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There’s no doubt that growing plants is a rewarding way to beautify our indoor and outdoor spaces, and gardening is increasing more in popularity with each year that passes.
Gardening in containers rather than the open ground opens up a whole new world of growing plants, allowing the gardener to bring plants inside during the cold season and use all sorts of vessels to contain them.
Container gardening provides the perfect opportunity to recycle used household and industrial items that may otherwise have ended up in a landfill, from an old boot to a porcelain pitcher or even a bathtub.
Like container gardening, raised bed gardening allows the gardener to have total control over the soil being used to grow plants.
Raised beds are often made of planks of wood screwed or nailed together in sizes typically ranging from 3 x 8 to 5 x 20. Raised beds are especially well suited for disabled or elderly gardeners, since they can be built high enough for one to remain seated comfortably while gardening, eliminating strain on the joints and spine.
Common houseplants that help purify the air include English ivy, spider plant, golden pothos, peace lily, Chinese evergreen, bamboo or reed palm, snake plant, heartleaf philodendron, dracaena and weeping fig. Water gardens can be made up of any vessel that contains water – from a pond or half-barrel to a an old bathtub or watertight planter. Community gardens are public spaces where you can typically rent a plot of land to plant ornamental, edible and medicinal plants as you like.
These gardens help bring food production back to the individual, regardless of personal access to land for growing plants. Seed bombs have long been a (non-violent) weapon of choice for guerrilla gardeners, but Flower Shells now aim to make your 12-gauge shotgun a key part of your go-green arsenal.
Recycled shipping containers are known to building designers and architects for their low cost and ease of use. 100 feet beneath the surface, below even the level of the London Underground, there is another layer of World War Two shelters where something amazing is coming to life. Steel shipping containers are the temporary homes of countless consumer items being transported all around the world. Specialized gardens can have an assortment of themes: some gardeners cultivate alpine plants in a craggy rock garden, while others prefer the tranquility of a water garden with its aquatic plants and fish. Learn everything you need to know about creating and caring for the different garden types. A successful rock garden mimicks an alpine mountainside, complete with rough-hewn rocks, mountain flowers and foliage, and perhaps even a waterfall.
There was a time when installing a water garden was an expensive and complicated procedure requiring professional expertise.
Bulb flowers require some maintenance, but they reward your efforts with stunning spring flowers. Perennials add beauty to your garden year after year, returning from one spring to the next with flowers and greenery. Types of garden Every once in a while we all need to relax, unwind and enjoy a bit of time in solace with nature and revel in its beauty. Though you have many types of garden designs to choose from when designing your garden, there are still some considerations in doing so. The next item to be considered above anything else when it comes to the types of garden you can have is your spending capacity. Most people who have this type of garden theme for their gardens are people from Europe who have lived away from their home country. Rose garden are nostalgic, sweet, and romantic, which is probably why they are so very popular. One of the major reasons for having a garden-forgetting about the benefits of exercise and communing with nature-is to enjoy the beauty of flowers.
The idea of a Native garden is a relatively new concept that is sweeping across the US and attracting a lot of new people to gardening.
Tropical garden are suitable in places with warm climate and can be very attractive to and draws butterflies because of its greenery and vibrant flowers. Thick green foliage, colorful flowers and plants are something that people living in the temperate zones of the world do not get to see everyday especially during the cold and grueling months of winter.
Fortunately, one can bring the beauty of the unique topics in the comforts of ones own home by creating a nature type garden. One really popular style of gardening is to pick one flower or plant that you love and build a whole garden around that flower.
On color gardens, flowers play an essential part on your very colorful garden which can also relate on our lives. At Moss and Stone Gardens we are often asked how to start a moss lawn where there is nothing but dirt covered with leaves and other debris. Mosses are not particular about the type of soil they grow on in terms of soil composition. Grade and contour the area if needed, remember that moss will follow the small undulations that are normally not noticeable until a smooth carpet of green is hugging the ground.
Be aware of any water run-off paths that you may create or that already exist.  Mosses are great soil stabilizers and will filter water run off, but first they need to be established to withstand flowing water. Smoothing the surface will also aid in rhizome attachment which will speed up establishment and then growth. Even though you have smoothed the soils before introducing the mosses, you may need to very lightly scratch the surface to create some loosened soil to aid in making good contact.
