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When we are outside for a trip or a vacation and experience something exciting, we really need to get prepared and some nice survival gear are necessary. Return Policy details Buyers can receive a partial refund, and keep the item(s) if they are not as described, or possess any quality issues by negotiating directly with seller. Note: Due to possible delay of exchange rate update, price in various currencies is for reference only.
Two of the country’s most influential gun control groups are in talks with Facebook’s legal team in an effort to see gun sales banned on the world’s largest social network and its sister site Instagram. Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense In America has partnered with Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns to put pressure on Facebook to prohibit the private selling or trading of guns on its platforms — a practice that’s as widespread as it is unregulated.
More like a ban on free speech but I guess it is their choice about what they allow on their program.
I never did the Facebook thing so let Facebook and whomever ban guns all they want as far as I am concerned. First they came for the gun owners, and I did not speak out– Because I was not a gun owner. Then they came for the religious nuts, and I did not speak out– Because I was not a religious nut. Whether you have been prepping for some time or decided you should be better prepared after watching American Blackout the biggest question on everyone’s mind is always what do I buy and how much? With that in mind I chose to shop at the following stores since they were all in close proximity to each other.
I don’t shop this store that much since their prices seem a bit high but I do like to go look and check things out. As I continued to walk around looking at stuff I remembered I had a gift card in my wallet. When buying food at stores other than grocery stores always check the expiration dates, you don’t want to buy stuff that has been sitting around forever. So put together a list of what you need, the stores to shop at and a budget and then stick to it.
Homeland Survival provides news and information on survival, emergency preparedness, bug out bags, everyday carry, bugout shelters, self sufficiency, survival preps and survival gear. JTk's Independence Day WordPress theme is a Creative Commons Licenced WordPress theme created by JTK.
Well, if you want to buy something like buck survival knives, you can come to our shop now.
Modern fire making is fast and easy, both important qualities in a true emergency situation, when failure to start a fire can mean death by hypothermia or the loss of your toes to frostbite.No matter what fire-making method you choose, always remember the old “fire triangle” you learned back in middle school, or maybe saw at a Smokey The Bear presentation. If you are looking to raise extra cash for your preps selling your stuff on ebay and Cragislist is a great way. For any new prepper it can be very overwhelming and if you are on a tight budget it makes buying decisions even more difficult. I like Fleet Farm because they carry items other stores don’t have especially hunting and fishing equipment.
This trip I wasn’t as interested in buying large quantities because it would of blown my budget pretty quick.

I know you can buy mac and cheese for .39? a box but with Annie’s you don’t get all the artificial flavors and colors of other products. Most all items are their own brand and package sizes are generally smaller but the prices reflect that. After paying the bills I still had some cash left over so I thought I would put it towards my preps.
This time of year hunting ammo is in pretty good supply but everything else is still missing from the shelves. Too often it is easy to fill up your cart and then get hit with sticker shock at the register. As soon as I walked in the door they had a display of products so I had to buy them because the prices were decent. has no connection or affiliation to Homeland Security or any other government agency. All fire starters find some way to combine those three to produce a flame.Also remember there’s much more to a fire that just starting one.
If you believe that the privacy settings are relevant then I have some swamp land you might be interested in.
Even if your budget is only $50 or maybe you have an extra $500 the following should give you some ideas. I was looking at some cheap candles to melt down for the wax to make fire starters but decided to pass at this time. Also I prefer to buy smaller quantities for reasons I outlined in my previous articles How Much Survival Food Do You Need and Prepping and Survival Food Storage Tips for Singles, Couples and Small Families. I think I picked up some good deals, filled in some gaps and added to my overall prepping goals. If you don’t have enough tinder, kindling, and then large chunks of fuel to keep the blaze going, then it won’t matter how effective your fire-starting kit is.
My goal was not to buy absolutely everything I need because the world is ending tomorrow but to add to preps I already had and fill in a few gaps of items I was missing. In the back of my mind I had specific things I was looking for at each store but was open to whatever I found. As you can see you can actually get a lot by shopping around and looking for items on sale. I often carry around some old dryer lint in a sandwich bag, and have used it to start campfires, controlled burns, and even light my wood stove in my previous house out in the woods.The following list focuses on ways to produce a flame or a spark, and not really on the tinder.
It was probably because I already have it or that will be on another shopping trip or it doesn’t fit my needs.
Some of these things can be purchased from the Brownells website, or from other quality vendors.
It would be very easy to go to any of these stores and drop several hundred dollars; the real challenge is sticking to your budget and not get carried away. All you have to do is focus the sun’s rays on some tinder, and you’ve got a fire in short order.  You can even make it work on mostly-cloudy days.
Now I am sure it is a high quality product but a purchase like that could blow anyone’s budget in a hurry and not leave anything left over for other prepping supplies. So long as the lens doesn’t break, the same magnifying glass you use today could still be starting fires 100 years from now.

The other thing I was doing as I was wandering the aisles was making a mental note of ideas for future purchases and also comparing prices. If you have a good idea on what things cost it would allow you to know when you are really getting the best price. Matches are commonly available, and you can still find the old “strike anywhere” matches if you look for them. If you’ve got only four or five matches, you had best make them count.Like all other fire starting methods, it’s best to pair matches with other methods to increase your chances.
All of them involve scraping a flint or similar material across a length of steel, or vice versa.
Flint and steel fire starters work wet or dry, and you typically get hundreds, if not thousands, of spark cycles out of them. Of course, such a wind just might blow away your tinder, kindling, and smaller chunks of fuel.
And if you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere, chances are low that you’ll have a handy resupply of fuel. It’s probably best to pair them with a more low-tech method that doesn’t rely on fuel resupply.
They combine the simplicity of a flint-and-steel with their own little reservoir of lighter fuel.
They work day or night, and can be found everywhere, usually for around $1.00 or less apiece.
And for what they cost, you can easily stock a lifetime supply, and carry one in every single pocket, pouch, gear bag, backpack, glove compartment and vehicle cup holder you have, – with some left over to tuck into your sock.I once watched a TV show wherein the host showed the traditional, ancient “bush tucker” secrets of the Australian Aborigines. The main course was a carpet python roasted in a Kap Mauri – a “bush oven” that was a hole scraped in the sandy soil, and layered with chunks of Melaleuca tree bark.Guess how the elderly Aborigine started his fire for this very ancient, very traditional cooking method? By flicking his disposable cigarette lighter, that’s how.If you had a time machine, and could travel back a few thousand years, and show the best bow-drill expert on the planet how easily you could make fire with a cheap cigarette lighter, he’d probably worship it as an artifact from the spirit world. Keys, pocket knives, cellphones – and for lots of Ammoland readers – concealed carry handguns.
Modern fire starters are so small and convenient, it only makes sense to slip a lighter, or flint-and-steel unit, or a tube matches into your pocket.
Then I read somewhere that it won’t ignite below some particular number of degrees (sub-freezing). I usually carry at least two different methods for fire (sometimes three), and in different places, and multiples of each. That way I can make a fire even if I fall into a river and have to ditch my pack to get out.
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