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Vegetables: I am sure that you have heard for 1000 times that vegetables are good, healthy, full of vitamins and that they have miraculous healing effects on your body. Health experts are calling for the UK Government to ban junk food firms from running TV commercials before 9pm to prevent children pressuring their parents for unhealthy food and sugary drinks.
Officials from the British Heart Foundation have announced that, according to new research,70% of parents with children aged four to 16 have been pestered to buy junk food they’ve seen advertised on the TV. With nearly one in three children overweight or obese, top doctors and even the Labour party are backing the plans. The general consensus on Twitter seems to be that it should be up to the parents to say no to their children. So what do you think – is the UK Government right to introduce a ban on junk food adverts being shown before the 9pm watershed, or should more efforts be made to educate families on eating healthy, balanced meals instead?

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Animal fat is full of cholesterol and this can create all sorts of health problems as you grow older. Health secretary Jeremy Hunt has condemned the idea, saying that bans and legislation are not always the answer.
And the Incorporated Society of British Advertisers, the trade body which speaks for advertising companies, has said the root cause of the problem lies in limited education on healthy eating, not the media. You cannot continue eating the same unhealthy food and expect to get healthy and lose weight just by taking a magic pill.

Don’t expect miraculous results today but soon enough you will start noticing the difference.
Instead, he says, we should be focusing on helping families to make better choices that will bring lasting change.

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