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Imagine being stranded high in the Rocky Mountains, and living in a camper for over ten months!
Angels in the Wilderness is the true story of how Amy Racina survived a sixty-foot fall that left both legs broken in a remote valley in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.
Iron Will is the real life story of a teenage boy who attempts to win a 500 mile dogsled race across the United States and Canada in order to save the family farm.
Cast Away is an excellent movie starring Tom Hanks in the role of a man who is stranded alone on an island for four years.
Far From Home features a boy and his companion, a yellow Labrador, who are marooned on an island in British Columbia.
Wildwoods Survival has numerous articles about different ways to survive in the wilderness, from birch bark shoes to making a fire.
Groundspeak has a hiking and backpacking forum that has a lot of information about survival techniques. Reading stories about the wilderness, and surviving in it, can build a love of nature, and a basic knowledge of survival skills.
This memorial cross of empty tin cans, used as a post office to leave messages, dates to 1854 and the search for survivors of the ill-fated Sir John Franklin Expedition. When Sir John Franklin and 134 other men set off to map the Northwest Passage from Europe to Asia in 1845, they had a five-year supply of food with them. The charges shocked Victorian Britain, but in 1859 another search party finally found the bodies. Ita€™s an hour until lunchtime, but youa€™re so hungry youa€™re gnawing the inside of your cheek and nibbling your nails.
We all know how hard it is to resist the lure of a birthday cake, leftover from some party, just sitting on the counter and waiting to be eaten.

Now imagine that you're stranded on a boat at sea, no substantial food or water for days, living off collected rain and already having lustily consumed the leather brim of your own hat. In the next few pages, we'll explore some stories that showcase people breaking the ultimate taboo -- humans eating other humans. Sometimes these storeis are about things like getting stuck in a blizzard or getting lost when hiking. This couple had planned on a camping trip and ended up living by their wits for nearly a year.
She had been on a solo hiking trip and was forced to pull herself along with her hands until she was found and rescued by being airlifted out of the canyon. There are numerous wilderness survival stories on Equipped to Survive complete with an analysis after the story.
The story of a boy who must survive alone in the Canadian wilderness when the pilot of the private plane he is in dies from a heart attack at the controls.
Pete must figure out how to live when the plane he is in crashes in a desolate area of the Rocky Mountains.
They have to find their way home through the wilderness, battling animals, the environment, and their own desire to give up.
The main character, a biologist, must live and study the wolves of a northern area of Canada where he is unceremoniously dumped by a drunken bush pilot. When the remains of the Franklin expedition were found in 1850, searchers discovered 30 bodies that showed signs of cannibalistic feeding. The Franklin Expedition was well-known in London, so its disappearance did result in three search parties. In the last 20 years, there has been speculation that starvation and scurvy might not be solely to blame for the deaths of the men; some evidence of lead poisoning from those tins of food has also been found.

You realize, at a certain point, that there's a huge chunk of protein-packed meat right next to you. People just seem to love to hear tales of survival against the harsh realities of the wilderness. You'll be able to lear about the situation and get the full benefit of what was learned by the author of the story.
Upper elementary and young adult readers will enjoy reading his diary, complete with sketches, of how he lived in a tree, trained a hawk, and made his own clothing from hides. The only success came from one in 1854, who met some native Inuits who claimed they came across about 40 white men in the winter of 1850, dragging sleds and meager supplies. Suddenly you can't shake the idea that your fellow starving passengers -- hey, some might be dead already -- might not make the most appetizing meal but would absolutely be the key to your survival. The stories are many times helpful because they give the methods that people have used to survive in unfavorable conditions.
There are other stories of survival on the site, and one includes a great diagram of building winter shelters. So make sure you have plenty of supplies, as we start with a pretty famous case of survival cannibalism.

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