With David’s clear explaination to the needs to preparing a moss lawn from a clean slate, making a moss lawn will increase you chances of success. To learn more about Moss and Stone Gardens – Where Moss Rocks!, please visit our website.
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My First Garden: This is a cute website (created by the University of Illinois Extension) that shows you how to care for several different types of flowers and veggies.
They even have tips for gardening in unusual containers… even in gym shoes and boots?
Recent Commentsleather bracelet: We are a group of volunteers and opening a new scheme in our community.
While you may associate gardening mostly with standard residential or commercial landscaping, there are actually many different types of gardening that encompass various styles, techniques, locations and types of plants. With containers, even gardeners living in urban apartments can grow food, herbs, flowers and foliage in sunny windows or on balconies and rooftops. They can stand alone or be arranged in groups to provide maximum aesthetic appeal, varying the height, color and texture of the plants as well as that of the containers to achieve visual balance.
Since raised beds are actually freestanding structures, typically made of wood, stone or concrete, the quality of the soil beneath them doesn’t have an effect on the results. Leaving the width of the bed relatively small enables the gardener to reach inside to care for plants, preventing the need to step on and compact the soil. Many people grow houseplants for the visual benefits, but they also act to purify the air, drawing in airborne pollutants as part of the photosynthetic process. It’s recommended to use a combination of submerged plants, emergent plants and floaters. Fish often used in water gardens include goldfish, mollies, guppies and gambezi, which eat mosquitoes.
Not only do community gardens provide access to fresh produce, they beautify neighborhoods, give a sense of community and connection to the environment. Even apparently 'natural' green areas are carefully cultivated, requiring time, energy and water. Whatever your gardening interests (and your landscape's needs), there's a garden type that's right for you.
Rock gardens are perfect for sloped areas in your lawn that would be hard to mow if covered with grass. It's no wonder so many gardeners devote entire gardens to cultivating this delicate yet stunning plant.
In northern exposures or under the shelter of a large shade tree, many flowers and grass just won't thrive. New materials have changed the landscape for water gardens -- using flexible liners or preformed pool, anyone can plan and plant their own water garden.
Many common cooking herbs, both perennials and annuals, are easy to grow out in the garden or in window planters.
Perennials generally bloom just once during the growing season, but some can also be planted for their decorative leaves. It can be according to the use of a garden such an herbal garden wherein the predominant feature is the collection of herbal plants. Make sure that what you are planning to implement in your garden design is in compatibility of your location. Whether it’s a garden full of exotic hybrid color roses or a garden full of just red roses or just white roses, the results are always stunning. Of course, Mother Nature was not really interested in our likes and dislikes when flowering plants were developed: From her point of view the only reason for the existence of flowers is to manufacture seed and guarantee the future survival of each species of plant.
The design of this type of garden is characterized by classical geometric shapes and symmetrical grids that were inspired from Roman architecture. The idea behind a Native garden is to use only plants and flowers that are native to the region you live in.Conservationists say that planting native gardens will help the soil and provide refuge for local animals while sustaining the ecological balance of the area. When building a garden around a particular flower, you can go for variety and choose every color and variety of that flower imaginable or you can go for uniformity and plant an entire garden of one species and color of flower. Not only do they appeal to our sense of beauty and provide tremendous pleasure through their colors and fragrance, but also they are often laden with symbolic meaning.
If you have these areas, pre-filter run off from sediment and debris that may deposit onto newly installed areas.
Keep in mind that mosses will first need some rhizome attachment at their growing edge before they will send out new branching. If you suspect your soils are alkaline (greater than 7 on the logarithmic scale,) you should get the soil tested .
If you want to add any foundation plants, perennials, or hardscaping, it is best to do that first and add the mosses last.
After the mosses have been placed on top of this loosened soil, they will be watered deeply and then walked on. Moenk, I believe you are already getting the answers to your questions if you continue reading our blog posts.
I like to feature up-and-coming artists, designers, toys, gifts, fashion, food, gadgets, software, and more. Here are 5 different types of gardening that illustrate how varied this age-old pastime really is. Container gardening eliminates the problems of weeds, most soil-borne diseases and gives the gardener ultimate control over moisture, sunlight and temperature. Raised beds allow gardeners to grow a variety of ornamental, edible and medicinal plants on top of even the most barren surfaces, from rock-hard clay to concrete slabs.
