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Eduardo Sanchez directs this fantastic low budget movie about a group of teenage boys who head out into the wilderness on a camping trip and are abducted by aliens then subjected to brutal experiments. Of all the "teen horror" flicks that cropped up after the insane success of Scream, I actually liked The Faculty the best. For clarification sake, this list does not include films accepted into the FANGORIA International Online Film Festival, nor does it include films who have received U.S. An exercise in minimalist dread, Perry Blackshear’s film about unsettling paranoia from those in your environment taps into the alienating terror that fuels the work of H.P. A tale of psychosis and unspeakable delusion, Ben Cresciman’s surreal fright flick has one of the most visceral and unforgiving third acts this writer saw in 2015. A clever, creepy twist on the “final girl” archetype, LAST GIRL STANDING examines life after a slasher film, turning in one of the most unexpected and contemplative psychological thrillers of the year. Gorgeous yet occasionally gruesome, this terrifying look into the stalker mentality offers a star-making performance from Alexis Kendra and further proof that JACK BROOKS, MONSTER SLAYER director Jon Knautz is a legitimately versatile fright filmmaker.
A chilling erotic thriller that feels like a tonal mix between BASIC INSTINCT and REAR WINDOW, this horrifying film from Germany is as riveting as it is absolutely wicked.
With great characters, expert tension and a fantastic execution, DEAD BODY is the pick-’em-off horror film of 2015, and one sure to help continue ushering in the new wave of excellent indie slashers. One of the most unique terror titles this writer saw this year, NORWAY is an exceptionally fun and brilliantly twisted take on the vampire story, conveying the stylish tale of a vampire whose life as a late night raverat takes him into a bizarre, oddly tragic story.
An incredible horror effort from the filmmakers behind INSIDE and the upcoming LEATHERFACE film, this creepy and shocking French film could do big business if it captures the eyes of the AMERICAN HORROR STORY crowd with its macabre, stark scares. A faux-documentary about a legendary cult filmmaker who may have served a more sinister purpose before his alleged death, MORTAL REMAINS is engrossing and absolutely fun, with one of the best bloody final moments in years.
The disturbing showstopper at the 2009 New York Asian Film Festival, THE FORBIDDEN DOOR is a shocking Indonesian effort worth bringing stateside.
The long-awaited follow-up to THE LOVED ONES, Sean Byrne’s THE DEVIL’S CANDY has been a festival favorite that will get snatched up sooner rather than later.
From producer Alex de la Iglesia, this mean, macabre tale of human horror will likely find a fitting home in 2016; it’s too damn good to remain a cinematic orphan for much longer. A twisted psychodrama of the highest order, THE CORPSE OF ANNA FRITZ could quickly become the next buzzworthy underground title if given the proper platform. If you happen to be one of those people who are believers of the paranormal then why not come to India to explore some of the haunted places India has to offer.
I and my brother were playing on the roof top when I realised that we were being watched by a floating half-bodied women from the head. Although the concept of Jinn is a Muslim one and is popular in neighbouring Islamic Republic of Pakistan, nonetheless, it does find space in Hindu India as well due to centuries of Islamic rule. They are supposed to be mythical characters found in Hindu and Buddhist literature and holy books.
During my visit to my grandparents in the village, I was playing with cousins when we heard our uncle call out to us. If you are interested in the paranormal or wish to explore haunted sites then here’s a list of the 5 haunted places in India to visit. Interesting enough, even the government of India does not allow anyone to enter the forts after dark. Situated on the Arabian Sea on the city of Surat in Gujarat, is one of the most haunted places in India.
Kurseong is a hill station situated in Darjeeling state of West Bengal, a popular tourist destination.
Situated 100 kilometres away from Mumbai is the resort of Lonavala with beautiful landscapes offering trekking and breathtaking views. Many people have reported seeing a ghostly woman in white saree walking around carrying a candle in many parts of Delhi specially the Delhi Cantonment area, sector 9 of Dwarka and near the metro station.
CAUTION: India is a country where folklore, ghostly apparitions, sightings and paranormal activity is common. According to my husband, he can actually float out of this body and look down upon himself. If you have your own ghost or paranormal stories or know of any haunted places then feel free to leave a comment. Connect with me on Facebook or on Google+, or like the Facebook page or follow me on Twitter. Interesting post Shalu, It’ll be difficult for me now to stay awake tonight for work lol.
I personally never experienced such kind of incident but I did hear such incidents from my family members, uncle and aunt. Shalu, I happened to visit Bhangarh on the 11th of March 2013 after hearing all the hype about its haunted past. Thank you for your valuable input, please feel free to send photos to me if you wish which I can publish here.
