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We put a lot of time and research into what other survivalists carried in THEIR Bug Out Bags. Magnesium Fire Starters with Flint - Magnesium fire starters can be a useful backup for making fires in hard to light areas.
Long Life Emergency Candles - Whether you need something that will start multiple fires, or act as a light source, it always pays to have a few candles around. Katadyn Combi Filter System and Replacement Filter - Water purification is one of the most important needs in any environment. SOG Tools - SOG makes some of the highest quality yet most affordable products on the market today. Black 550 Cord 100 Yard Packs - 550 Cord can be used to tie down gear, create traps, the inner strings can be used to fish with, etc, etc.
Midland FRS & GMRS Portable Radio 2 Pack - One of the best advantages in a survival situation is the ability to communicate.
ACME Thunder Survival Whistle - This 100+ decibel whistle can be heard over long distances, and the pea-less design allows for use in the most extreme environments.
Asherman Chest Seal - The Israeli Bandages work great, unless you have a sucking chest wound. Celox Clotting Agent Pouches - These granules work similarly to QuikClot for stopping bleeding, but without the burning action. ICMK (Individual Combat Medical Kit) - This combat medic kit contains many additional items that will help you save lives in a survival situation. Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Adventure Solar Kit (19010) - This is a top of the line solar charger to charge NIMH batteries for your survival electronics.

Energizer NIMH Rechargeable Battery AAA and AA 4 Packs - NIMH batteries are the top of the line best rechargeable batteries on the market today. Streamlight Sidewinder Tactical AA LED Flashlights - When you're moving in a survival environment, there are times when you want white lights, red lights, and IR lights. Energizer Solar Carabiner Crank Light - There are times where you might not have time to put your solar charger out in the sun for a full day to charge up some AA batteries. BreakFree CLP 1 Liter Liquid Bottles with Sprayer - You may have a host of different gun cleaning, lubricating, and protecting liquids. Pelican 1650 Case With Pull Handle and 4 Wheels - Pelican Cases are known worldwide for their durability and equipment protection capabilities.
Winchester 365 Rechargeable Moisture Remover - This moisture remover is an easily rechargeable unit that you can simply toss in the case. If you are already reading this article then you probably are the person who thinks that there might some emergency situation and you have to list the items and things which you have to take with you anywhere and anytime. So to get a starting point for how much you may be able to carry (for an extended distance), simply take the percentage that I listed for each fitness level and multiply it by your weight. For instance, if you weigh 160 pounds and have a fitness level of “Average” – multiply 160 x 0.15 (or 15%) to get 24 lbs. So if your goal is to carry a 100 pound pack day after day – the Army or Marines may be your ticket to happiness.
Well, the best way to accurately know what you can carry is to pack your BOB and get out there are hit the road or the trail and test yourself under different loads in different conditions. Regardless of the outcome of your weight carrying experiment, you will learn something about yourself… enjoy being outdoors and will probably be looking for ways to ditch weight out of your bug out bag AND get in better shape.

I just finished checking my bug out bag to make sure everything was up to date and functioning properly when I found this article.
I have made 72 hour kits that weighed in the single digits, then went out in the field and used them.
This may not seem like much weight, and you may be able to carry more, but this is a good, wise and realistic starting point. Age and just not being able to keep up fitness wise with where I used to be has aided in deeper appreciation of carrying less. Please Consider Partnering with Us to Keep Our FAMILY FRIENDLY Videos (and Website Content) Coming YOUR Way. We were shocked to find that all of our competitors are only offering "garbage products" and "garbage kits".
Right now you are searching for new item and lists which will be perfect but there is no perfect list of the bug out bag. It’s crazy, insane and sometimes stupid how much weight some folks think they are going to be able to carry in their emergency kit, backpack or bug out bag – on foot – if they have to flee for their life. The kits contain things like White Hard Hats, Yellow Caution Tape, Individual Small Bandaids, Individually Wrapped Aspirin, etc. The kits we found lacked basic good quality gear that could help you make it out of a disaster alive.

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