Beds are usually 8 inches to 3 feet in height, depending on the needs of the plants being grown. Houseplants can significantly improve air quality, especially in newer buildings that are completely airtight.
They can be as simple as a couple of plants in a bowl, or large, complex ponds fitted with waterfalls, filters and many different types of plants. Common aquatic plants for water gardens include wild celery, dwarf papyrus, water hyacinth and water lettuce.

Some community gardens are tended communally, allowing everyone who helps out in the garden to have a share of its bounty. With so many colors and types of roses to choose from, you can find the right roses to suite any tastes. Fear not -- there are many shade-loving flowers, vines, and ground covers for gardeners to choose from, brightening up those shadowy spots. Next time you're whipping up a batch of pesto or herbed chicken, your home-grown herbs will be ready to go. With some deadheading, weeding, and the usual watering, you can keep your annuals healthy and happy.
Having a garden in your home gives you the convenience of experiencing all that without the hassle of packing up your stuff and still you have the comforts of your own home. It is a picturesque scene, something that is similar to the gardens portrayed in fairy tales.
Their blossoms radiate and create beauty.For centuries people have given roses in bouquets of love and bathed in rose water. The design philosophy of a Victorian style garden was founded on the basic belief of people during life in the Victorian era and that is man as a master over the elements. A pre-emergent like Preen Vegetable Garden Weed Preventer can be applied to discourage germination of any existing seeds.
The exception would be soils with a high sand content preventing a stable surface; ever-shifting loose sandy soils make attachment difficult, but not impossible.
One way to do this is by placing stones and gravel as a barrier upstream or temporarily diverting the run-off.
Mosses do not like being unattached nor do they like being exposed to air without some surface below them. And if it is above 7.0, you may consider adding aluminum sulfate or elemental sulphur to bring it down somewhat.
Prepare the soils to suit the vascular plants and then smooth the surface for the mosses to create a living mulch around them. This will re-compress the fluffed soil and act as an temporary mortar to hold the moss down.
The moss is really thick in spots, and it’s been a joy to walk on when the remaining grass has gone dormant for the summer.
They also provide better drainage, keep the soil warmer and require less maintenance than traditional gardens.
Some garden designs are tailored from the traditions and themes practiced in a certain countries.
Well, it is because some plants do not grow well in certain environmental conditions and even if they do they do not bear fruits or flowers. Some gardens may require ornaments and plants that will give the garden a more authentic look.
Hence, the basic principle of these gardens is all about order and neatness which depicts man’s superiority over all others. However, during the time this garden style was developed, it was then an extension to the chateau which its surrounds. Alkaline  conditions like this may have been created by years of lime applications in an attempt to sustain grasses in the shade.
If transplanting scooped moss colonies, scratching can be done to create a slight depression to keep the soils level. There are gardens patterned after the themes of the Chinese, Japanese, French and English peoples and even the gardens in the Victorian era.
So if you are planning to make an English country garden, ask you yourself i\if the plants and grass typical of this kind of garden would grow beautifully in your area. If you imagine yourself to be less than an inch tall and had to move across the soils surface, you would understand the importance of smoothness. Even though mosses may overcome almost any obstacle in their path such as a fallen tree, they don’t do this quickly nor do they simply just run up the side and over.
All areas under and around the transplants will need to be tamped down by hand or by walking on them after installation. These gardens are inspired by the unique characteristic, tradition, landscape and the plants and flowers that a country has.
If you are unwilling to shed a large sum of money, then you can opt to have a much simpler garden. Pebbles, leaves, or any loose material will need removing and also ensure that the soil leading up to any trees, roots, or hardscaping is slightly ramped up to meet the obstruction. For example, the Japanese garden is distinct because of the presence of Lotus and cherry blossoms while the English-inspired gardens are those that have hedges around it. There are garden types that you can follow which makes use of plants and ornaments that you already have or can be bought at a lower cost. This will prevent a debris zone or dead zone where mosses resist meeting vertical surfaces and attaching to them. People who originate from another part of the world would want to bring a piece of their home by creating a garden whose design is reminiscent of the place they left behind and this is enough reason to make one decide on what type of garden design to follow.
Budgeting does not only mean the initial payment of the construction of the garden, it also includes the maintenance of the garden such as water, fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides and more. These are expenses that many do not foresee which results in the garden being abandoned and losing its supposed beauty.

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