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Some couples, exercising the ultimate in self-control, wait to kiss each other for the very first time after they’re officially declared husband and wife. Because kisses require face-to-face contact or at least head-to-head with cheek kisses, it’s difficult to kiss someone if anything negative hangs between you. If couples follow this one rule, no grudge can last longer than a few hours, no argument grow out of proportion before being settled. The expression “sealed with a kiss” (SWAK) probably came from the tradition of a bride and groom sharing a kiss in front of witnesses at the conclusion of their wedding ceremony. I can’t even imagine the emotions running through both of them when they seal the deal with such potency, but surely it makes for a great start to a marriage. That’s probably why Scripture encourages husbands and wives not to end the day, every day, without first clearing the air between them. And getting into the habit of sharing a goodnight kiss is an excellent step toward keeping short accounts with each other. Romans 16:16 tells us to greet each other with holy kisses, which elevates kissing to a spiritual level.
Maybe each time we plant a sincerely loving kiss on someone, it’s a tiny act of holiness, a mini-deed with significance to God. Marriage is important to the Lord, as is loving behavior, and holiness is something he wants us all to strive for.

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