This weekend, millions of preteens will flock to theaters to take in the Hunger Games sequel, Catching Fire, just as millions of preteens flocked to each of the five Twilight movies. To answer this question, I could have read all of the books and offered my opinion on the authors’ respective styles.
Once the words have been counted, the most obvious question to ask is: Which words are used most frequently by each author? These lists give us a sense of the authors’ respective proclivities and reflect the general tone of each series. There are interesting patterns and contrasts among the authors to observe at the sentence level as well.
Textual analysis has its limitations, of course, but word counting can illuminate the tendencies of writers in a way that word reading may not. Of course, each series is made up of individual books, and there are variations within a series as well.
Like the distinctive word lists, these sentences suggest something about each author’s style.
Also in Slate, Miriam Krule explains the meaning behind all the crazy names in the first two Hunger Games books.
Top 10 Most Beautiful Bollywood Actresses in 2016: Bollywood is known for its sparkling glamour and thoughtful filmmaking across all genres. The lovely Bollywood actresses are no less than beauty queens regardless of whether they are bestowed with a formal crown or not. They are loved not only for their looks and style but also for their incredible acting skills which truly make them a star. Something that makes horror so effective is our fear of the unknown, and there's nothing more alien (yeah, I went there) than creatures from beyond the stars. One of the boys essentially becomes a paranoid hermit and then must face the reality that his friends are attempting to make contact and seek revenge on the aliens who captured them. Featuring a plucky young Elijah Wood battling an invasion of parasitic aliens, this was an effective modern spin on Invasion of The Body Snatchers.
Tobe Hooper's remake of the 1953 classic Invaders from Mars elevated the original from veiled anti-Communist propaganda into heavy rotation on the weekend TV circuit.
Night Shamayalan movie not starring Bruce Willis, Signs was excellent at ratcheting up suspense leading to a standoff between aliens, Joaquin Phoenix, and an only partially insane Mel Gibson. And with one year of horror behind us, a brand new year of horror awaits to descend upon us.
With a bigger playground and budget, this writer would love to see what Ricche and Stavrakis would have next up their sleeve. There’s a frightening new film from the maker of POSSESSION and no one has the gumption to put it out?!
India is a nation of believer of gods, demi-gods and at the same breath they are quick to accept that ghosts (called bhoot in Hindi), demons, witches, the possessed and the un-dead exist side by side.

When I used to visit my grandparents in the villages as a child, my cousins told stories of these witches. If you can see something, it’s possible to fight it off perhaps physically but how do you tackle something that you can’t see. Once a body dies, the soul lives on and rebirths in another body till it attains moksha (Nirvana or free from the recycle of birth). There are certain tell tale signs of the possessed such as sliding eyeballs within the socket, speaking in a strange manner or speaking in the dead person’s voice etc.
If you have experienced any paranormal activity through personal experience, feel free to share. The site also has a cremation ground and locals say that the spirits of some people do not leave and stay in the air.
Therefore any activity that engages ghosts and the unknown is a dangerous activity and not for the faint hearted. The content, of course, differs considerably: Twilight is filled with fantasy romance, Hunger Games with fantasy violence. But this returns uninteresting results, as basic words like the, a, and and turn up most often in every author's work. Applying the same methodology to just the Hunger Games trilogy, I isolated the most distinctive adjectives for each of the three books.
To determine the relative repetitiveness of each author, I first made a list of the 50 most common three-word sentence openings each author used throughout her work.
Sonam Kapoor: Considered as one of the most style conscious actresses in India, Sonam is the daughter of actor Anil Kapoor. Deepika Padukone: Tall, intelligent and smart, her dimpled smile has been stealing hearts ever since she made her debut in the Bollywood film industry.
Katrina Kaif: Her appearance in Bollywood did not attract too much appreciation at first, but she soon gained popularity because of her beautiful looks and improvements in acting skills. Kareena Kapoor: Hailing from the prestigious Kapoor family who is a highly respected name in Bollywood, Kareena is one of those actresses who look great even without any makeup at all. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan: A beauty queen, Aishwarya has always been praised for her light eyes and perfect features. Anushka Sharma: Best known for her mischievous smile, she is one of the most famous Bollywood actresses of the present times. Priyanka Chopra : She has made her mark as one of the hottest Bollywood actresses from India.
Shraddha Kapoor: Her girl next door looks are highly simplistic, and that is what makes her a very charming actress. Their talent, as well as their looks, have made them famous at both national and international level. Event Horizon was essentially Hellraiser in space a year after Hellraiser:Bloodline unleashed Pinhead in space. Sutherland, Goldblum, and Nimoy, take on shape shifting aliens as they attempt to infiltrate San Francisco.
