the handle of your cart with. When I got home I laid everything out on the floor so that I could marvel at my purchases and so that I could take a picture for you all. Now that I had all of my supplies I had to make a few modifications in order to get them into the Altoids tin, some of which ended up working and some (I later found out) did not. Modifications complete it was time to lay out everything that I had assembled to fit inside the tin. Once the lid and bottom were complete I set about trying to fit everything else inside the tin. I ended up strapping the 550 cord and flashlight to the outside of the kit, in addition to 4 rubber bands  (which I had planned to put there all along). A Bug Out Bag is something that most of us are familiar with even if most of us do not have one loaded by the door or in the trunk of your car, ready to go at all times.
I have written a couple of other posts about Bug Out Bags and one dealt specifically on the subject of the contents of your bug out bag or BOB. I won’t get into weight or the absolute foolishness (in my opinion) of packing anything remotely that heavy in this post.
Items like water and food usually weigh the most unless you have some really heavy gear in your bug out bag. Using the guidelines above, I pack the items I am going to need to get to least,  at the bottom of the pack.
Once I have my sleeping bag and tent in the bug out bag, I pack most of my spare clothes, then food and cooking gear. I also carry a JetBoil that takes up about as much room as my food and I have my fuel in that same container.

The top of your bug out bag or the pockets on the outside depending on what you are using should have the gear or equipment you are going to need the most.
The sides usually hold the water filter, maybe some additional items depending on what I am carrying like spare water bladders. Over the years we have covered a number of topics related to bugging out and bug out bags, such as guns for the bug out bag, bugging out with kids and the bug out trailer.
I’ve said it before, hiding and surviving in the wild can be done, but your life will be miserable at best. In home storage, a garden, domestic livestock and communityA are the best and safest means of survival after the balloon goes up. Having aA well stocked survival retreat should be definitely be plan A, however backing up plan A with a plan B is a good idea. I hope you never have to use it, but if youA have to itA can be grabbed as you head out the door and sure beats leaving with nothing. Direct Components Announces the First & Only Black Tactical Light Leftists Political Violence on the Rise as Election Looms ATK Receives More than $200 Million in Orders for Small-Caliber Ammunition Iron Horseman MC Ambush Cincinnati Police Officers Twisted Radio On The Prepper Podcast Latino Biker Gang Terrorizes Upper Manhattan Neighborhood VaneTec Announces Give-A-Way Winners BATF Let Convicted Felon Lee Franklin Booth Acquire Three Gun Companies? The APN Guest Author account is the profile used for posting contributed articles by authors who write for the APN less than a few times per year. The tool you were curious about and posted a drawing of is a Stanley (F)unctinal (U)tility (BAR).
It’s not often when worry is put to rest, especially when it comes from playing in water.
When selecting food for a survival situation, there are several things that need to be taken into consideration. Avoid all types of “snack foods” as there is no way to store them for long periods of time.
Most food you buy in the grocery is packaged with the idea of you buying it and using it within a relatively short period of time, let’s say a couple of months. Beans – Dried beans of all types store incredibly well for long periods of time, are easy to cook, nutritious and one of the few non-meat sources of protein around. Beef (or turkey) jerky – Dried meat, whether jerky or dehydrated meat, is great for long-term storage. Summer sausage – Summer sausage, like many “cured meat products” (what we call lunchmeat) is created to keep for a long time. Powdered milk – While most people don’t particularly like the flavor of powdered milk, when you don’t have any access to other milk, it’s wonderful.
Soups – The nice thing about making soup in a survival situation is that you can make soup out of almost anything.
Sugar – While most mothers try and keep their kids from eating too much sugar, it is an essential ingredient in making jams and jellies, and preserving fruit. Spices – Your family may have to get used to eating different things than what they are used to.
Baking essentials – Since you won’t be able to run down to the corner for a loaf of bread, you’ll probably be baking your own. I realize that this list seems rather extensive, but I’m assuming that you’re going to be stockpiling enough food to last you several months, if not a year.
Before buying anything, take the time to figure out about how much of each food type you’ll need. One system that works out very well for determining how much to buy is to develop a two-week menu for your family. I once did this, added a tin of tomato soup, mixed in some powdered milk and heated it then served it up.
This collection of emergency items need not include guns, grenades and bullet proof vests but they should be sufficient to meet your survival needs for at least three to five days.
