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Students learn how to make it through a zombie invasion and what weapons are most likely to come in handy. Jocelyn Moore (right) uses a toy gun to attack a zombie in Sandy, Oregon as part of a two-day intensive course. Kelsey Reed is doused with flour as her zombie make up is applied as part of a Zombie First Responder class. Pizza joints are always trying to entice us with $5 or $6 deals on medium pies that are just too good to pass up. Soylent, creators of Soylent 2.0, the 400-calorie meal replacement with 20% of your recommended daily nutrients, is now taking on our daily caffeine fix with Coffiest. We always hear about how powerful our minds are and if we want to change ourselves, we have to will it with our minds. For years, we have been teased with promises of pizza vending machines offering the greatest food on the planet on demand 24 hours a day, seven days of week. There’s no denying summer is here and for some ungodly reason, that means most of us will go outside in the hot sun and raise the ambient temperature to even more insane levels by cooking over fire. Posted in: Survival Equipment Leave a CommentYou are not a nerd if you prepare a zombie apocalypse survival kit.
This beautiful collection of zombie skull crushing, neck slicing glory comes complete in a portable, durable canvas case. Just because the location of your outdoor adventure includes a water source, don’t assume that it is drinkable water. Consider camouflage – blending into your surroundings can vastly reduce your chance of detection by zombies.
And the good news is that when properly cared for — carefully untying, immediately hanging, etc. The Vehicle Survival Kit is loaded with survival and medical tools and equipment, yet manages to keep a small profile so that it does not take up all the space in your automobile or truck.
The Tactical Survival Revolution Has Begun – At Last, A Breathable Survival Sleeping Bag in Tactical!!

This is a matter of commonsense for the people that know about the dangers that are lurking out there. We are not entirely sure about the kind of stuff that they emit therefore it is a good idea to protect your eyes using a mask if possible.
We are not entirely sure about the texture of their skin but we can only assume that it is a disgusting thing that should never come into contact with human skin. Once North has been established, find the direction you want to go, and choose a terrain feature in that direction that is both far away and easy to differentiate from other features (a hilltop, large tree, rock, etc). All of the equipment fits into a water and weather resistant hard shelled dry box manufactured in an ammunition case style, and lockable. Therefore you may be walking quietly when to the creature it appears as if you are thudding along.
It is advisable that you do not get near the creatures because their characteristics are not yet fully known to human beings. These handy little do-dads got their first breath of life way back in about 1830 when a gent named Michael Faraday invented the generator. The dry box is triple latched for security, with a tongue and groove O-ring design, and contains a built-in compass and reflective bottom for use as a signaling device. There is a lot of commercial interest in this subject but they tend to take on an exploitative tone where the people who are making preparations are considered to be either paranoid or figures of fun.
Carry some blankets and shelter just in case you physically have to keep the things at bay.
You are therefore in a position to deal with the problem before it becomes the precursor to even more problems. The components of the kit address the fundamentals of survival: shelter, water collection and purification, first aid and traumatic bleeding treatment, signaling, and fire starting. Nevertheless this article discusses the essentials that you will need to cover the five senses.
Use a whistle if you want to attract the attention of people nearby (assuming that they will not be scared away by the zombie).

So, if you are traveling in remote areas in your car, truck, or RV and want to be prepared for just about anything, this is your kit. The “Zombie First Responder” course held March 11, 2012 in Sandy, Oregon was an intensive 2-day curriculum that trained participants in everything from wilderness and urban survival, nerf or nerd weaponry, stealth and evasion, and proper zombie “disposal”.
Who even thinks this stuff up? Luckily for us someone at the camp had a camera and documented the whole thing.
You can hear the JetScream amazing 122Db ear-piercing shriek above most natural or man-made noises. Survival and first-aid instructions are printed directly on the blanket - so you will have them when you need them. Each waterproof sealed sachet contains 10 matches that burn for about 12 seconds each - even if wet! It is individually packaged in a lightweight solid cube form that cannot leak or foul up your other gear. Each tablet purifies one liter (32oz.) of water and is conveniently sealed in an individual child resistant foil pouch. The 1 liter capacity of these bags make them great for purifying water (using the Aquamira tablets, for example, which are able to purify one liter of water each).
When filled, the gusset on the bottom flattens out and enables the bag to stand on its own. Features 2 degree graduation lines with large numerals at every 20 degrees for easy reading of bearings. Water and weather resistant, this case features: built-in compass, reflective bottom signaling swatch, water resistant, tongue and groove O-ring design, triple latched for best possible seal, lockable, rugged construction, floats.

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