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NOTE: If you use this map on a video on YouTube please post a link back to this post to help support me. Added Nether and A snow biome jar with animal jars, too.planning to add more biomes in the future. Hey dude, I just downloaded the map and I was wondering if I could make it my personal schematic? The way things are looking as of now, there will be an update by the end of the year, guarenteed.
Thankyou soooooo much GTawesomesauce, big diamond for you from a while ago for this, but I have just completed my Youtube Let's Play of this map with all links etc going to you.
The large user base has also given companies the justification to create aftermarket parts for the FJ and there’s quite a few options out there. Take household security for instance, your alarm system (complete with yard sign and window stickers) is a deterrent in itself.
I’ve talked a lot about the security here on ITS and take it pretty seriously when it comes to my home as well as my vehicle. All a thief needs is time and opportunity, the more you can do to increase that time needed and take away the opportunity, the better off you’ll be. Your vehicle, like your home, should appear to be a hard target, which will in turn cause criminals to look elsewhere for a softer target. I wanted to address firearms first and foremost, as many of you probably carry them in your vehicles. Securing firearms properly is paramount, I don’t think any of us could live with ourselves if a firearm was stolen as a result of our negligence and used in a crime. A few years back, when I knew I wanted to start modifying my vehicle, one of my first purchases was a Tuffy Security Cargo Drawer. Something I’d tell anyone if asked about the install, is that during the last step of sliding the drawer in onto the sliders, while following the instructions carefully I might add, the slide rail was bent causing the ball bearings to spill out. The drawer has operated well since then and I’m continually impressed with what can fit inside. The box features a security cable that runs around the base of my seat and reattaches to itself before getting locked into the box.
Other than the application of the lock box for its primary purpose of locking up a handgun, it’s also great to utilize when traveling. Another element to the security on my FJ is the combination lock security cable routed through my gas tanks, that prevents them from walking away. Most modern vehicles, my FJ included, have some kind of engine immobilizer system that corresponds to a chip in the key. Now that I’ve gone over my security precautions, I’d like to wrap this article up with a list of not only what I went over, but of some additional tips to keep in mind that don’t necessarily pertain to a vehicle set up for overlanding.
Invest in dark window tinting, but be sure to check your local laws on the legal percentage. At the minimum, carry a blanket in your vehicle for covering up shopping bags and valuables. Take the original vehicle registration form out of your vehicle, if you legally have to keep it in the vehicle, black out your address. Use The Club to lock your steering wheel and add another layer of security if your vehicle doesn’t have an engine immobilizer feature.
Invest in a lock box that can be cabled in underneath your seat, or a larger drawer system that can be bolted down in the trunk. Research options like iTunes in the Cloud, Spotify or Pandora for Music to take your music with you. Invest in a car alarm if this seems logical in your area of town, engine immobilizers are common now in newer vehicles and you might already have one installed. Tactically park, we have a whole article about the subject and why you should back into parking spaces.
If you’re interested in ballistic protection in your vehicle, Eric wrote an article a few years back on how to re-use old body armor panels.
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France to Italy Adventure13 days, Paris to RomeFrom $2,399Sip wine in Burgundy, feast on local delicacies in Provence, follow scenic tracks along Italy's Cinque Terre coast and raise your glass to the best of France and Italy. GameSpot has the scoop on the story, and has revealed that players will resume the role of B.J. On board the ship you are to do several errands to go further and further into the ship, and secure a way out of it, meanwhile fighting against a horde of necromorphs.
The ending of this game is very rewarding (no spoilers are going to be in this review.) After completing the game, and wave of relief washes over you, and you just feel great about beating it. The combat in it’s self is very enjoyable, offering many challenges, some like I stated before.
It would be really cool if you could have a quick look at my silliness and maybe if you left a comment with a link in the comments section, some of my subscribers would get very excited and DL this map. According to Jalopnik, Toyota has sold more than 200,000 of them since debuting in 2006 and needless to say there’s enough of them out there if you still want to find one.
