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Here we are going to discuss the basics of business in simpler terms; what do we mean by business?
Thus, anyone selling or buying things to and from others is doing a business if he or she is getting profit in return. To succeed in business, adequate business skills, business acumen, business plans and business strategies are required. The foremost important skill for a businessman is to have good oral and written communication skills.  And here, we mean, business communication skill as it is required to interact with customers and clients. In today’s world of social media, it is important to know the informal ways of communication as well, for example, one may need to interact with a remotely located client via chat messenger. Apart from this, selling, marketing and presentation skills come also under this skill type.
Planning has wide perspectives, actually consisting of financial management, strategic management and risk management skills as well.
Inputs would surely lead to some or the other outputs in a business but how far the outputs are beneficial for the business. A business firm is organised into different departments that deal with specific functions required to run a business. Sales and marketing though look similar but actually are different in business perspective. Finance is required for all the business activities including marketing and promotional activities, staffing and recruitment, R & D services and others. Also abbreviated as HR, it deals with recruiting, on-boarding, training, compensating and promoting the employees of a business including their performance appraisal.
Since customers are the sources of all the business that an organization makes profit from, customer’s satisfaction from the products and services are very important. The Administrative services within an organization support functioning of all the departments of the firm.
Business is basically of four types in terms of structure: Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Corporation and Cooperative.
Corporation is a kind of business where there is a legal personality apart from other members of the business firm. Cooperative is that business where members of the business have authorities to make decisions and they have limited liability. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. There are four types of intent that underlie all communication: affirming, controlling, defending, and withdrawing. It’s easy to have an affirming intent when you feel comfortable with the people around you. Focus on understanding why you feel threatened, and ascertain whether it’s a legitimate threat or simply your own “stuff” being transferred to another person.
Straight Talk® teaches you how to identify your own communication style and that of others, and how to modify your style for strategic results. You do need to know what you are for this-if you aren’t sure here are some questions to figuring it out. Very good information in comparison to many of the other subject material I’ve discovered.
It can actually help build confidence, improve communication, and bolster valuable skills that the employee needs to be effective in their job.
Here’s a list of some of the methods and types of training that have proven themselves over and over again. On the job training programs are focused on the acquisition of new skills within the work environment, and are generally done under normal working conditions.
The senior employee trains the new hire while engaged in normal work duties and activities. The senior employee might, for instance, help the new hire by letting him shadow them, before allowing the new hire to actually take over some roles and responsibilities. Instead, the student is educated only in what matters to accomplish and excel at his or her future position.
At the end of the vocational schooling, the student is then ready to perform for an employer. That’s because, along with a truncated syllabus and course load, the cost of vocational schooling is much lower than that of a comparable university. Offsite training is hyper-focused on a particular skill set, rather than a group of skills or generalized training.
These highly-focused and specialized training courses are usually completed online or in a classroom setting. The fees for some of them can be substantial, which is why employers typically help employees with the cost of the course.

Seminars are normally conducted either in-house, online, or in a large meeting or lecture hall.
The downside with most seminars is that it may not provide the employee with any certification or formal competency testing. Boot camps are a form of training that’s organized around a small group structure.  Some boot camps consist of groups of five to ten people, while others are only three to five people. Boot camps provide a very different kind of training and educational environment compared to a vocational school or offsite training.
Ongoing education is usually necessary to keep the employee’s proficiency up and to enhance the skillset learned at the boot camp. For example, a workshop series can teach employees about communication one week, advanced communication the next week, networking and security training the following week, and basic principles of productivity and workflow the week after that. Workshops can be held onsite or in a classroom setting, and may or may not be more expensive than seminars or other forms of onsite training, depending on the subject matter covered. What other training methods have you used to onboard new employees?  Share them in the comments! Join our software expert blogging community, learn more about our editorial guidelines, and propose a topic you'd like to write about. Business is of different types depending on the owner who is involved in doing business viz. Although business skills vary depending on the type of business and other factors, the basic business skills required are: Communication Skills, Planning, Productivity and other personality traits like Motivation, Enthusiasm, Leadership skills etc.
The skill is broad and covers a wide range of topics like interacting via emails, phones etc. And when we are in face to face interaction with the clients and customers, behavioural traits, tone, mannerism, non-verbal communication etc. One may need to conduct business meetings that involve presenting the business models, progress and analysis reports etc. For example, being on time for meetings saves others’ time and leads to finishing the tasks at the specified time. While sale deals with selling the goods and services in return for money, marketing involves selling and providing after sales services as well. The finance department is responsible for providing funds for project investments according to the budget. The whole process of research and development proceeds in a cycle; starting from theoretical concepts, hypothesizing, designing and developing, implementing and reviewing the process. The flow of raw materials from input to the final output is managed by this functional area of business.
All the documentation work like making files and documents, sending mails, making power point reports, messaging by phone, fax etc. This post describes the four types of intent in detail and provides useful tips for people who want to display positive intent. Everyone displays all four types of intent, but the object of excellent communicators is an affirming intent. You know that the best outcome is likely to come when everyone is sharing his or her points of view openly, no matter how challenging, letting the best rationale win the day.
When your intent is affirming, then your communication is naturally open, relaxed, and friendly.
If you come to realize it’s your own stuff, then that awareness may help you feel more relaxed.
If someone else is bugging you, focus on their strengths, too, and say something appreciative about them.
Using exercises, surveys, and real-life case studies, Straight Talk® helps solve today's most urgent organizational dilemmas.
If you are a P you will want to keep your options open and you might say you aren’t sure if you are a J or a P. What if you are an N and you realize you are talking to an S?  You will want to give very specific concrete examples that focus on either Thinking or Feeling facts.  Slow down, picture yourself in the example and provide details that support your point.
For example, on the job training may consist of a trainer who is a senior employee, paired with the new hire in a mentor-like relationship. This tends to be popular in smaller companies where the new hire works at the senior employee’s job with the senior employee watching over them. They are a sort of “focused schooling,” aimed at one thing: training for a specific job or trade. The other major positive of a vocational school is that it’s like getting a higher education without the sticker shock of traditional universities. These seminars are usually more informal than most types of training and are also less expensive. Seminars are also typically conducted with large groups, which means that there is little (if any) individualized training or education.

