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I have been detecting some ghastly weather facing many segments of our nation, especially in the southern portion with its widespread development of hazardous tornadoes.
Underground Bomb Shelter, underground survival shelter, disaster bunker, fallout shelter. If the world were to end tomorrow, wouldn’t it be nice to have an underground lair to retreat to? This is not a solicitation or offering for ownership of a Vivos shelter, or any property in those states where regulated. During the Cold War, bomb shelters were frequently found in American basements and backyards. While secure underground shelters are increasingly common, enthusiasts don’t typically advertise if they have one. This massive vault was once used to protect priceless works of art, but its potential possibilities are limitless.
While the images of these underground bunkers are few, there are a good number of homes out there that have some form of bomb shelter or survival shelter. There are so many factors to consider when choosing where to buy a home, but here at Estately we don't want the potential zombie apocalypse to be one of them. The stereotype of Americans is we're all we're highly religious and wealthy consumers who spend our time firing guns, driving vehicles, stuffing our faces, watching reality TV, and generally avoiding traveling to or learning about anything beyond our borders.
Home prices vary across the Chicago real estate market, but Estately wanted to show how those prices vary depending on which transit stop a home is near. Located in Oregon's Willamette Valley, Corvallis is a dynamic university town with a culture that celebrates innovation, green values and offers close access to a variety of outdoor recreation. Underground shelters built in fear of a nuclear attack were usually cramped spaces with just enough amenities to survive a few months.
With its own generator and fuel tank, the home could sustain life for a year with a fully-stocked pantry in the event of a nuclear attack. Henderson’s underground retreat includes a pool, two jacuzzis, a sauna, an outdoor BBQ grill inside a large fake rock, a dance floor, a putting green in the garden, adjustable light settings to match various times of the day and a hand-painting 360-degree mural of locations familiar to Henderson. A tunnel once connected the house to the office building next door where Henderson worked, but that property was sold separately after Henderson’s death and the tunnel was filled in.

The Las Vegas house was the second bunker home designed and constructed by Texas contractors Kenneth and Jay Swayze for Henderson at a cost of $10 million. Just the comments alone on this page tells you that Amerikwa is already a post-apocalyptic nightmare full of post-humans. One thing nobody ever seemed to think of when they built these things is that they would need a completely independent air supply that is not connected to the surface to survive. Cult of Weird is an online museum of the bizarre, serving weird news and oddities to thousands of curious and macabre minds every day. When it comes to building a survival shelter you can either do-it-yourself or hire a qualified contractor to do it for you. The question on everybody's lips is "Do I really need a Fire Shelter?" Find out why it is an absolute must in this article.. However, when the hysteria following the Cuban Missile Crisis wore off, few homes were built with them. Companies building and installing these bunkers often do their work quickly or in secret, per the request of the home owner. That's why we've mapped out which states are the safest to live in should an army of the undead suddenly appear. We asked a panel of Estately’s trusted partner agents to provide insight into this conundrum. Otherwise the incoming air would be full of radioactive isotopes and would kill the inhabitant much more slowly and painfully than if they were on the surface during the strike.
Like a Tim Burton vision of sub-urban America only entombed 26 feet underground with no escape.
Membership does not provide ownership, or assure any right of a co-ownership interest in a Vivos shelter or the related association that may own a Vivos shelter property. In the years since, many of these bomb shelters were converted into wine cellars, storm shelters, or storage rooms, so people may not even know what the room was originally for. The growing market for survival shelters and other provisions is fast becoming big business. Photographs of fallout shelters, panic rooms, and diaster bunkers rarely appear in real estate listings for homes that have them.

Check out Estately's list of 15 things to know before moving to Corvallis to decide if it's somewhere you'd like to live and buy a home.
Henderson built his Cold War bunker in 1978, he decided to ride out the end of the world in style. We did have a couple of community radiation shelters, but I don’t recall anything like food, air filters, etc. Researchers are discovering these conditions are now taking place in regions which had previously not supported tornado activity in the least.
Ownership or membership participation in any Vivos shelter property may not be for investment purposes. Occasionally, homes with bomb shelters appear among Estately’s thousands of real estate listings, most frequently in homes for sale in Texas, California, and Washington State—a complete list of Estately real estate listings with bomb shelters can be found at the bottom of this article.
Dozens of companies have popped up that construct and install survival shelters, and this popularity could even create a niche market for homes with old bomb shelters. The images below are all that could be found from the hundreds of thousands of homes currently for sale on Estately. Somehow Estately accomplished the impossible and has successfully ranked each state from absolute worst to complete best using the following eight factors. Rocks conceal stairways and an elevator that lead down to the AstroTurf-covered front yard of the home below. This magnificent Ranch Style home was built with privacy in mind, as there are 2 studio’s plus a Master suite.
There is a building on the premises that was once used as a winery and could be used for this again.
Off the basement is a bomb shelter built in the 50’s; it has beds and could be used as anything.

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