Each person needs about a liter of water daily so you need to have five liters of water if you intend to be ready for five days of isolation. The assumption here is that it is not yet Armageddon or the Crunch so there won’t be electricity but your phones will still work. Again these have to be replaced regularly especially if you are storing things for a baby who is less than a year old.
For example, for years homeless people have been making makeshift tents out of extra large heavy duty garbage bags so there you have your makeshift shelter material. For a good multi-tool knife, read reviews of knives, check out which one is the best then order one on line.
The subject of “bugging out” is bound to come up in any conversation about survival preps and every survival blog has at least one article posted about how to put together a bug out bag.
It seems like we are being threatened from all sides, and sometimes, I admit to feeling like just throwing up my hands in despair and just giving up. You should keep in mind if you are forced to leave your home or retreat; you have essentially made yourself a refugee, which is the last thing you want during hard times. You had better have a way to supply your basic needs after exhausting the gear contained in your bug out bag contents. But it would not be easy and the constant struggle to stay alive would be more than many could handle and most would not make it very long. Having a hidden cache of essential survival gear could mean the difference between death and survival if you’re forced to head for the hills. I want to stay out of the FEMA camps.  And who wants to be dependent on the government for their survival anyways?
A .22 caliber rifle can take small game as well as larger game such as deer with proper shot placement.
Just remembered that such a device is illegal without proper government approval and will land you behind bars if caught, and is suggested here for a worst case scenario only or after you have went through all of the legal hoops.
For example those bugging-out in grizzly country should definitely consider something more powerful than the aforementioned 9 mm or 38 special. Trust me you are not a coward if you avoid the possibility of being shot or having to shoot someone else. One more thing that I think some people should have more of in there bug_out bag if many different ways to start a fire, because most of the bug_out bags that I haave seen is where they have a lighter or two and some matches but what if your bag gets wet or over time you will use them or it up. When I was in my twenties… I was on a long liner in Alaska, We were wet for 18 hours a day. Cotton balls with petroleum jelly are great as well and light with a single strike from a Swedish fire steel, even damp. How may illegal criminals and criminals in the truest sense of the word, are RELEASED DAILY nationwide and roaming around already in packs or simply reuniting with their established crew ?
For the uninitiated, the Bug Out Bag’s purpose is to give you everything you should need to live for 72 hours if you are forced to evacuate your location suddenly. My contention is that there are too many people that are throwing everything but the kitchen sink in their packs and I feel that there is something of an insane rush to get everything humanly possible into your BOB without much thought as to the why or the weight.
It is not a Bug Out Suitcase even though I swear some people pack more into a Bug Out Bag than they do for a week down in Cancun. I will talk about intelligently packing what you do have because regardless of whether you have an ultra-light pack or some behemoth weighing as much as a 4th grade boy, you need to pack this in a way that will make it as comfortable as possible to carry. I would argue that you could just as easily bug out with a back pack as you could with any military looking pack from Blackhawk, maybe even easier. To be successful, you want to pack the right gear, but you need to pack it the right way too and that means keeping your center of gravity as close to you as possible.
A lot of people have moved to carrying water bladders like a Camelbak and most new packs have a place right inside the back next to your spine for carrying this.
I still prefer the tent and it is one of the last items I need so It goes in the bottom of the bag.
I say most of my clothes because depending on the weather I will carry a fleece or windbreaker too and I want this where I can get to it easily.

My jetboil can boil water for drinking, cook food or quickly heat my water for coffee in the mornings. My pack has a compartment that is waterproof and that is where the lighters and fire kit go along with my headlamp and snacks. I carry two spares so that when I get to camp I can pump plenty of water for washing up, cooking and even breakfast in the morning.
The ideas expressed on this site are solely the opinions of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the opinions of sponsors or firms affiliated with the author(s). No matter what the a€?expertsa€? tell you living long-term off the land a€“ under primitive conditions, isna€™t easy. And they were born to the life and had communityA a€“ what makes you think you willA do better? Please don’t make bugging outA and taking-to-the-woodsA idea your first line of defense against disaster. It’s not easy, but far more achievableA and realistic than taking-to-the-woods with a bug out bag.
Your retreat can, become the target of well armed, disciplined and trainedA looters and you may have no other choice but toA grab your survival pack and head for the hills. In my opinion that is where the bug out bag idea should be considered, and I suggest you have a bag packed and ready to go. A prime reason I chose my home was because it had a Water Well, a key item in maintaining independence from outside resource. Yes, there are those that will start with guns and ammunition, others may start with medical supplies, but most seem to start with food and water. This isn’t buying your regular week’s groceries multiplied by 10, but rather buying food that you will use instead of your regular groceries.
