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If you are looking for ways to add colour and interest to your garden, take a look at some of the unique flower pot and container ideas. ABOVE and BELOW : Rusty containers and galvanized drums make perfect containers for plants and veggies. ABOVE and BELOW: Old tyres make wonderful plant containers that can be painted in bright colours for an interesting display.
ABOVE: Recycle plastic containers with fabric and trim to make your own decorative plant pots. ABOVE and BELOW: A repurposed dumb waiter becomes an interesting feature on a front stoep, while old dining chairs are transformed into wonderful plant containers for a variety of plants. In Buddhist philosophy and doctrine, concepts such as transience, imperfection, incompleteness, are all manifestations of the universal law which rules the flow of life.
Seven cylindrical stones are arranged in the moss field so as to represent the Big Dipper in Ursa Major.
It is composed of moss and azalea-shrubs trimmed in a checkered pattern inspired by Chinese “Seiden”. This garden is the most contrived and is composed of four large rocks in a sea of sand symbolizing the four islands Eiju, Horai, Koryo, and Hojo, and five moss-covered stones. This pH level is ideal for the absorption of essential micro and macro nutrients by the plants’ roots.
If your pH level is incorrect or too extreme one way or another then your plants won’t be absorbing proper nutrients and will become weak and could eventually die. When first starting out with your hydroponic garden, you’ll want to check the pH level of your nutrient solution daily.
We recommend using General Hydroponics pH Up or pH Down products which are available at any indoor gardening supplier and are also available online. As a beginner it’s easier to stick to the old fashioned method of testing pH levels by using simple paper strips.

If you want to advance your hydroponics skills past the beginner level, you can try using a liquid pH testing kit. From The Publishing OfficePowerHouse Hydroponics is an independent digital publication specializing in hydroponic technology and soilless growing methods.
Letter From The EditorAs the editor of PowerHouse Growers Group (PHG), I strive to ensure that our content is timely, well-researched, and on the cutting edge of urban agriculture and sustainability.
Instead of painting tins, dress them up with pegs for something different, or wrap small twigs around your containers. You can use Rust-Oleum Chalkboard spray or 2X spray paint to transform pots into any colour.
It’s the principle of change, the awareness and acknowledgement that nothing is eternal and nothing is perfect. This makes it quite special, especially if compared with the southern garden’s Zen-style sobriety.
This garden faces the “Tsuten” bridge and the Sengyokukan valley, known for its beautiful autumnal colours. It conveys an aesthetic ideal of poverty and simplicity of the ritual, which is also expressed by the extreme sobri-ety of both the venue and the equipment used to serve the beverage. As the name itself says, it’s the art of growing miniature trees, shaping the growth process in form and size but always respecting the plant’s life.
A higher presence of macro nutrients like Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium is found within this range meaning the plants’ are growing in an optimal state. There are products available at your hydroponics retail store or online which are specifically designed to lower or raise your pH level. These strips are coated in special dye that when dipped into the solution will indicate a color. These digital meters are available in a number of price ranges with the simplest one being a “pen” style meter.

Wabi Sabi is the quintessence of aesthetics, the idea of beauty closely linked to the imperfections of growing old. The elements, water, stones, and plants, represented by gravel and rocks, are suspended, each with its own value, inside the main element, emptiness. The tea ceremony (cha no yu) represents one of Zen culture’s main traditions in Japan, a country where tea has become part of the national identity. This age-old art form was born in China, where cultivating plants in small pots in order to recreate the surrounding nature was a common practice since the second century.
It’s measured on a scale from 1 to 14 where the lower half of the scale is acidic and the upper half is alkaline. You then compare that color to a pH color chart which tells you which pH level your solution is at.
These liquid pH testing kits are also available at your local hydroponic retail shop or online.
You just insert the pH meter’s tip into the solution until a pH level reading is registered on the digital screen. This socially significant tradition is also deeply spiritual, with a profound aesthetic value expressed in the complex ritual of the ceremonial. These digital meters are available at any hydroponic retailer and are also widely available online.
Wabi Sabi is the serenity and the beauty of knowing that everything in this world has life. This isn’t a refined way of drinking, it is a true philosophy of life, based on the search for inner peace and the serenity of meditation.

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