I’m still loving my FJ and continue to modify it frequently, in fact it just came back from stretching its legs a few months back at the 2014 Overland Expo. What I’ve tried to do with my FJ is install some things that aren’t necessarily fool-proof or completely burglar-proof, but that does buy me some time and peace of mind knowing that my valuables are better secured and harder to get to than simply leaving them in my seat.
Whether this is just temporary when going to and from the range, or stowing a concealed carry sidearm if you’re going into a government building, etc. There’s no excuse for not buying the right equipment to secure your firearm, even if it winds up being just as expensive as the firearm itself. After some back and forth with the company they eventually agreed to send me a new slider out and I finished the install. Primarily I keep firearms here when transporting them, but also have recovery equipment, lock picking equipment, camping equipment, food, water and spare clothing.
These consist of a pry-guard locking system, anti-twist push button lock system complete with weather seals and a 10 tumbler double-sided security key. This is a key-based lockbox design that also has a double-bit security key like the Tuffy Security Cargo Drawer. It can be cabled into a suitcase and used as the required locking case necessary for airline travel. It’s a thick gauge steel cable that would certainly take some time to cut through for the willing thief. These, along with the gas tank mounts are made by Baja Rack, the manufacturer of my roof rack. It wouldn’t be an all the time device, but would go on when I need the extra visible security. This electronic security device prevents the vehicle from starting if the correct key isn’t inserted, or if a thief attempts to bypass (hot wire) your ignition. If a would-be criminal can’t see what valuables you might have in your vehicle, they’ll be less likely to break in to find out. Instead of simply asking for your support with donations, we’ve developed a membership to allow our readers to support what we do and allow us to give you back something in return. I've been hoping that you would post an article about what you keep in your tuffy security drawer. We partner with major airlines like AA, United, Virgin and all the best, to get you the cheapest prices youa€™ll find on the web - guaranteed. With thousands of small group adventures and tours for students and young travelers to choose from, start planning your adventure here.
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This year, they are visiting Eastern Europe, Italy, New Zealand, India, Ecuador and Barcelona to learn the ins and outs on how to get around, what to see and what to do.
Discover the Real Europe with our Adventure ToursEurope has always been the destination of choice for those seeking a connection with the history of western culture.
Follow coastal trails and discover villages clustered on cliffs, perched above beautiful coastlines. Blazkowicz (hero of the 2009 Wolfenstein scifi FPS by Raven Software) in an alternate take on WWII where the Nazis have won. Its recent popularity is understandable, too, as it is an amazing-looking texture pack with a beautiful style.
Armor and tools also look amazing, as armor has received a considerable makeover, and is now very grand in appearance. You can, however, subscribe to our newsletter with the form below, and we will notify you via email as soon as this mod gets updated (You only have to subscribe once). Created by Visceral Games in 2008, this game was renowned as one of the scariest games ever created. It’s somewhat simple, but the narrative and the way the story is told is very well done. The urgency, fear, optimism, and anger are delivered nicely in this game, and you actually feel what the characters are going through. The shit he goes through (mostly all by himself) would unsettle anyone, and he does this shit like a boss.
It is ESPECIALLY vital in a horror game that you have great sound engineering, or else the creepy atmosphere that you spent a long time building, won’t have the icing on the cake. Love playing and exploring new games, and beating the hell out of them on the hardest difficulties.

Today’s article will focus on security and the things I’ve done to my FJ to not necessarily make it bulletproof, but to increase what every security measure accomplishes; buying time.
This is of course not to say it is, but I know the security box I’m about to talk about was equivalent to the cost of buying another gun and I was glad to make the purchase.
There’s a whole separate article I could write on what I carry in the drawer and perhaps I’ll get into that one of these days. There was also the 16 gauge steel construction, internal divider kit (optional), powder coat finish and having around 12,500 cubic inches of storage space that sealed the deal.
