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While best known for their casual gem-swapping game Bejeweled, PopCap Games, will undoubtedly gain notoriety for their new “tower defense” style game, Plants vs.
While it is quite fun zipping through the levels, one can’t help but grow tired of the reward system in adventure mode. With clean, simple and cute graphics, you won’t find anything particularly ugly about this game, nor will you find anything outstanding. The only notable thing in the sound department that may strike your nerves is that it sounds like PopCap ripped the Facebook chat pop sound to use as the seed popping noises that are all over this game. Thank you for this post, I have recently been hunting for info about this subject matter for ages and yours is the best I’ve located so far.
Enlightened is an unlockable achievement on iOS, PlayStation Vita, and Android versions of Plants vs.
Completed Zen Garden This achievement is hard and very luck-based, as you need to collect all 39 plants in the Zen Garden (excluding the Flower Pot, Imitater, and Upgrade plants), plants dropped by zombies are rare.
Another way to get the achievement is to buy Marigolds from Crazy Dave's shop and use the Zen Garden Editor until you have all the plants.
You can also buy mystery sprouts from Crazy Dave's shop, preferably the ones that cost the most, as they have the highest chance of getting a plant you don't have yet. Every ten levels of Vasebreaker Endless and every three levels of I, Zombie Endless will drop a money bag, chocolate, or present. In the iOS version, you can try to get as many coins as you can, then buy all the bonus coins in the "Get more coins" section. Turn on Cheat Engine for unlimited sun and 10.0 or higher Speedhack and overwhelm the plants in I, Zombie Endless for presents up to every 3 levels. The fact that the achievement is called "Enlightened" implies that once one has collected all of the plants for the Zen Garden, they will have achieved a form of Zen enlightenment (considered the ultimate goal in Zen teachings).
In the iOS Game Center, this is the achievement that gives the player the most points, which is 40 points. Giga-Football Zombie is a Football Zombie wearing black and gray football gear that is only in the online version's Survival Mode and Vasebreaker. The Giga-Football Zombie absorbs 150 normal damage shots and its appearance changes upon absorbing 47, 94, 140 normal damage shots (by this point, the black football helmet is destroyed) before dying at 150 normal damage shots. Giga-Football Zombie is one of five zombies that can take more than one instant kill before dying, with the others being Gargantuar, Giga-gargantuar, Tall-nut Zombie, and Dr. It does not appear in any versions except for the online version; however, swapping its images with a Football Zombie's images can make a Giga-Football Zombie in the PC and Game of the Year versions.
Giga-Football Zombie takes up five Wall-nuts or two Explode-o-nuts before dying in Wall-nut Bowling. Giga-Football Zombie is one of three zombies to have face paint, the others being Football Zombie and Gatling Pea Zombie. Giga-Football Zombie is the third strongest zombie in the game, only seconded by Giga-gargantuar and Dr. There is a mistake that, when moving the mouse to the Giga-Football Zombie, (on the seed selection part of the level) it says Football Zombie. Giga-Football Zombie is one of the two zombies that wear black headwear, the other being the Gatling Pea Zombie. This zombie only appears in Night levels (except when playing the hacked version of Plants vs.

