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Other safety features The photos and videos shown here may be of a different model, model year or body type from the one selected. The dummy's position in relation to the steering wheel and instrument panel after the crash test indicates that the driver's survival space was maintained reasonably well.
Smeared greasepaint indicates where the dummy's head hit the B-pillar and window frame, indicating the possibility of head injury. Intrusion into the driver's footwell area contributed to the likelihood of right lower leg injuries.

The Chevrolet TrailBlazer was introduced in the 2002 model year as a larger, heavier replacement for the Blazer, which remained in production through the 2004 model year.
The ratings of one vehicle often apply to other models if they are built on the same platform. Similarly, the GMC Envoy and Oldsmobile Bravada were redesigned for 2002, replacing entirely their earlier, smaller versions.Structural, seat belt, and frontal airbag changes were made beginning with 2005 models to improve occupant protection in frontal crashes.
Use this link to search the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's database for recalls on this or any other vehicle.

In addition, a test of a vehicle from one model year may apply to earlier or later model years if the vehicle hasn't been significantly redesigned.
Therefore, the frontal offset ratings for 2002-04 models do not carry over to 2005 and later models.Injury measuresMeasures taken from the neck and left leg indicate low risk of injuries to these body regions in a crash of this severity.

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