I honestly have no idea where I purchased it from, but I have three others that are all keyed the same around my home and in another vehicle. I’ve been wanting to upgrade to a Tuffy Portable Safe, but haven’t been convinced that a combination lock is just as secure as a double-sided key. My FJ has a flashing red LED on the stereo that blinks when the immobilizer is activated and is another theft deterrent. I recommend going as dark as the law allows with your tinting an even carrying a dark blanket to cover up anything during a shopping trip, etc. Since the combo lock option turned you off, I thought you and your readers would like to know, we can switch that out at the factory will our standard cam-lock and have it keyed alike to your existing drawer. Beyond the capital cities and museums hides another Europe vacation opportunity, studded with incredible scenery, quaint villages, quiet coastlines, friendly people and adventurous activities. The title is being developed by MachineGames, and will arrive on the PC, Xbox 360, PS3 as well as next-generation consoles. The New Order involves our hero launching a counter-attack in Europe, utilising an arsenal of weapons to decimate the enemy. Overall this texture is similar to the Von Doom Texture Pack in that it is quite the upgrade for your Minecraft experience, though it would be a mistake to compare PureBDCraft to anything else out there. I am the guy that's in charge of the Texture Pack section of this site, but I sometimes step over to write about mods too! After exploring for a few minutes, the crew gets a first hand experience of what, and why the ship has gone silent. There is very little ammo, credits (money) and medical items that drop through out the game, leaving you scared and fighting necromorphs with your fists, and picking every shot. You will find yourself constantly fighting, and (what i love most about this game) it never gets old.
Also most dont use the spider spawner to make a fishing rod, which comes in handy for food during the first days.a suggestion from my part would be to make the jars a bit bigger and ad the second role that all activities has to be done inside the jars. Needless to say, I can get lost in the backcountry and be ok with all the equipment stored in there, even if it took me a few days to find my way back to civilization.
I have sacrificed storage space for the drawer, but the organization and lock-ability has more than made up for the space I gave up.
Don’t get me wrong, even the self-described “security” key on the Tuffy box is pickable, the double-sided keys just increase that critical “buying time” factor I’ve been mentioning. They’re not wheel locks in the traditional sense, but they do take a special deep socket to turn. Europe adventure travel options include some of the world's greatest treks, walks, bike rides and leisurely sightseeing excursions, which run through landscapes as grand as the Alps, yet as subtle as Tuscany. However, what is unique about this pack is its lack of a distinct style, which is a good thing. You play as Issac Clarke, an engineer who was summoned to investigate a mining spaceship that went silent, the Ishimura. It all has a great futuristic feel to it, and I love the way the creators created such an intense environment that not only scares the shit out of you, but often leaves you admiring the way the game looks. With the over the shoulder gameplay, you are able to see just enough to know the doom that awaits you. Random shadows of necromorphs will appear (even though they aren’t there), random things will turn on, random vents break with nothing coming out, crashing sounds in the background are heard, but when you turn around to investigate (WHY WOULD YOU TURN AROUND?!) nothing is there.
It’s deeper than a standard deep socket, which as mentioned, effectively make them like a wheel lock. When’s the last time you cared that a car alarm was going off and actually took the time to look into what might be going on, rather than just get annoyed. Youa€™d better be, because this epic romp through the Old Worlda€™s greatest cities doesna€™t slow down for stragglers. While some texture packs stick to one specific style (steam-punk, post-apocalyptic, etc.), PureBDCraft holds an almost undefinable style. You shoot off the limbs until there is nothing hanging off the torso, and then you shoot it again to make sure it is actually dead… and then stomp on them. I always have to provide the special socket to Discount Tire when I’m there getting a tire rotation, etc. This pack seems to carry a blend of many styles, all woven together into one marvelous design. The game starts off with you getting stranded by yourself, and it is up to you to find and secure a way out of there.
Additional airline imposed fees for optional services including baggage, seat assignments, meals and other products may apply and are payable at check-in.

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