Technically, only the helmet is "giga", since the shots needed to destroy it doubles from 70 to 140, but the zombie itself will still take ten shots before dying. In the seed selection screen, Giga-Football Zombie is mistakenly animated with its final degrade mouthgear behind its fresh one.
Unfortunately, even though the game is fun, interactive and clever, there’s simply not enough going on under the hood to make it surpass other online titles. For starters, PvZ: Garden Warfare is an ONLINE ONLY title, which means in order to play it…even just to try it, you’ll need Xbox LIVE.
Each faction has a set of classes, with skill trees that can be unlocked by completing a specific set of goals; leveling up means more abilities and more coins. In reality, unless you have a hand-picked team of players from your friends list, Garden Warfare is an exercise in discord: you’ll have “lone wolf” players who will rush headlong into combat without planning or communication, and instantly respawn…and do it again. The maps themselves are gorgeous, and are a treat to check out…just don’t forget to watch your back!
Zombies is simple: protect your house from an invading horde of zombies by planting a variety of plants to stop them. You have six rows in your yard in which zombies will invade while you must sow a variety of plants to stop them. You’ll earn a new seed to plant to combat the one new enemy type that is thrown at you, and the process simply repeats after every level. You’re going to find yourself Alt-Tabbing back to your browser the first few times you play this game if you are a frequent user of the social network site. Zombies is a very fun, mildly addictive strategy game that is well worth the price of going to the movies these days. Make sure to have at least three GameCenter accounts, then restore all the bonus coins and buy them again. The Giga-Football Zombie has the health of a Gargantuar, but it moves around faster (the same speed as a Football Zombie basically), has to eat plants instead of smashing them like Gargantuars, and has no Imp to throw.
However, you will have to act faster to kill it, since the Giga-Football Zombie moves faster than a Gargantuar, although the Giga-Football Zombie has no Imp to throw and has to chew through plants. This may be because the normal Football Zombie does not appear in the online version, so the Giga-Football Zombie would be an unusual name if the player does not face the weaker version, or because, at the time, its name was conjectural.
This is because PopCap Games made this zombie exclusively for the online version and they might not have wanted to spend much time on creating it. This is a huge imposition for many families, who aren’t ready to give their kids unfettered access to Xbox LIVE (and for good reason). There’s a “standard” edition of both modes that allows customization and “stickers”, and there’s a “hardcore” version of each, which does not allow you to customize or use single-use stickers.
Team deathmatch tends to be a massive shit-show, where the Plants will almost always decimate the zombies, usually by 10 points or more. Again, I would have loved to play these maps with 12 enemy bots, if only to explore all of the intricate details PopCap so lovingly included. While simple at first, conquering each level in adventure mode will unlock a new plant which will assist in the slaughtering of the new breeds of zombies introduced after every round. You’ll start out with a limited crop early on, but that is all you need when you encounter an un-diversified beginning horde. You may then have enough coins to buy a lot of Gold Mystery Sprouts, and you can get this achievement easily.

Also unlike normal Football Zombies, the Giga-Football Zombie has spikes on its shoulder plate. It is harder to kill it than a Gargantuar since most of the powerful plants do not appear in that version, and that it has fast speed. Conversely, it could bridge the gap between casual and hardcore gamers, all set within a family-friendly universe.
Also, there’s no bot-match capability for offline play, which would serve as a helpful addition for families without Xbox LIVE. There’s also a “wild and wacky” mode that gives you a hit point buff upon respawn…designed to be a “Welcome to Garden Warfare” mode.
Each sticker pack gives you a random assortment of parts, items and costumes, and you can keep track of your unlocked items with the convenient virtual “sticker album”.
It will behoove you to pick an initial class and try to unlock as many abilities as possible, before heading into objective-based matches. So, if you’re on a zombie team and you’d better hope that the rest of your team operates in a cohesive manner, or you’ll certainly lose the match. Of course, Gotham City Impostors was only $15 when it came out, which made sense, because it was an online-only title.
The further you progress in adventure mode will unlock the mini-games, puzzle mode, survival mode and the zen garden.
Sooner or later, you may find yourself yawning with adventure mode, with no real desire to complete the game.
Simply having a game that you can jump on for 5 minutes before work is a pleasure in the world of more complex and time consuming epics. In Survival: Endless, it is even harder to kill them because you can only choose four plants against it. Lastly, piggybacking on the “no bot-match” issue, there’s no split-screen for couch co-op (there is, however in the Xbox One version).
In both team deathmatch and objective modes, the key to survival is flexibility: if your team is filled with Chompers (and they will be), you’ll want to pick a complementary class to help out your team. The characters are whimsical and the situations are textbook PvZ fare…I just feel like it could have been so much more. Zombies definitely serve their purpose, although they really could have benefited from some high definition production a `la Alien Hominid. A good choice against them would be the Chomper as they kill them in one bite unlike other instant kills.
In this day and age there really is no excuse for having an 800×600 native resolution. Wall-nuts would be okay, but they would probably be eaten by the time the Giga-Football Zombie dies, so if you want to use them, you should be sure to plant them close to the right of the screen. I understand that PopCap Games probably wanted this to be available on a wide range of hardware, but the year is 2009, and the resolution is 1920×1080.

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