I always felt Signs greatest strength lay in the way it contrasted one family's struggle against the backdrop of a global invasion. Alien has spawned countless imitators, but none of them (not even its own sequels) can match the brilliance of the original.
A team of scientists in Antarctica unwittingly encounter a shape-shifting creature that hides by absorbing and taking on the form of its victims. While there are many different types of horror to expect- festival favorites, studio scare fare and eerie independent releases- there are many innovative, fantastic horror offerings that have yet to secure distribution while purveying the festival circuit.
Considering their track record for picking up missed masterpieces and genre gems, Drafthouse Films and Scream Factory should keep a keen eye on this epic freshman feature.
He’s a graduate from Montclair State University, where he received an award for Excellence in Screenwriting.
Most of them need a good old-fashioned serial killer, monster or supernatural deity to menace the unsuspecting heroes, rip them limb from limb and either go about their business or take a minute to cackle with glee at their handiwork. Before I tell you some of the most haunted places, here are some of the types of ghosts Indians believe in and you’ll expect to find.
So, there are two things that can happen to the departed soul; rebirth in another body or attain moksha. Some are just mere spectators while some have evil designs and occasionally inclined to harm humans. There’s nothing unusual for the second and third points but the first point is rather strange.
Eventually you’ll float out of your body, and fly to any destination you want and then come back into your body again. I am thinking from long to visit Bhangarh as it is not too far from Jaipur, but still could not go. Unfortunately, all of them said that the presence of ghosts in the place is more of a media hype than real. The famous sign could have been removed by the government as it does attract unwanted attention.
Of the tens of millions who identify themselves on Facebook as fans of either of the two series, less than 20 percent are fans of both.
As a matter of fact, the actresses from Bollywood can be considered highly versatile too as they can well adapt to so many different styles of acting right from horror, humour, philosophy and reality. Her long hair, sharp features and a lovely laugh all make her one of the gorgeous actresses in this country. Her adorable face is reminiscent of fairy tale princesses, and her curly hair makes her appear as one of the unique actresses with a unique sense of style. Daughter of the famous tennis player Prakash Padukone, Deepika is a fitness conscious person too.
Her graceful poise and almost cat-like gait and physique make her appear quite energetic and cheerful at all times.
Not only have her performances in films gained her much praise, her singing abilities to have been recognised at an international level.
An innocent smile and almost childlike way of talking have made her one of the most recognised actresses in the country.
Beauty is important to be in the world of entertainment, but it is equally important to have the talent in the individual to win the hearts of audiences. Two things you can thank Event Horizon for are inspiring the excellent Dead Space video games, and tons of GIF's on the internet featuring Sam Neil without any eyeballs. Equal parts gross-out creature feature and psychological thriller, its filled with spectacular performances and memorable special effects that have withstood the test of time.
So for this week’s Dreadful Ten, FANGORIA recaps some of the best fright films we encountered over the past year whose 2016 remains uncertain, though we certainly hope you get the chance to see ‘em for yourself!
They are different to the ones found in the West such goblins, monsters, demons or zombies. They are believed to be unhappy ghosts of women who died during menstruation, childbirth or someone treated badly by her family. Often these houses would have a common passage or corridor to accommodate both sections of the partitioned house.
However, some believe that the soul of those who have died a sudden or horrible death might linger on and will torment the living. Some Islamic holy men of the Sufi order would advice to wear a “taweej” or talisman to provide protection from the jinn. Once a couple visited the hotel and was offered a room on the ground floor which the couple found to be deathly silent.
Here is a simple book that tells you everything you ever wanted to know about this amazing country.

Though both series are set in fantasy worlds and feature female leads, readers and moviegoers seem to ally themselves with either Team Stephenie or Team Suzanne, but not both. Do their word choices, sentence structures, and other elements of their prose differ significantly?
While studying the Federalist Papers, Mosteller and Wallace found that Hamilton used the conjunction while, as opposed to Madison, who preferred whilst, a distinctive word choice that, in combination with others, could be used to tell the writers apart. She has displayed critically acclaimed acting abilities which have brought her forth as one of the most promising actresses for the upcoming years. Daughter of Shakti Kapoor, she too has been making her mark in several films that are quite versatile in nature. The actresses whose names are mentioned above are a true combination of beauty with talent. If by some chance you haven't seen this movie, stop whatever you're doing and go watch it right now. The eerie soundtrack only serves to underscore the sense of mistrust and dread that is pervasive through the entire film. Chucky Charles Lee Ray was just your plain, old-fashioned, run of the mill serial strangler before he planted his soul in the body of the season's hottest Christmas toy.
