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The Gerber Zombie Survival Gear is an array of pre-packaged blades whose popularity has skyrocketed due to its association with AMC’s The Walking Dead television series. The Survival Series Parang is based of off traditional machetes and features a heavy, thick blade.
The remaining two blades are small form factor knives, the DMF Folder Tanto blade and the LMF II Infantry knife.
SubscribeEnter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content. If you’ve been preparing yourself for a disaster and following other survival blogs then you probably saw a lot of information about surviving in the wilderness. Learning how to find a safe place to sleep while in an urban disaster is extremely important. Finding water is vital and luckily in an urban setting there’s plenty of water sources…but how do you get to them?
From Gerber, the 31-000751 Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Knife is designed to help you endure in the toughest environments.
This survival knife includes an emergency whistle, pommel, and sheath with fire starter and blade sharpener.
Sharp, Durable Blade Handles Tough Survival TasksBuilt to offer the versatility that adventurers, backpackers, and hunters need in the wilderness, the Ultimate Knife features a versatile 4.75-inch drop-point blade. In addition, the handle base features a stainless steel pommel that can be used for pounding or hammering. Military-Grade Nylon Sheath with Smart DetailsJust as versatile as the knife it protects, the included sheath folds open to reveal a diamond sharpener.
The nylon sheath is crafted from lightweight, military-grade materials that are mildew resistant for long-term use in harsh climates.
About the Gerber Bear Grylls Survival SeriesBringing together the 70 years of expertise behind all Gerber Legendary Blades and the survival and adventure experience of the renowned Bear Grylls, the Bear Grylls Survival Series is a one-of-a-kind line of knives, tools, and gear. From the highest peaks of the Himalayas, to the rainforests of South America, if world renowned outdoorsman Bear Grylls is on an adventure you can be sure he’s equipped with the most durable outdoor gear Gerber has to offer.
The compact take-down Spectre survival bow and arrow set will be ideal for any survival hunting needs at an affordable price. This survival kit was designed using advice from experts in the emergency preparedness industry. Easy to Use Lever-action pump handle has a 4-to-1 mechanical advantage and dual pump action, so you don’t have to work as hard. Get added viral protection in popular wilderness areas and developing countries with this combination purifier system. 105 Piece First Aid Plus Kit – combines essential first aid supplies with personal hygiene and outdoor protection products. Mayday Industries is a manufacture and wholesaler that specializes in disaster preparedness supplies.

CSL Ignite-O Firestarter is a safe, quick and easy method to start your briquets for your barbeque or wood for your fire.
Gerber’s Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife has sold remarkably well since it was released a few months ago. Tronex Super-Premium USA-Made Precision Pliers Review Hands On: Black & Decker 20V Max Cordless Hot Glue Gun Review Recommend a Hot Glue Gun?
The product descriptions are written with a touch of humor, hinting at the various ways in which the tools can kill zombies, but the blades themselves are indeed good products on their own.
The Gator Machete looks like your standard brush machete (with a reverse taper to the blade and a total length of just under 27 inches), but is made unique by a serrated edge on the other side of the main cutting blade. Presumably succeeding the Camp Axe I, we’ll assume this is the new and improved version.
My only complaint is that the inclusion of a third machete and two knives may be a little redundant; the kit may have been better rounded by replacing one with a folding shovel or other implement. We believe that being prepared is important for any family and we want to see preparedness become a mainstream conversation. It features an ergonomic grip for comfortable handling and a dependable stainless steel blade with a versatile serrated edge. This blade is half serrated to make quick work of cutting rope and other fibrous materials.
A lanyard cord helps you keep track of the knife, and the lanyard features an integrated emergency whistle that can be used to attract attention–so others can keep track of you.
A former member of the British SAS, a prolific adventurer, and the daring host of Discovery Channel’s Man vs. Trying to make one in the wild takes a great deal of skill and know-how that most don’t have. It follows guidelines given by government agencies and non-profit preparedness organizations. The SweetWater® Microfilter removes waterborne bacteria and protozoan parasites, and the chlorine-based SweetWater® Purifier Solution effectively inactivates viruses.
This 105 piece kit combines essential first aid supplies with personal hygiene and outdoor protection products. Established in 1995, we have seen this industry change from west coast earthquake preparedness to a spotlight on national preparedness brought on by September 11 and the Iraq War.
Nylon bristles form soft tips to clean between teeth and remove food particles that lead to bad breath, plaque and tarter. It actually sold so well that Gerber has expanded the Bear Grylls line with a LOT of new offerings.
This serration re-purposes the other edge of the blade as a saw, making it useful in a number of situations where a standard machete would fall short. It also has a lanyard cord to enhance safety while swinging and comes with a small survival guide.

The main difference is that the LMF is a fixed-blade knife while the DMF is a folding, rugged pocket knife. Watch the videos below and see how prepared you really are if a disaster should happen while you’re in a city. If you want to survive, then you need to learn how to defend yourself especially if you don’t have any weapons.
Additionally, the knife and military-grade nylon sheath are packed with innovative survival tools, including a fire starter, a diamond blade sharpener, an emergency whistle, and a pommel.
It features full-tang construction for overall durability, and it is crafted from hard stainless steel, which allows for excellent edge retention. This ferrocerium rod produces a shower of hot sparks when scraped against the rough surface of the striker notch that is incorporated into the back of the knife blade. And best of all it comes in a user friendly roll out sleeve with all the products are at your fingertips.
Mayday Industries has set itself apart from the crowd by offering some of the services listed in the letter. Does not contain dangerous lighter fluid, or smelly chemicals to contaminate the flavor of your food or fire.
The new Bear Grylls Survival Series now includes new folding knives, multi-tools, a fire starter, two survival tool & accessory kits, and a parang machete.
Unfortunately, this is both tedious and time consuming – meaning most people will never do it. The Gator serves as the main sawing implement of the Apocalypse Kit, and is made of high carbon steel with a Gator-Grip.
The head itself is made of forged steel and is advertised as having excellent blade retention so you won’t have to be sharpening it all the time. As with most survival blades made by Gerber, this one has a full tang, to make sure it won’t have any give or bending when in use.
Each item in the Survival Series is thoughtfully designed by Bear and Gerber to offer features that can help keep a smart adventurer alive in the wild. Comes with a 2.5 ounce tube of pet dental toothpaste, one finger brush and one dual action toothpaste.
The Camp Axe II is ideal for chopping and hammering, and comes with a formed plastic sheath for safe keeping. This set will also make a perfect back-up bow for bow hunters to keep in the vehicle on hunting trips. The SweetWater Microfilter removes waterborne bacteria and protozoa, particulate, taste and odors, while the chlorine-based SweetWater Purifier Solution effectively inactivates viruses.

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