If you have a grain mill and whole grains, you can make your own bread, pancakes, cakes, cookies and other baked goods. If you make your own jerky, be sure to trim off all fat and salt it heavily for preservation. To store cheese, it needs to be triple dipped in wax, making an airtight seal around the cheese. I’m not talking about stocking up on Chicken Noodle soup here, but rather soups like cream of mushroom, which can be used for making casseroles.
Dry bullion powder stores well, takes minimal space and can add a lot to your homemade soups. It’s also the main needed ingredient for many types of food preservation, especially for preserving meats. While you can get by for short periods of time with much less, for a prolonged period of time you’ll need to have a well-balanced diet. In other words, if your family uses a loaf of bread every two days, and your survival plan includes that much bread, then how much of each of the ingredients do you need to make that much bread? With that in hand, you can easily total up how much of each type of food you’ll need to prepare everything for two weeks.
They are usually cooked for 3 minutes, but put into a pot and add boiling water then cover and they will be ready in about in 5 minutes. Resources vary on the specific amount you need to store because the Red Cross, for example, suggests a gallon of water per person per day. The best type of food to set aside for this purpose would be canned goods, freeze-dried meals and energy bars. Remember that there might not be any electricity at all so flashlights and batteries are serious necessities. At that age they outgrow clothes and diapers very quickly so make sure what you store is the right size. Hopefully, the photos will help you or someone who you know put together your own bug out bag. You are not expendable – neither are the lives of your family or those in your bug out group. After a long rain one can still find dry pine needles under trees, and small twigs enough to get a fire going. We can have a different viewpoint and contribute to the discussion without trying to pick a fight. A bug out bag should be pre-packed with all of your supplies so that you can grab it, throw it on your back and walk or run out your car, or head for the hills. I have another post lined up to rehash this concept under a different theme, but I have heard others talk about packing 50 to 70 pounds in their Bug Out Bag and they plan to walk for hundreds of miles if necessary.
We are going to talk about how to pack your bug out bag to take the most advantages of weight distribution and tried and true backpacking tips as possible. The last thing you need is a big pack that keeps you off balance and puts unneeded stress on your back. Keep the heavy stuff as close to you as possible and low as opposed to above your shoulders. Additionally, having your sleeping bag on the bottom gives you a nice soft cushion when you set your pack down.
This way if I get hungry, I don’t have to dig in my bug out bag, just unzip the top compartment. The author may or may not have a financial interest in any company or advertiser referenced. We know that in a SHTF situation the pizza delivery guy isn’t coming, and your local McDonald’s will be out of food in less than an hour. Properly packaged for storage, these foods will keep for years, and still be as tasty and nutritious when you take them out; as they were the day you bought them. With a good stockpile of salt, you can make cured meats, salt fish and smoke meats as well.
Be sure to stock up on the types of spices that your family likes, so that you can make food that they’ll like. You’ll also need variety in your family’s diet, as that is important to keep everyone’s morale up.
Multiplying that out will give you an idea of how much food you need to last your family for any period of time.
Your kit should contain good plaster and gauze, wound disinfectant, materials for slings, antibiotic creams, disposable gloves and medicines such as aspirin, antihistamines, the medication you regularly take plus those you seem too need often. But by looking at bug out bag lists that have been put together by a number of different people, we can get ideas to work with and expand our bug out bags for our personal location and needs.
Those with the macho kill ‘em all attitudes will not last very long after the poop hit’s the fan. Backpackers have been bugging out for a long time and it pays to take a lesson or two from people who have more experience than the average Doomsday Prepper fan when it comes to packing everything they need for 72 hours on their back and living to talk about it. I have my sleeping bag in a compression sack, but if I have any fear of rain I would add a waterproof bag instead. Any action taken as a result of information, analysis, or advertisement on this site is ultimately the responsibility of the reader. Your 3% may be heros to you, but that 3% and those they incited taught my family a lesson about not trusting neighbours and friends, about always having an exit plan, and about having the strength to rebuild. Running out the door isn’t the time to worry about this, so it may make more sense for you to pack your sleeping bag in a waterproof sack regardless.
One of these days I am going to pull the trigger and get a Camelbak so that I don’t have to carry it, but I still think the good old bottle is easier in some aspects.

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