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The Derous is a ferocious and powerful creature that appears to be very territorial and will attack anyone that enters its domain.
Like all the Eight Kings, the Derous has a keen awareness and can detect even the slightest change on the planet, and it also helps to preserve the natural balance of the domain it rules over. It is unknown how many members of this species there are or how it reproduces as it is usually referred to as a single entity (likely the single Derous being the member of the Eight Kings). Being one of the Eight Kings the Derous is one of the most powerful creatures in the world and its ancestor was once the most powerful being in the world and ruled the planet for 10,000 years.
A lone Derous has come to be known as one of the Eight Kings, and at one point in history, the ancestor of this species was said to have ruled the entire world.
The single fang of the Derous also holds powerful regenerative properties, and if the fang is made into a blade, it can function as a Revitalizing Kitchen Knife which can instantly heal and regenerate damaged or lost tissue. Extra-Dimensional Laser (???????, Ijigen Reza): From each of its tongues, Derous fires beams of energy, which pool into a single ray of Gourmet Energy. At an unknown point in history, a mighty Derous once ruled the entire world with its tremendous power. After Acacia and Froese returned from doing their efforts to stop the war, the Chef Goddess had become horribly weakened from cooking GOD.
At some point in the past, Melk the First excavated part of a fang from the fossilized body of the ancient Derous who once ruled the world. Near the island, Friday Monkeys were seen, which piqued Toriko’s curiosity, as those cowardly monkeys rarely exit their caves.
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If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file. It was said to be the strongest dragon to have ever lived, using the power of its single, mighty fang to rule the world. Like most dragons, the Derous is reptilian in nature and possesses a leathery hide, a pair of very large wings on its back, and a long reptilian tail. Those who enter its territory are those who seek the rejuvenating Cure Water, however the exact relation between the Derous and the Cure Water remains unknown. Whether this implies that Derous rarely breed or that there is only one Derous left remains unknown. All of this clearly indicates its abilities are incredibly powerful but unknown to what extent. Besides possessing immense strength, what truly set them apart from most other Gourmet World beast, is said to be their "sensitivity", which allows them to sense potential dangers, and has helped them survive mass extinctions. Whether this implies that the Derous has regenerative abilities or if its fang simply has these unique properties within itself only remains uncertain.
This beam is fast enough that Acacia is not able to bring out Neo to consume it, and is strong enough to travel outside the planet into space and to retain enough destructive force to tear apart several planets and other objects in space that are in its path.[1] This laser when fully charged is strong enough to kill even Whale King Moon whose capture level is higher by 10 than the capture level of Dragon King's. Due to the fang's incredibly durability, it was extremely difficult to process without Melk Stardust. While searching for the beast, they noticed the island's inhabitants were all acting out of place, as if chasen out. To Komatu’s surprise, Toriko was fishing with a gigantic rod, and caught a giant Pincer Fish, together with a Five-Tailed Giant Eagle, all at once. Komatsu was scared, not only because of the huge Croc, but also because of the aura Toriko gave off. The remains of this powerful beast would eventually become fossilized underground in an unknown location. Unfortunately, the miraculous water was protected by an offspring of the Derous, and this left the young tiger in a severe condition after fighting the beast, although it is unknown if the dragon survived.

Throughout the walk, they encountered a Snake Toad, Baron Leech, Baron Tiger, and finally decided to camp next to a swamp for the night. Toriko and the Gator exchange some hits, when suddenly Toriko notices more Baron Leeches on his arms, and asks Komatsu if he’s still bleeding from back then when they first encountered one. True to its status as an ancient ruler, a Derous is one of the mighty Eight Kings, the eight most powerful species in the world, which ruled Area 1 of Gourmet World.
The Derous has a pair of very muscular arms and legs; its "hands" have four digits with sharp claws and its feet have three digits with sharp claws as well.
He was successful in getting a portion of the water and returned to his home to give it to Froese. It also has a subspecies known as the Shadow Dragon Derous (???????, Ankoku Ryu Derousu) which has a darker color scheme. Toriko thought the beasts chased out of their habitat would be the only possible explanation for this all, and Komatsu explained that this Galala Gator isn’t 150 years old like the usual, but 300.
While asking, another Baron Leech caught Komatsu; the Gator harbors those Leeches inside its mouth, and with the leeches sucking animals’ blood, the Gator can easily locate its targets by that blood smell. The sides of its neck and the top of its head have sharp rows of spikes over them, its wings also sport spikes along their leading edges. Toriko mentioned how this may be added to his Full Course Menu; Toriko’s dream is to complete a Menu with the most delicious ingredients. Toriko released his demonic Intimidation as a sign of approval of the beast’s strength, and decided to respond likewise; giving his thanks to all the ingredients in the world, Toriko released his Fork and Knife attacks, cutting off the Gator’s tail, and then finishes it off with his final move, 3-Hit Nail Punch, blowing the Gator into pieces. Its most notable trait lies in its mouth which is completely devoid of teeth except for its one enormous tusk-like fang which is of incredible durability and its bottom lip is parted in a certain way for its massive tooth to fit.
Toriko got so absorbed by the Gator’s meat’s taste, and ate it all, forgetting that Komatsu needed the Croc for a party, and in the end, disqualified it as a part of his Menu.

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