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A secret underground emergency bunker, built to protect essential services in the event of a nuclear war, is being auctioned by water and sewerage company South West Water.
Other features include several blast proof doors, an air lock, decontamination room, dining room, recreation room and two dormitories.
South West Water Asset Performance Manager Brian Blake, who worked for the authority at the time, said: “I remember that the Government said we had to provide an underground control centre in case of emergency which was bomb and nuclear proof. The company’s property manager Chris Shapland added: “We regularly auction redundant assets to reduce our costs and keep customers’ bills as low as possible, but this is the first time we’ve offered a genuine piece of cold war history.
With its own generator and fuel tank, the home could sustain life for a year with a fully-stocked pantry in the event of a nuclear attack. Henderson’s underground retreat includes a pool, two jacuzzis, a sauna, an outdoor BBQ grill inside a large fake rock, a dance floor, a putting green in the garden, adjustable light settings to match various times of the day and a hand-painting 360-degree mural of locations familiar to Henderson. A tunnel once connected the house to the office building next door where Henderson worked, but that property was sold separately after Henderson’s death and the tunnel was filled in.
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Whether you’re trying to start a quirky news blog, open a local Irish pub, or sell handmade furniture out of your garage, one thing’s for sure: your business is not going to succeed if you don’t build it a professional-looking website. If you’ve ever tried to quickly share a file with someone, you know there’s nothing actually quick about it. Boing Boing uses cookies and analytics trackers, and is supported by advertising, merchandise sales and affiliate links.
Protect Your Privacy with a Secure Blackphone - April 11, 2016 Survival of the Human Race and the Progression of Artificial Intelligence - April 9, 2016 Massive Dock Robots Keep Containers Moving and Commerce Rolling - March 28, 2016 Advanced A.I. Well, if you happen to have $17.5 million handy and are game to relocate to the wiregrass region of rural south-central Georgia, then it’s your lucky day as a distinctive property that’s quite the hideaway has just hit the market. Henderson luxurious Las Vegas fallout shelter, built in 1978 and now on sale (along with the house above it) for $1.7M, following a bank foreclosure on the property's most recent owner.
Between permissions, log-in credentials, size limitations, and download issues, it’s a miracle if you’re ever able to share the document at all.

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The urge to slip away, even if just for an hour or so, to a secret place where no one (read: holiday houseguests from out of town) can possibly find you. It was built by Kenneth and Jay Swayze for $10M in 1979, when a million was a million (Swayze was an authority on subterranean living, and wrote the now out-of-print Underground gardens & homes: The best of two worlds, above and below). Rocks conceal stairways and an elevator that lead down to the AstroTurf-covered front yard of the home below.

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