The purpose of the boot camp is to provide an environment where employees can learn but also work as a team. For instance, one of the hallmarks of the boot camp is that the training is inherently short – usually just a week or two weeks, max. For example, ongoing workshops held one weekend a month can provide the continuing education an employee needs about a particular aspect of his or her job. Business is also known as a company, a firm, an organization or an enterprise that is involved in transfer of goods and services in exchange of money. Written communication may include contacting via email, making proposals, memorandums, sending notices etc. To deal with such questions, one needs to increase the productivity keeping in account the quantitative aspects. Increasing the skill level of employees is also an effective method of increasing productivity. It includes strong leadership skills, judgemental skills, motivational skills, creativity, problem solving, enthusiasm and passion for the job.
The department of Sales and marketing management in a business involves advertising, social media marketing, promotional activities etc.
It also includes financial risk management where risks associated with investing the money are taken into account.
It also includes budget forecasting and making financial reports that help the organization to take better business decisions.
Thus, the department managing all the activities related to employees of an organization is the human resource department. After the effectiveness study of the product, new theoretical principles are developed and the cycle goes on. Production involves a number of steps and manufacturing quality products depend on a number of factors like machines and equipments used, use of good manufacturing practices, performance of employees and workers in the production area etc.
The type of business one does has a big impact on profits, taxes, risks and liabilities etc. And he or she is liable for any of the debts incurred in the business but he or she enjoys all the profits earned from the business as he or she doesn’t have to divide them to other partners.
The advantage of this business is that the formation of cooperative business is easy and requires few legal formalities.
You’re not confident that an open sharing of viewpoints will result in an outcome that is best – probably because you sense a conflict between your agenda and other people’s. If possible, jot down your awareness, refer to it later and discuss with a trusted friend why it happens. Unlike boot camps, workshops can be longer than a few weeks, or shorter – just a weekend.
Also, one requires to negotiate on prices, so good negotiation skills are beneficial to get a cost effective business.
Business plans are prepared for the detailed execution of the business processes including the financial, distribution and marketing details also. The cooperation business has limited liability, means the members are less liable for the debts of the organization as they are liable only for the investments they made. Your focus is on protecting yourself against an opponent whom you perceive to be formidable. Think of things that make you Allow yourself to enjoy whatever you are doing, however you choose to enjoy it. Business teams and organizational groups are filled with a wild assortment of imperfect human beings who need each other’s help and support to achieve productive communication and decisions. The advantage of having partnership is that one can share the responsibilities with other partners and get other’s ideas on making the business succeed.
The disadvantage of this business is that double taxation is paid; one by the corporation and the other by the members or shareholders. The only thing preventing you from physically removing yourself is the feeling that it would cause further embarrassment and damage to your reputation. The trick is to make yourself aware of the change in your intent, decide to do something about it, and then take the right course of action.
Typically your communication becomes shriller and more barbed, less relaxed and less productive. Communication is done for the day until you have a chance to regroup and get a clearer perspective on your value to the group.

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