When my uncle asked who he was, the cow-header replied that he was a man who lived a few houses away. Woodcutters have reported to have seen a headless body of a boy walking on the road and then disappearing in the trees. My book, India For Kids is designed especially for children but travellers going to India can also take advantage of this simple book. Below is a table listing the most distinctive adjectives used by Collins, Meyer, and Rowling. By comparison, none of the four Twilight books have a word count within 10,000 words of one another, and the last Harry Potter book is more than twice as long as the first.
The only movie that can go claw-to-claw with Alien in terms of quality, The Thing is only made better by its famously uncompromising ending. She would possess a man till the man has been drained of all life or charm a man until he dies prematurely. My uncle thought that he was possessed and did a well known village ritual to get rid of the demon inside this man.
Strangely enough when a prince of the family extended the walls of the palace to a height that casted a shadow on Balu Nath’s forbidden retreat, he cursed the town. You can find out more about the book here India For Kids: Amazing Facts About India which is available on all Amazon stores. We will keep our visitors updated about the new additions in the list of top 10 beautiful Bollywood actresses in 2016, Stay tuned with us.
Interesting thing about this corridor was that it was very narrow and had no windows, just the 2 doors at both ends and a roof. The ritual or the brief exorcisms was stuffing some red chillies in the man’s ear, making him drink water from an old shoe and uttering some verses of the holy Lord Hanuman Chalisa. It is thought these dogs are able to see the spirits of the dead when they are near the sea.
One night while he as was walking down the corridor, he felt that something had dropped on his shoulder. Another story is that there is a peepal tree near the metro station and the ghost lives under it.
The views of the surrounding areas are beautiful from the top of the ruined fort and the place had got some beautiful old destroyed temples. The Invisible Man Many of the great movie monsters are scarred, ugly or simply unpleasant to look at. Definitely a must visit for fans of the supernatural, as I said the place has got lots of atmosphere.
Many of them try to hide their disfigurements, or even just their normal face, with a mask. A point to add, I could not locate the famous signboard of the archeological survey of india.
A corridor with no opening, no windows; how could human faeces get there and drop from the ceiling on his shoulder? He doesn't have to worry about being seen at all, come to think of it, and that freedom has utterly gone to his head.
He gats about the world at large, naked as a jaybird, breaking your stuff, redistributing wealth and, because he's got one heck of a god complex, derailing trains just for the hell of it.
He's just a sociopathic jerkwad who does whatever he wants because he knows he can never be caught.
There's something uniquely terrifying about a sick bastard with nothing stopping him from doing any sick thing that pops into his head, don't you see?
Michael Myers If it hadn't been for those pesky sequels, and those atrocious remakes, Michael Myers would have been right at the top of our list.
And yet here he is anyway, on the top ten just because for one film, and one film only, Michael Myers was the scariest person in movie history. Jason Voohees The thing about Jason Voorhees is, after his first film (that's Friday the 13th Part 2, mind you, not the original Friday the 13th), we were on his side.
The teenaged victims of the Friday the 13th franchise are mostly really horrible, stupid, self-obsessed bastards who, from the perspective of a horror audience at any rate, totally deserve to die, if only so we don't have to watch them anymore.
He's also a godlike spider thing that can prey on all of your most personal, private fears and enslave an entire town with his wickedness.
Also, he's a clown, played by Tim Curry at his very creepiest (quite an honor, that is).
The serial killer from the Saw movies gets points for creativity, since his Rube Goldberg homicide machines are usually fiendishly clever, but gets an added boost for forethought.
The Hitcher Lots of horror movie villains are, in their own way, trying to teach you valuable lesson.
The godlike figure of Pinhead, depending on the movie, usually doesn't care for the affairs of mankind.
Death We debated including Death on the list since it could be considered a force of nature more than an actual villain, but the Final Destination franchise exerts so much energy personifying the entity that we finally decided that it qualifies.
That uncertainty is what makes Death such a terrifying villain, since it has no physical form and can't really be fought. All you can do is try to play by its rules, which happen to conveniently change every other film or so, but who are we to argue with Death? If you were supposed to die, and happen somehow to avoid it, Death is coming for you even if it has to murder all plausibility in the process. Just about the only thing you can do to avoid Death is lock yourself in a padded cell for the rest of your life, but even then, who knows?
You just might find yourself with cotton poisoning or somethingBest Movie: Final Destination 2 (dir. Freddy Krueger Like Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger has changed over the years from a purely terrifying creation into something more likable, but unlike those two other villains we don't mind. So playing him like a cackling maniac in love with his own abilities, as many of the later films do, just feels like a natural evolution of the character. Think about it: no matter how badly you died, if you could do anything you wanted, wouldn't you enjoy it after a while?
At his scariest, Freddy Krueger is probably the scariest horror movie villain ever created.

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