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Bee sting is not that dangerous, at least for the people who are not allergic to insect bites including wasp and bee sting. This is a little unusual remedy but toothpaste effectively alleviates the symptoms of bee sting. One of the very effective remedies for bee sting is a paste made with baking soda and water.
If you have a ripe papaya, you may mash it and apply the mashed lot on your bee sting site. The very common plantain leaves that you can find in your backyard too has been traditionally used for cuts, rashes, insect bites and even snake bites. Saliva, which is also anti-bacterial, mixed with the herb will give you relief and prevent any infection. The natural anti-bacterial properties of basil leaves that are granted to it by its volatile oils are capable of restricting the growth of a wide array of bacteria. Parsley also has many volatile oils in it, one of which is eugenol compound which gives basil its anti-inflammatory properties.
The white Epsom salt crystals contain magnesium and sulfate, the two substances that are known to reduce inflammation. The orange yellow calendula flowers also known as pot marigold or garden marigold have been traditionally used to heal wounds.
You may also add few drops of lavender essential oil to witch hazel and apply for more effective remedy. This is an Ayurvedic remedy using rock salt and fennel seeds, both effective in reducing inflammation and pain.
Garlic has been acknowledges as one of the best medicinal herbs beneficial for many condition. If after removing the poultice, you feel uncomfortable, apply a new poultice made with activated charcoal and water. Whenever you are stung by a bee, your first step should be to apply ice and then go for any other remedies for bee sting given above. The symptoms of the reaction are; large and thick welts, pain and swelling on the skin and difficulty in breathing and swallowing. Take some Calendula cream and apply it on the affected area 2 to 3 times a day regularly until the symptoms disappear. Usually people have only local reaction such as red swollen skin with painful itching but some people can have dangerous allergic reaction by bee stings. Apitherapy is treatment for the people having a possible threat for allergy to the bee stings. Most of the time, bee stings only produce local reactions that include pain, redness and swelling at the site where bee has stung. Unlike the stingers of wasps, yellow jackets and hornets, honey bees have barbed stinger which get stuck in the victim’s skin along with its venom sack. Apart from being rich in antioxidants, mustard has a goos amount of selenium which makes it a fine anti-inflammatory agent.
Its natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties make it a great herbal remedy for bee sting as it relives swelling, pain and itching too.
This also makes parsley a good remedy for bee sting as it also contains infection from spreading. Lavender oil is one of such essential oils which is also antipruritic meaning it relieves itching too.

Calendula has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, astringent, and antifungal properties among many others that make it a perfect natural remedy for bee stings. It contains a sticky substance called mucilage which makes it cool and soothing for skin irritation. Rock salt, like Epsom salt, is rich in minerals, especially in magnesium and selenium that help reduce swelling and pain. It is being used since ages to cure skin problems like angioedema, eczema, psoriasis, acne, etc. It is commonly used for the skin with herbs like Aloe Vera, Calendula, Goldenseal, etc that aim directly on one’s skin. It is in fact one of the most preferred herbal remedies for angioedema and other skin problems.
It is strictly advised to pregnant, breastfeeding and diabetic patients to avoid consuming the herb. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Severe allergic reactions to bee sting that affect the whole body occurs to people who are allergic to bee venom.
So, first task is to take out this stinger, carefully, may be with the help of tweezers or simply by holding with nails. One, there is glycerin in toothpaste which seems to dry out the venom, if any, left at the area where bee stung.
As the bee venom is acidic in nature and the bicarbonate of soda which is an alkali can neutralize its effect reducing the pain too.
While all types of papaya, raw or ripe, have papain enzyme, the green raw papaya has most of it. The broad plantain leaf contains tannin which is an astringent that helps draw tissue together to heal wounds. However, the most important aspect of using Epsom salt for stings is that it helps draw the stinger to the surface of your skin.
You can make a salve using calendula flowers which you can use for various purposes too minor cuts, rashes, bruises, chapped lips, insect bites and bee sting too.
They are also anti-inflammatory and will get you rid of swelling and pain brought on by bee sting. Witch hazel extract contains tannin, gallic acid, catechins, proanthocyanins, flavonoids, volatile oils like carvacrol, eugenol, and hexenol along with choline, saponins, and bitters all of which make it a good remedy for inflammation, pain and itching. There people use limewater for getting immediate relief from pain of bee sting as well as to contain the poisonous acid from spreading in the body.
It can be defined as an electrical action where the activated charcoal draws out most of the organic and inorganic chemicals that should not be there in the body, just like bentonite clay we had discussed earlier.
The causes of the reaction are usually consumption of food we are allergic to, like fish, peanuts, eggs, etc.
Regarding the dosage of the herb for angioedema, one must consult with a physician, as there are different levels of this condition and there is a different dose for each level.
The powder of the root too can be consumed three times a day until the symptoms begin to fade away. It can reduce inflammation in the affected area when it is applied to the area at regular intervals. Before going through this therapy a person should first get tested for allergy to the bee venom.

Such severe allergic reactions to bee sting is known as anaphylaxis or anaphylactic reactions. Secondly, as toothpaste is alkaline in nature, it helps neutralize the acid left by bee venom. So, if you are not sure whether the whole stinger has been pulled out of your skin or not, you may use Epsom salt. John’s wort oil made with the herb is used for bruises, inflammation as well as muscle pain and bug bites. When applied on bee sting, it pulls the poisonous elements out of the body giving you relief from pain and swelling. Too much intake of medicines like aspirin and penicillin can cause the skin to react as well. In such a case, the bee sting victim shows such symptoms as difficulty in breathing, hives or red, itchy rashes on all or various parts of body, swelling of face, throat, or mouth, wheezing or difficulty in swallowing, restlessness and anxiety, increased pulse rate, dizziness or a sharp drop in blood pressure. It constricts your blood vessels so that the venom may not freely flow into your bloodstream. In fact, meat tenderizer have this papain enzyme in them that may make them suitable for bee stings. Its antibacterial properties saves you from infection and also relieves you of swelling and pain. Ayurveda uses basil in combination with yet another anti-inflammatory substance turmeric to treat stings. However, it cannot be directly used on skin and thus it can be mixed with bentonite clay, yet another natural ingredient beneficial in the case of bee sting. If you have been stung by a bee and experience such severe reactions, you need immediate medical assistance. You will feel cool and even tingy but in a few minutes, it will give you a soothing relief.
Bentonite can absorb toxins, heavy metals, impurities, and chemicals out of the body through adsorption.
A serious state involving swelling and breathlessness can occur or the person can even choke.
Whether you are allergic to a bee sting or not can be ascertained through allergic testing.
It also has an alkalizing effect on the body which neutralizes the acidic effect of bee sting. It’s better to avoid being stung by bee or wasps if you are allergic to their venom because this may be life-threatening for you.
However, if you are not allergic to bee venom and if your symptoms are only localized like redness, pain and inflammation at the site of bee sting or around it, you may use natural home remedies for bee sting to get relief. Dissolve little borax in water and apply it, this will lessen the pain of wasp and bee stings.

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