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For small or large groups, communication can be through a speech, by paraphrasing, or some form of non-verbal communication.
Content is available under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike License unless otherwise noted. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Do you want to gain a better understanding of how you think, make choices and connect with others? The MBTI describes your preferences for interacting with others, gathering information, making decisions and organizing your life. When taking the MBTI you will answer a series of questions about how you would prefer to handle or engage with different scenarios. Co-curricular activities create opportunities that enable you to engage in transformative experiences.

In speaking of a large group, though, it is to a generic group of people sharing the same purpose.
The tour guide is seeking to send information to small or large groups of people and receive feedback. Mass communication - refers to when huge numbers are involved; it involves trying to communicate to large populations all at once. From your answers, the MBTI looks at eight personality preferences you could use at different times in your daily life.
Before we move on, let’s check to see if you can identify the transferable skills in a scenario. In this medium, we are usually referring to sending information to people who will not be able to give direct or immediate feedback. An example of Mass communication is what occurs via the television, when the Government of a country or an organization wishes to send information to the populace.

Depending on your preferences, you will end up with a four letter code such as ENPF that will give you insight on how you prefer to function in the world. Altogether, there are 16 different personality types, which are shown in the type table below. Each type has its own set of preferred behaviours and personalities, along with their own strengths and challenges.

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