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Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! That’s why I took it upon myself over the years, to learn how to cook real Mexican food. To put this into context, if I put “Italian food” into Google Image search, it would come back with cheese-laden thick crust pizzas and spaghetti and meatballs (surprise! They are corn husks filled with masa and any type of filling the cook wants to put in them and then steamed. Most people are aware these foods are not what are commonly eaten and served in Italy, and also that foods vary depending on region and town and … surprise!
I had to look quite a while before finding real ones like this (tied on both ends in the pot before steaming).

This traditional or common type of rice is made by frying the rice in lard first (yeah, I know.
I LOVE lard and do not consider it unhealthy in moderate quantities – yes of course vegetable oil may be used and in some places chicken fat is used). They may even be aware that much food cooked and eaten in Italy is healthy, following a Mediterranean diet. While these products are sold and eaten in Mexico, they are to real tortillas as Wonder Bread is to a great loaf of Italian or French bread.
Give those hard-shelled tacos and giant burritos a rest and try some real Mexican food for a change. Then you add chicken broth to cover it all, and throw in some chiles (FRESH) any way you like them.

Because I know how to make these beans which cost pennies per serving and put all canned forms to shame. Also there is green rice, sometimes with epazote, which is hard to find and is often stale when found, and yellow rice and of course – white rice.

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